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maama lisa

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Newton, Georgia, United States
Modalities: Angels / Spiritual Guides, Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination
LOVE SPELLS CALL MAAMA LISA ON +27604205515 IN ALL THE PARTS OF THE WORLD Email <email>/ What's happening? Are you tired of using Psychics & Spell casters with little or No Results? Been Given False Promises and Unrealistic Goals for Your Lover to Return? I am here to STOP all that misery CALL +27604205515 FOR FASTER RESULTS. YOU DON'T HAVE TO SUFFER HEARTACHE FOR MUCH LONGER!: SAUDIARABIA , BRUNEI, QATAR, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES , LONDON, DUBAI,ABU DHABI, TORONTO,CANADA, USA,UK, ANTHENS,DOHA, SHARJAH,AMSTERDAM,UK Specialist for Love Spells | Cast Love ...

Dr. Neal Robert Smookler

9 Client Reviews
Hopkinton, Massachusetts, United States
Modalities: German New Medicine
Dr. Neal Robert Smookler resides in Hopkinton, Massachusetts where he consults, in person and via phone both professional and lay persons nationally as well as abroad. Dr. Smookler graduated from Boston College with a Bachelors of Science in Biology in June 1985, received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in December 1988. He is the author of Kaleidoscope Eyes – The New Consciousness Paradigm of GNM and was recently featured in Boston’s Natural Awakenings Magazine, February 2015. Neal’s approach to GNM is best described in a ...

Mildred Lynn McDonald

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California, United States
Modalities: Spiritual Growth and Well-being, Environmental Health, Environmental Psychology, Holistic Health, more...
Mildred Lynn McDonald Healing Conversationalist, Host/Producer "Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn" on BlogTalkRadio "What is a Healing Conversationalist?" This is the #1 question that I'm asked, so here's my answer: A Healing Conversationalist is a "person who is good at or fond of engaging in conversation about becoming sound, whole, and healthy again". My Story My life adventure has whisked me across North America, through the industries of Health & Fitness, the executive halls of Fortune 50 companies, and into the vibrant landscape of Energy Medicine and Environmental studies. ...

Christine Breese

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Arcata, California, United States
Modalities: Counselling, Energy Therapy, Guided Imagery, Intuitive Arts, more...
Christine Breese is a well known speaker and author who runs University of Metaphysical Sciences in Arcata, California in the USA and also facilitiates retreats at Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca Retreat Center in Ecuador, South America. At the Unviersity of Metaphysical Sciences, she networked with many writers to create the courses at the University. Thousands of students have already graduated from University of Metaphysical Sciences and continue to do so, making University of Metaphysical Sciences one of the leading schools in the metaphysics communities all over the world. At Gaia Sagrada ...

LifeLong EnerJoy

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Seattle, Washington, United States
Modalities: Body Code, Emotion Code, Emotional Freedom Technique® (EFT®)
Are you struggling with your health, wealth or happiness? Your subconscious knows what is getting in your way! For your entire life, it has been picking up information about what is good an bad for your! I use the wisdom of the subconscious to help clients identify and release barriers to health, wealth and happiness. The method I use (the Body Code) often it helps people with health issues that can't be resolved with other methods. It helps you release the negative filter of your past, so you can see your situation or relationship as it currently is. This allows for more presence of mind and ...

Don Milton

8 Client Reviews
Birmingham, Alabama, United States
Modalities: Life Coaching, Spiritual Growth and Well-being, Addiction Treatment, Emotional Freedom Technique® (EFT®)
My intention is to transform your life and teach you techniques that you can use for yourself for continued empowerment. I work from my experience and continue to learn and grow every day. I can do single sessions for specific issues and prefer to offer various packages that have a high likelyhood of resolving your issue within a specific time frame. Check out my web site at and fill out the second opinion survey if you are serious about doing some work with me. I can do my work by phone as well as in-person so your location is no issue if your feel led to work with me. I ...

