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drkosha light

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Modalities: Holistic Health, Touch for Health (TFH)

maama lisa

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Newton, Georgia, United States
Modalities: Angels / Spiritual Guides, Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination
LOVE SPELLS CALL MAAMA LISA ON +27604205515 IN ALL THE PARTS OF THE WORLD Email <email>/ What's happening? Are you tired of using Psychics & Spell casters with little or No Results? Been Given False Promises and Unrealistic Goals for Your Lover to Return? I am here to STOP all that misery CALL +27604205515 FOR FASTER RESULTS. YOU DON'T HAVE TO SUFFER HEARTACHE FOR MUCH LONGER!: SAUDIARABIA , BRUNEI, QATAR, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES , LONDON, DUBAI,ABU DHABI, TORONTO,CANADA, USA,UK, ANTHENS,DOHA, SHARJAH,AMSTERDAM,UK Specialist for Love Spells | Cast Love ...


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Krugersdorp, South Africa
Modalities: Healing From The Core, Herbal Medicine
DR. BUBA (+27795802239) DR. BUBA KARISIZO is the only powerful traditional spiritual herbalist healer. I inherited this job from my ancestors of my family. For so long my family has been famous as the best traditional spiritual healer family & I use the miracle black magic spells and strong herbal medicine to heal and cure all people’s complications in life. The gods of my fore ‘father’s ancestral powers anointed me when I was two months old to inherit, heal and solve most of the problems and ailments that are failed to be healed by other doctors. Education background: I ...

Dr mary and ivan

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Johannesburg, South Africa
Modalities: Holistic Health
womens clinic +27717209144 Women clinics is an abortion clinic has been servicing the public of South Africans for a long time. We have a team of well trained and dedicated staff that are able to help you make an informed decision. Our clinics are well-equipped with primary health care facilities where we create personal and comfortable environment because we believe that we are involved with sensitive issues. Our Mission +27717209144 We aim to be the leaders in the field of reproductive health through the rendering of an affordable, effective, quality, curative and preventative service to ...

bag ronnie

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Modalities: Breathwork
abortion pills for sale in springs delmas dundee

dr maria rose

4 Client Reviews
Modalities: Holistic Health
DR,MARIA WOMEN'S CLINIC ((+27737211371))+27737211371 We specialize in medical Abortions whereby we use Clinically approved pills to terminate the pregnancy Same day, Pain free without any complications and our services carried out by qualified doctors who make sure everything works out properly and confidentially kept private to suit your need and budget. Our Abortion Prices are reasonable that even Students can afford. Our Personal Guarantee You are covered by our same day 100% money-back guarantee which means that if for any reason whatsoever you are not completely satisfied with our ...

Margaret Jang

1 Client Review
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Modalities: Spiritual Poetry, Intuitive Arts, Reiki, Spiritual Growth and Well-being
Margaret is a philanthropist, as well as an spiritual/inspirational poet and writer. Over the years she has delved into many modalities, some which include teaching Reiki, Crystal & Gemstone therapy, Psychic/Channelling development and Numerology. Margaret's time and energy is now devoted to philanthropic endeavors with a goal to make and donate articles for charity. Her compelling interest in both the intuitive and healing arts stimulated a passionate desire to delve deeper within. Over time, spiritual guidance transpired through writings consisting of channelled spiritual/inspirational ...

Doctor Diko

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Johannesburg, South Africa
Modalities: Holistic Health
With Diko Abortion clinic +27734668538, you will receive the highest quality care for all your reproductive health needs. Our highly skilled staff is trained to assist you through a safe, comfortable visit. We are confident that you will be comfortable and impressed with our talented staff. Our providers are dedicated to serving women's medical needs. Besides abortion, they offer a full range of obstetrical and gynecological services which you can access at this site. With regard to abortion, emphasis is placed on safety, comfort, confidentiality and individualized care. In order to ensure ...

Dr Juliet Johnson

35 Client Reviews
South Africa
Modalities: Professional Services
CALL/WHATSAPP +27632067772 DR JULIET ABORTION CLINIC… Medical abortion procedures are available for terminating a pregnancy during the early weeks of the first trimester. For women seeking a medical abortion procedure, a sonogram is recommended to determine if the pregnancy is viable (uterine, non-ectopic pregnancy) and for accurate pregnancy dating. Medical Abortion (brand name Mifeprex) is a form of early abortion caused by the combination of two medications, mifepristone and misoprostol that is an option for women who are 8 weeks pregnant or less. Also known as RU486 or medication ...

chief2 nimu

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Saint Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Modalities: Holistic Health
+27815220148 <email> Traditional Herbs which are here to the international norms Powerful Spiritual Traditional Herbalist Healer Experienced in Ancestral healing and spell casting, Astrologers, African Medicines, Ritualism, Herbalist healers, Spiritual healers, Native healer, Philosophy, Traditional healers Herbal remedies, holistic healing Are you tired of being in poor life? We have the powers to make you RICH within 2 days 2. Bring Back Lost Lover, even if lost for a long time we remove Bad spells from homes, business &customer attraction, Get Promotion you have desired for a ...

nicky weetu

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Tembisa, South Africa
Modalities: Health Coaching
DR ROY__}}}}0621386807____0621386807 ___)0621386807____Cytotec (Misoprostol) Pills Without Prescription: +27621386807 Affordable Abortion Clinics / Safe Abortion Pills for sale For Appointment or Deliveries Please Call: /// +27621386807 SAME DAY ABORTION, SAFE AND PAIN FREE…★♠★♠★★♠★♠★ **** Our Abortion Clinics are legalized With modern and well equipped primary health care facilities to provide you with a private environment where you can make the right decision because we believe that we are involved with sensitive issues ...

