Holistic Nutrition Therapy Treatment for Fatigue

Many people do not understand the powerful connection between the food that they eat and the way their body functions, how they feel and how they look.  Unchecked inflammation, poor rest and recovery, etc. can trigger a cascading negative affect leading to fatigue.

Holistic Nutrition Therapy uses various combinations of food and nutrients to help individuals combat the causes and the symptoms of fatigue.

What You Can Do Right Now

History of Holistic Nutrition Therapy

The knowledge that what we eat affects how we are physically is not new.  In 400 B.C. the Greek physician Hippocrates, the "Father of Medicine" said, "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food." Hippocrates knew that food impacts a person's health, body and mind to help prevent illness as well as maintain wellness.

Over the centuries, certain foods have been used to protect health.  For example,  the juice of liver was squeezed on eyes to treat eye diseases (this was related to a Vitamin A deficiency even before the proponents of it knew that detail).  Garlic has been prescribed for many conditions as have other foods and herbs (i.e. ginger for digestive problems).  Lemons and citrus fruits were known in the middle ages to prevent scurvy (although again, no one knew how or why). So although Vitamin C wasn't discovered until the 1930s, the discovery that limes could prevent scurvy changed the way physicians thought about food.

Today, nutritional Therapy is one of the fastest growing complementary therapies. A new dimension of healing has been opened up by recent developments in nutritional knowledge. The fundamental belief in Nutritional Therapy is that many illnesses are caused by nutritional imbalance. As individuals, we are constantly bombarded by horror stories to do with the food on sale in our shops. Statistics and media reports often seem contradictory and confusing. Your Nutritional Therapist will look at your physical and mental health, diet, lifestyle etc. and will advise you on what foods to include in your diet and what foods to avoid. You may also be advised to supplement your diet with particular vitamins, minerals, and herbs, although it is better to obtain nutrients and trace elements directly from food where possible, rather than from supplements.

Theory behind Fatigue Treatment using Holistic Nutrition Therapy

Like other diseases, unbalanced, non-nutritious food consumption is contributory to the presence and exacerbation of ongoing fatigue. Holistic nutrition therapy attends to the symptoms and treatment of fatigue with almost all the possible mechanisms known. Foods people take are essential for the maintenance of healthy physical and mental composition, strengthening of the weakened immune system, as well as repair of the already-violated systemic rhythm.

Holistic nutrition therapy includes seminars encouraging fatigue patients to eat foods high in protein, vitamins and minerals, complex carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids, and at the same time discouraging them to eat high sugar, calorie-rich foods. When followed religiously, all the systems in the body are assured to be in their best functioning levels, especially the immune system, which will allow the body to better fight off fatigue, and even prevent it from injuring the physical, mental, and even social well-being of a person.

Research of Fatigue Treatment using Holistic Nutrition Therapy

One adrenal fatigue thread moderator shared how nutrition therapy have helped her after months of trying other treatments that did not seem to work, “...feeling a million times better and feeling like I'm actually making some progress, which is nice after a LONG time getting nowhere.”

Another member added, “I just want to add my two cents worth. A month ago I thought it was just normal to feel tired and run down all the time but when I got to the doctor, the result was adrenal fatigue syndrome. I started doing some research and trying some things. I stopped eating foods high in potassium like bananas, melons, figs, raisins, dates, oranges, and grape fruit. I also avoid deep-sea fish like mackerel and swordfish since they make my adrenal levels go down. Fermented foods like cheese, mushrooms, and pickled foods are also a no-no if I want to keep adrenal fatigue away. Slowly things have been getting better.”

Stories of Fatigue Treatment using Holistic Nutrition Therapy

If you have used holistic nutrition therapy for fatigue please share your stories here.

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