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Barbara-Lynn Freed
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States

Barbara-Lynn Freed Reviews

Testimonial: Spiritual Healer

Nov 05, 2012 By: Barbara-Lynn Freed    
Client: Kathy A.    Conditions: Spritual Healing

Barbara Lynn has been a supportive advocate for my spiritual journey for more than 10 years. Her therapeutic partnership with me has positively influenced my quest for integrity and clarity in all areas of my life. Her vibrational approach together with energy clearing, supportive aromatherapy and energetic infusions has allowed me to leave behind outdated patterns without suffering from the trauma of grieving the past. I highly recommend Barbara Lynn for emotional, mental and spiritual support for the spiritual journey.

Testimonial: Spiritual Healer

Nov 05, 2012 By: Barbara-Lynn Freed    
Client: N. Christianson    Conditions: Spiritual Healing and Mentoring

My work with BarbaraLynn has been important and special. In the role of spiritual healer and mentor she works gently and carefully assisting me in the deepening of self awareness. BarabraLynn (Ms. Freed) has been consistent, caring and respectful in this role, and she is grounded in the most sacred spiritual values and practices. Wherever one is on their journey, when you work with Barbara Lynn you will feel a strong sense of compassion and nurturing form her.  She has been a delight to work with.

Testimonial: Astrologer

Nov 05, 2012 By: Barbara-Lynn Freed    
Client: Catherine Berg    Conditions: astrology student and astrology client

Barbara-Lynn has been a wonderful teacher and companion on the road to learning how to use astrology in my personal and spiritual development.  She presents the basics and intricacies of astrology in a clear, focused and logical way.  Always flexible, she has encouraged independent study and been responsive to my interests.

Barbara-Lynn’s readings of my charts have been sensitive and insightful.  With her support I have felt empowered to explore some of the difficulties and complexities of my psyche and to develop self-understanding and self-compassion.  My work with Barbara-Lynn has helped me realize more fundamentally who I am and helped me catch glimpses of the purpose of my life and destiny of my soul.

Testimonial: Aromatherapist

Nov 05, 2012 By: Barbara-Lynn Freed    
Client: Judith Winston    Conditions: bought aromatherapy products

I have been using Aromatherapy Celebrations! products for well over a year and I am so delighted with the quality and power of these beautifully crafted aromatherapy sprays, creams and oils.  I find the Room Clear and the 5 Element Spritzers especially useful in my work.  I often complete a massage or energy session with a 5 Element spray to help separate the energy between my client and myself, as well as to seal in the work they have just received.  Every product is created with love and appreciation, and that essence of care is contained within the product itself and is bestowed upon my clients, who gratefully receive it.  Thank you, Barbara-Lynn for the Divine expression of your love for our planet and it's people.