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Wellness Practitioners in Canada

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Margaret Jang

3 Client Reviews
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Modalities: Spiritual Poetry, Intuitive Arts, Reiki, Spiritual Growth and Well-being
Margaret is a philanthropist, as well as an spiritual/inspirational poet and writer. Over the years she has delved into many modalities, some which include teaching Reiki, Crystal & Gemstone therapy, Psychic/Channelling development and Numerology. Margaret's time and energy is now devoted to philanthropic endeavors with a goal to make and donate articles for charity. Her compelling interest in both the intuitive and healing arts stimulated a passionate desire to delve deeper within. Over time, spiritual guidance transpired through writings consisting of channelled spiritual/inspirational ...

Audrey Frawley

1 Client Review
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Modalities: Practice Building, Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage, Past Life Regression, more...
I'm passionate about wellness and the relationships between practitioners and clients. I have the priviledge of working with practitioners to improve their on line presence and get the word out about the services they provide. I'm fortunate to have access to natural medicine myself and strive to make it easier for those in pain to find wellness. I love my job! I am a daughter, parent, wife, VitalityLink team member and lover of life. I am not a practicing holistic practitioner. The modalities linked to my profile are ones I have interest in and is constantly growing and evolving. My primary ...

Katherine Barrer

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New Lowell, Ontario, Canada
Modalities: Emotional Freedom Technique® (EFT®), Access Consciousness Bars
Using EFT's gentle acupressure tapping technique, ZPoint hypnosis technique and Access Consciousness BARS allows Katherine to work gently, respectfully and safely with clients freeing blocked energy to open and flow naturally and optimally, clearing impediments to change and well being. Katherine is an AAMET accredited Level II EFT Practitioner, Certified Zpoint Practitioner and Certified Access Consciousness BARS Facilitator operating primiarily within the southern area of Simcoe County, New Tecumseth, Grey Highlands and the northern area of Peel in Ontario. Access Consciousness BARS ...

Christine Nightingale

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Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Modalities: Aromatherapy, Past Life Regression, Reiki, Angels / Spiritual Guides, more...
My most exciting role is Spirit Baby Communication; helping parents communicate with babies who were previously lost, Confirming information helps with healing and helping the Spirit Baby to come to its chosen parents. This is an adjunct to Hypnosis for Fertility. Much unexplained infertilty is due to stress or to spiritual isues which can be addressed. Clients also request past life regression, Reiki energy healing, aromatherapy and other intuitve work such as connecting with one\'s angels. Reiki Master Certified Hypnotist, National Guild of Hypnotists Aromatherapist Degree in Psychology ...

Jonni Gray

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Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Canada
Modalities: Transpersonal Psychology, Meditation, Past Life Regression, Spiritual Intelligence, more...
Hi. I'm Jonni Gray. Half of Jonni+Sage. As a young teenager, I started exploring the world of spirituality, psychology, reincarnation, and the afterlife through the many fascinating books I virtually inhaled in smelly, dusty second-hand bookstores. Like many, I felt there were too many coincidences and unanswered questions in my life to believe the world was only linear, physical, and three-dimensional. I sensed there was more, and longed to understand and connect with the 'more'. In my 20's I began booking appointments with professional (and some not-so-professional) therapists, alternative ...

ming wang

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Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Modalities: Acupressure, Acupuncture, Chair Massage, Cupping, more...
Naturelife health centre is a Registered Massage Therapy , Acupuncture and physiotherapy Clinic. Experienced therapists will utilize multiple advanced therapeutic techniques into each treatment. These techniques are aimed to relieve pain, rehabilitate from chronic diseases and help you achieve wellness. Naturelife only hires Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs), Registered Acupuncturists and registered physiotherapists with professionalism and high standards of care. The vision behind Naturelife is to be your primary choice of professional health care for pain management, chronic disease ...

Dr. Mee Lain Ling

2 Client Reviews
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Modalities: Cupping, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Medical Massage, more...
Dr. Mee Lain Ling is a Registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Dr. TCM) focused on general TCM family practice using the natural, holistic system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her main goal is to nurture vibrant health in partnership with clients through safe, effective use of the following TCM therapies: Cupping (including Wet Cupping or Hijama) Acupuncture & Moxibustion Herbal Medicine & Diet Medical Massage Her treatments are uniquely effective in FAST pain relief, detoxing, and boosting immunity and circulation through combinations of WET cupping, acupuncture and/or ...