Justine Smith

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Tembisa, South Africa
Modalities: Esoteric Acupuncture
DR SMITH__}}}}{{{{ 0736663170 }}}}{{{____0736663170___)0736663170____Cytotec (Misoprostol) Pills Without Prescription: +27736663170 Affordable Abortion Clinics / Safe Abortion Pills for sale /// For Appointment or Deliveries Please Call: /// +27736663170 /// SAME DAY ABORTION, SAFE AND PAIN FREE…*** +27736663170/whatsapp

seme kaku

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Pretoria, South Africa
Modalities: Holistic Health
CALL +27789276760 / WHATSAPP +27815857951 KAASI BEST MEDICAL ABORTION SERVICES (NON SURGICAL ABORTION SERVICES) A GYNECOLOGIST OFFERING PREGNANCY SOLUTIONS SOUTH AFRICA Pregnancy solution, Pain free, Use pills, DXT, Tubes, The pregnancy pill, mifepristone and misoprostol) Free cleaning Call/0789276760 : 0815857951 also @ watsapp DR KAASI.KHow does pregnancy Pills work? Both pregnancy pills, mifepristone and misoprostol, are usually used in order to terminate a pregnancy. Mifepristone causes the embryo to detach from the uterus thereby cutting off essential nutrients and oxygen carried by the ...


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Johannesburg, South Africa
Modalities: Holistic Health

Dr. Neal Robert Smookler

9 Client Reviews
Hopkinton, Massachusetts, United States
Modalities: German New Medicine
Dr. Neal Robert Smookler resides in Hopkinton, Massachusetts where he consults, in person and via phone both professional and lay persons nationally as well as abroad. Dr. Smookler graduated from Boston College with a Bachelors of Science in Biology in June 1985, received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in December 1988. He is the author of Kaleidoscope Eyes – The New Consciousness Paradigm of GNM and was recently featured in Boston’s Natural Awakenings Magazine, February 2015. Neal’s approach to GNM is best described in a ...


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Midrand, South Africa
Modalities: Holistic Health

dr Bwire

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Johannesburg, South Africa
Modalities: Herbal Medicine, Professional Services
Botcho cream & Yodi Pills for Bigger Bums & Hips +27719204107 Yodi Pills and Botcho cream products are greatest choice for those who would want to have bigger Hips and Bums without going for complicated surgery and toxic injections. Our constant overflow in sales is exactly why you need to consider giving our Yodi pills and Botcho cream a try. Yodi pills and Botcho cream are natural herbal products that stimulates your gluteus maxims to grow layers of fat around the hips, buttock and thigh area. The buttocks are mainly consistent of muscle and fat. If you are skinny with a fast ...

jim sophia

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Modalities: Healing Touch
Dr Sophia 0790334574 WOMEN CLINIC. How safe is abortion Very safe. Our doctors are gynecologists who have years of experience SPECIALIZINGin abortion care. It’s unusual to have even minor problems. How do I know whether to choose a surgical abortion or abortion by pill? The pill must be done very early in the pregnancy, under 28 weeks from the first day of your last period. It is more involved than a surgical PROCEDURE and may require more than one follow-up visit. Some women like the idea of using medicine rather than instruments for the abortion. A surgical abortion is more efficient ...

Dr Troy Trevan

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Pretoria, South Africa
Modalities: Professional Services, Sexuality, Total Body Modification (TBM)
FREE & FAST shipping Penis Enlargement Premature Ejaculation Weak Erection Treatments SAME DAY RESULTS# 100% HERBAL# NO SIDE EFFECTS# +27815943061 SIZABLE Bums/Hips/Breast/Penis Enlargements *New Special Edition* IN ALL SOUTH AFRICAN PROVINCES WITH No Side Effects 100% Herbal Creams, Pills, Pumps, Booster and Capsules. Herbal creams & pills for successful sexual performance & enlargement Penis enlargement that is 100% guaranteed to enlarge your penis using penis enlargement creams, penis enlargement pills, male enhancement pills, penis ...


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Modalities: Addiction Treatment, AcuLASER Therapy, Alexander Technique, Allergy Therapy
Real Magic Spells for all purpose: Now you can benefit through the use of spells like Love Spells, Money Spells, Talismans, Charms, Prayers, Curses and Chants. MAGIC SPELLS can be spell cast for many purposes. Talismans and Charms work as powerful Ingredients. If you need any spiritual knowledge on the power of Spells and Magic you can always Email me: <email> or Tel: +27736244753 LOVE SPELLS. Casting of Simple and Effective Love Spell. Easy Love Spell. Spells for Attraction between two Lovers. Binding Love Spell. Get back Lost Lover Spell. Spells to ...