Nalongo Kalubi

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Los Angeles, California, United States
Modalities: Anti-aging and Beauty
Best Psychic Astrology, Herbalist Healer Spell Casting, Solve All Your Love and Life Challenges, Call +27733477757 whats app, or I have charms and spells to fix all issues and problems in Matters concerning men and women's health, * Bring back a lost lover No matter How long * Fixing love affair issues & Produce Baby * Fixing marriages & Get Quick Marriage, * Making someone love you, * Business success, * Customer attraction, * Spiritual cleansing remedies, * Removing bad luck, * Breaking curses, * Helping victims of witch craft, * Job success & ...

Melody Larson

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Seattle, Washington, United States
Modalities: Spiritual Growth and Well-being, Health Coaching, Life Coaching, Holistic Health, more...

Laura Webb

2 Client Reviews
Meridian, Texas, United States
Modalities: Life Coaching, Personal Development, Professional Services, Health Coaching
I coach people with chronic pain and illness, providing hope for those coping with chronic pain and illness. Chronic diseases can be frustrating and depressing at times but I understand as I have been there. I have had chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia for countless years. It has been a long and often difficult road but I now have a greater appreciation for life despite (or as a result of) my chronic illness. I am chronically ill but over the years, have learned chronic pain management techniques that work for me. I do not see my chronic illness as controlling my life anymore. I am ...

Addison Bell

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Dallas, Texas, United States
Modalities: Tantric Massage, Breathwork, Healing Touch, Life Coaching, more...
Addison Bell is a local Tantric Practioner, Experiential Sex Coach, and Body-Image Expert. Addison is known for her fierce passion for helping others reach thier life potential. It has been a long and beautiful road for Addison to get to her current life path. She was raised in a Catholic family with strict ideals surrounding sex, marriage, and sin in which she internalized and would later overcome. After childhood sexual abuse, rape, an eating disorder and extreme sexual shame Addison knew she needed a change. With the help of a few beautiful souls she decided to step into her sex, her ...

Susan Eller, M.A. RMT

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Tucson, Arizona, United States
Modalities: Counselling, Emotional Freedom Technique® (EFT®), Guided Imagery, Spiritual Growth and Well-being, more...
Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master and Life Empowerment Coach. Owner of Healing From Within. Helping women clear limiting beliefs, raise self-esteem and create positive changes in their lives. I help you feel better about yourself, get out of stuck places and create the life you desire. I have a masters degree in psychology and over 30 years experience in the personal development field. Phone sessions and on-line Reiki training provided. M.A. Psychology/Holistic Studies Antioch University Reiki Master Teacher Ordained non-denominational minister CTM Toastmasters International Over 30 years ...

Lawrence Wilson

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Prescott, Arizona, United States
Modalities: Holistic Nutrition Therapy
Dr. Wilson has a medical degree, and works as a nutrition consultant only. For over 30 years, he has specialized in nutritional balancing science, a particular method of improving health that he originally learned from Dr. Paul C. Eck, a brilliant biochemist and founder of Analytical Research Laboratories. Dr. Wilson has no financial interest in this company, but does some technical consulting and teaching for this laboratory. After about 15 years of office practice, he moved to Prescott, Arizona, where he spends most of his time teaching physicians and nutrition consultants the finer points ...

Dr. Carolyn Porter

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Modalities: Life Coaching, Health Coaching, Spiritual Growth and Well-being, Angels / Spiritual Guides, more...
Your life can be extraordinary if you want it to be! I didn't always believe that and the life I lived exemplified my belief of lack, pain and struggle, until I learned how to think differently and in turn, create a much better life. My passion is to help you and others totally change your life into one that is happy, abundant, peaceful, joyous, exciting and definitely extraordinary. This is the way you are meant to live, and it's up to you to create that life. Learning how to make better choices is how I help clients live an extraordinary life while throwing out old patterns and beliefs that ...

