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How Reiki Level 2 Attunement Affects the Healer

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Modalities: Reiki
  • When you are attuned to Reiki Level 2, you become more aware of the importance for your connected wholeness on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; wholeness and balanced health become synonymous.
  • Attunement to Reiki Level 2 opens your heart chakra, which is the mid-point and connector between the physical and spiritual or universal realms.  Once your heart chakra opens, your intuition increases and your sensitivity to subtle energies are heightened.
  • Your desire to become attuned to Reiki Level 2 will happen when you are ready to move further into the deeper dimensions of healing with Reiki such as…..
          • Distant/absentee healing
          • Healing deeper traumas
          • Healing crises
          • Healing relationships
          • Healing situations (personal or global)
          • Healing situations from the past, present or the future
  • Upon receiving 2nd level attunement, you will learn the three sacred symbols, their form, their sound and their meaning, which will enable you to consciously direct Reiki energy through your mind (calling the energy) to achieve specific results.
  • The practice of healing through 2nd degree can be profound, as it is considered a quantum leap forward on your spiritual path, indicating your soul’s desire to be of service to others through sharing unconditional love.

What is an Attunement? In Japanese, this ceremony is called Reiju (pronounced Ray-joo) and translated, it means spiritual energy blessing.  In a modern day ceremony, your body moves into a spiritual state (or universal energy state) through the use of ancient sounds or symbols, which harmonize your mental and emotional bodies, plus also aligns your spiritual essence within to re-connect you to your true “self” (or your soul).  The attunement also clears your meridians (energy pathways) throughout your body to allow Ki energy to flow freely.

The Reiki Master Teacher does not have any special powers to pass along, but merely acts as a channel to provide or create a safe place for you to draw in Ki energy, thus allowing you to connect universal life force energy (or Source) to your inner self or soul.  You will draw Ki energy to the level where you specifically need it – mental, emotional, physical or spiritual levels

By receiving attunement or reiju at each Reiki level, you accept universal blessings to support your journey of self-responsibility for your own spiritual progress.  Your success for your personal journey depends entirely on how much time and effort you are willing to apply; the more effort you make, the more blessings you receive.

Purpose of Attunement The main purpose of an attunement is to raise your energy level, plus strengthen your connection to universal spiritual energy.

With Reiki Level 2 (also called 2nd degree), you receive one attunement which opens your heart chakra, which allows you to share and experience un-conditional universal love and compassion

General Attunement Procedure: Your Reiki attunement is done shortly before breaking for lunch, giving you time to relax afterwards.

  • It will be decided in class the sequence of turns (who goes first, second, third, etc.)
  • You will be guided into a meditation, remain in meditation until it’s your turn
  • When you hear the bell ring 3x’s, proceed to the attunement room and enter
  • As a form of respect, with your hands in the prayer position (gassho), bow to your Reiki Master and then bow to Usui sensei
  • Sit with your eyes closed; avoid crossing your hands or feet; place your hands comfortably on your lap.  Breathe in a rhythmic, steady pattern and relax
  • Your Reiki Master will start the attunement from behind you, move counter-clockwise in front of you and then finish from behind
  • During the procedure you will feel gentle touching, plus blowing in your crown and other areas and your hands will be raised and lowered or placed in prayer (gassho) position
  • When the bell rings once the process is complete
  • Remain calm; just be aware of sensations, colours, smells, images or sounds that you may experience
  • Take 3-deep breaths and gently rub your fingers together to help you return to present conscious awareness
  • Stand and with your hands in prayer position, bow to Usui sensei, then bow to your Reiki Master
  • Leave the room; return to your seat.  Sit quietly in meditation until your Reiki Master returns to the room to end the session with a final meditation
This article was written by Margaret Jang
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Default Picture
Nicky Peet 2014-04-22 13:33
thankyou so much for a great article. My Reiki 2 was missing in so much and you have explained it all to me so easily and filled the gaps
Margaret Jang 2014-04-26 09:17
Hi Nicky:

You're very welcome and thank you for your comment.

It too bad that your Reiki Level 2 course missed so much information, but it's good to know that the info posted here provided you with additional instruction and detail.

I use my own website for teaching purposes as well; therefore you may want to view the "Articles" section.

With blessings and gratitude,

Margaret Jang,
Default Picture
janhvee 2014-09-30 05:43
hello mam,
i would like to know that after getting attuned to level i have to practice reiki for 21 days like in level1..??
Margaret Jang 2014-10-01 12:39
Quoting janhvee:
hello mam,
i would like to know that after getting attuned to level i have to practice reiki for 21 days like in level1..??

Hi Janhvee:

Thank you for your inquiry.

Each Reiki Master teacher may use their own methods regarding this - the rules can vary from teacher to teacher; therefore it would be best to ask your own teacher.

In my teaching curriculum, a 21-day cleansing period begins after receiving a Reiki attunement regardless of whether it's level 1, 2 or Master Teacher. I only teach the original three levels of Reiki - each level uses the exact same set of cleansing exercises and procedure.

With blessings and gratitude,

Margaret Jang
Default Picture
Janet 2015-03-19 06:44
I haven't had an official Reiki 2 attunement but did my reiki 1 with an incredible teacher over 2 days that I'm sure " opens your heart chakra, which allows you to share and experience un-conditional universal love and compassion". My question is; can you have a natural attunement for Reiki 2 without having done it? It was an amazing course by Denise Crundall.
Default Picture
Vikramjit 2015-07-09 08:32
Hello mam, can i fulfil my wish after 2nd degree attunement ? How ?
Default Picture
Christine 2015-09-17 18:41
I recently was attuned to level I and was not directed to meditate daily or perform Reiki on anyone else but was encouraged to practice on myself. Is this the normal procedure?

Thank you.
Margaret Jang 2015-09-18 08:18
Quoting Christine:
I recently was attuned to level I and was not directed to meditate daily or perform Reiki on anyone else but was encouraged to practice on myself. Is this the normal procedure?

Thank you.

Hi Christine:

Congratulations on your Level 1 attunement!

After receiving Reiki Level 1, in order to hone your skills it is important to practice on yourself, but at the same time if you feel confident, you can also practice on family, friends or on house pets. The more variety or different types of people that you practice on, the more experience and knowledge you receive. Giving yourself a daily Reiki treatment will help balance your energy on all levels - emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. This is especially helpful if you are in a stressful environment or are around stressful people.

There are articles posted to my personal website which may offer additional information and knowledge:

Meditation is not an absolute requirement for doing Reiki. However, it will definitely help balance your energies, as well as regulate your breathing technique, plus it will also help strengthen your connection to the Universal Source (which is where Reiki comes from), as well as to your soul or spiritual self (you are just the channel). Just choose a method that is simple (not steeped in superstitious beliefs or rituals) and that your are comfortable with. It's not important how long you meditate for (whether it's 5 minutes or 2 hours) - it's more important to do it consistently so that you establish a new daily habit (one that you enjoy). In other words, meditating for 5 minutes every day is far more beneficial than meditating for 2 hours once per week.

Becoming a proficient and confident Reiki practitioner or healer has nothing to do with how many Levels of Reiki you attain. Instead it is based on having determination and commitment and then being willing to practice, practice & more practice!

Good luck with your Reiki practice Christine!

With blessings and gratitude,

Margaret Jang

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