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By: Marg
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Invocation and Prayer

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Modalities: Reiki


  • You do not need to do any special rituals to use Reiki for it is your focus and intention that triggers the Reiki flow of healing energy.  The process is kept simple as possible, without using rigid methods, but while still demonstrating dignity, honour and gratitude to our Reiki forerunners.  There is no right or wrong way to practice Reiki; just remain open and let your intuition be your guide.
  • Invocation and prayer is an important aspect of Reiki because it empowers and affirms your intention to create a safe and loving healing environment.  Remember, all thoughts are energy and energy follows a thought, which then creates your reality, so be careful what you wish for.
  • Setting your intention also helps to remove your ego during your healing session.  Remember, you do not hold any special power; you are only a vessel or a conduit for the energy.  The stronger your connection is to the universal source, the greater amounts of healing energy you can channel.
  • When you say your invocation, you surrender yourself to the free flowing power of the universal life force healing energy.  Your invocation will also keep you connected to the universal life force.
  • Before you start your healing session, say your invocation and prayer silently (or verbally out loud) and ask for:


  • Ask for assistance, protection and guidance from your Spirit Healing Team (which may include your guides, angels, Ascended Masters, Usui sensei, Reiki Masters or Divine Source, etc.)
  • Ask to be a clear channel for Reiki universal life force energy
  • Ask that the healing session will be for the highest good for all concerned
  • You can also ask the client to silently affirm to him/herself what he/she would like to receive from his/her Reiki healing session
  • You can encourage the client to invite their spirit healing team to join in the session
  • At the end of your healing session offer a silent prayer of thanks and gratitude for the spiritual assistance that you received

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