Isaac Eliaz

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Santa Rosa, California, United States
Modalities: Acupuncture, Detoxification, Integrative Medicine, Meditation, more...
Dr. Isaac Eliaz, M.D. has been a pioneer in integrative medicine since the early 1980s. He is a respected researcher, product formulator, clinical practitioner, author and lecturer. Specifically, Dr. Eliaz is a recognized leader in the field of integrative cancer treatment, immune enhancement and natural chelation and detox. He regularly publishes scientific studies on his integrative supplement formulas in peer reviewed journals and frequently teaches continuing education courses to practitioners worldwide on his unique approaches to health and healing. Dr. Eliaz integrates his background in ...


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Miami, Florida, United States
Modalities: Spiritual Care Counselling, Spiritual Healing
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chief muntu

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Lakeway, Texas, United States
Modalities: Spiritual Care Counselling, Human Design Counselling
CHIEF MUNTU +27736244753, the black magicians, after 20 years of successful casts have discovered a powerful magic Ring. Magic ring which helps you to win big tenders and contracts, court matters Magic ring which helps you to become celebrity Magic ring which makes you invisible Magic ring which helps you to win Wars Magic ring which helps you to perform miracles and healing using powers Magic ring which brings back the stolen property Magic ring which booms you business within 48 hours ...

Jody Mountain

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Paia, Hawaii, United States
Modalities: Massage, Retreats, Craniosacral Therapy, Dance / Movement Therapy, more...
Jody Soltau Mountain has been immersed in the Art of Lomi Lomi Nui, and it's foundations in Ancient Hawaiian Mysticism since 1989. She is a dancer, choreographer and teacher with 25 years experience in various forms of movement dynamics and healing modalities. Jody has studied with Kahu Abraham Kawa'i, Aua'ia, Maka'i'ole, Uliama and brings forward the teaching of this lineage. She also practices and facilitates Core & Cellular Healing through transmissions of High Healing Consciousnesses and Frequencies. She is a licensed massage therapist and teacher in the state of Hawai'i, and has ...

Zita Fekete

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Mukilteo, Washington, United States
Modalities: Psychotherapy, Counselling, Couples Counseling/Coaching
If you are confused, embarrassed and angry at the same time... If you wonder what's wrong with you? Your loved one keeps thinking you have to be fixed: you're too sensitive, you'r too ignorant, you're too anything, but not "The Royal Highness"... Have you ever thought about that it's maybe not you? Have you ever thought about that your loved one makes you feel like it? It is possible. I see wonderful people who come to me first with doubts and embarrassment that they are faulty. They think they are not good enough this or that way - rather more ways. They are frustrated because the more they ...

Al Link and Pala Copeland

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Detroit, Michigan, United States
Modalities: Retreats, Sexuality, Spiritual Healing, Tantra Yoga
We are Pala Copeland and Al Link. Sacred loving is what we do full time, both in our living together and in our working together. We are following our bliss. Everything we teach is what we actually do in our own relationship to keep it fun, hot, emotionally rich and spiritually evolving. We have been practicing Tantra since 1987 and working as Tantric sex teachers and relationship coaches and mentors since 1997. We offer Tantra and relationship weekend and weeklong retreats for couples. Much to our delight, couples who attend love the experience. They come from all over the world. Our mission ...

Bill Walz

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Asheville, North Carolina, United States
Modalities: Meditation, Counselling, Gestalt Therapy, Life Coaching, more...
Teacher of meditation, mindful living, psycho-spiritual integration and evolving consciousness. Public lecturer and retreat leader. Writer of ongoing consciousness column in Asheville's Rapid River Arts & Culture Magazine. Trained in cultural anthropology and clinical psychology. A student of Buddhist and non-Western psychologies and skilled in human potential and transpersonal psychology. My work is to synthesize and contemporize Native, Eastern and Western psychological and spiritual traditions, distilling their essence into a highly effective healing modality. We are awareness with a ...