Debra Jones

1 Client Review
Horning's Mills, Ontario, Canada
Modalities: Reiki, Spiritual Growth and Well-being, Aura / Energy Healing, Human Design Counselling, more...
We’re all on a healing journey and sometimes can’t get beyond a certain point. Balance and harmony can feel illusive. Who can we talk to about our spiritual path and the very core of our fears and anxieties? When we reach out to an Alternative Health Professional that we can trust, they can help us see a different perspective and discover new possibilities and directions. It's true that if we had all the tools we need, we would have made the changes already. In a holistic healing session, we can uncover the tools that have been hiding within and empower you to make any changes you ...

Cress Spicer

4 Client Reviews
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Modalities: Reiki, Bio-Energy Therapy, Body Talk
My passion is to assit others on their path to wholeness and health, which I find much happiness and fulfillment being of service. I am certified Bodytalk Practioner, Certified Bodytalk Access Trainer,Reiki Master/Teacher, bio-energy healer In 1994 I took my Reiki Level 1, then in 1999 became a Reiki Master/Teacher. My journey continued and I came across Bodytalk in 2002 ,became a Certtifed Bodytalk practitoner in 2004. In 2008 I became a Bodytalk Access Trainer Everyone is welcome... Blogs: Certified Bodytalk ...

Stas Bekman

2 Client Reviews
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Modalities: Reiki, Foot Reflexology, Practice Building
My name is Stas Bekman and I'm a Reiki Master/Teacher and I facilitate Reiki treatments in Victoria, BC, Canada. A typical reiki healing session lasts about 1 hour. Some people prefer a longer Reiki treatment of 1.5 to 2 hours. It's a quiet quality time when you get to take care of yourself, relax and rejuvenate. Some people choose to sleep. It's your choice how you want to be. When you come for the appointment you may want to consider wearing loose clothing, as it helps to relax and have more benefits from the treatment. I'm also certified in foot reflexology, which I often combine with a ...

Cindi Williams

1 Client Review
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Modalities: Practice Building, Professional Services, Transpersonal Psychology
A Powerful & Authentic Approach to Building your Private Practice Business! A Powerful & Authentic Approach to Building your Private Practice Business! Daily, I hear practitioners say they LOVE what they do, but struggle to make money, understand crucial business requirements and find new clients. Truth is, building a thriving practice takes knowledge and skills that are rarely taught to us. Our "Practice is Strong" but our "Business is Weak!" Statistics say the lack of these skills are the leading reason fueling Private Practice business failure rates! An effective way to launch, ...

Lorraine Mignault

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Modalities: Anti-aging and Beauty, Breathwork, Environmental Health, Health Coaching, more...
Wellness Expert Lorraine Mignault is an award-winning Canadian inventor, scientist, author, speaker, singer and founder of Positive Living Inc. - and WORKING WITH LORRAINE - BRING RENEWED WELLNESS INTO YOUR LIFE! Do you want to know how to be healthy and live longer? Do you want to know how to look younger naturally? Do you feel tired too often and want to know how to feel less tired? Lorraine has products and services that help with each of these: Ø How to Be Healthy and Live Longer Ø How to ...

Joseph Eliezer

1 Client Review
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Modalities: Psychotherapy, Counselling, Spiritual Growth and Well-being
Joseph Eliezer holds the designation of Master Practitioner of Counselling Psychology and Clinical Supervisor as registered with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association. He is also registered as a Master Therapeutic Counselor with The Association of Cooperative Counsellors of Canada, and has earned the Guest Member status with the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society (Western Branch). Joseph's approach to counselling is rooted in psychodynamic theory, which places a large emphasis on understanding the unconscious and how it impacts our thoughts, feelings, reactions and decisions. Joseph ...

Kemila Zsange

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Modalities: Hypnotherapy, Intuitives, Past Life Regression, Professional Services, more...
Working with Kemila Enabling individuals to overcome personal difficulties and reach their full potential using hypnosis, I offer services, in Vancouver, BC, Canada or via Skype, to help you find wisdom within to interrupt patterns, use power of mind to learn from the depth of your own being and how to be the best you're meant to be. People come to Kemila For - Weight Loss - Stress Reduction - Insomnia - Performance Anxiety - Fear and Phobia - OCD - Depression - Fear of Public Speaking - Past Life Regression and Life between Lives Regression How Many Sessions it Takes As a Certified Clinical ...

Maureen Cardoso

7 Client Reviews
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
Modalities: Reiki, Foot Reflexology, Indian Head Massage
My passion is connecting with others on their journey for well being. My clientele base is largely women, often mothers, who strive to hold their health and well being as a priority. Keeping their individual needs balanced helps women to meet and maintain their needs and those of their family. As a mother myself, I know the value of taking care of my physical, mental and emotional needs in order to meet the demands of both my personal and family life. As a Jikiden Reiki Teacher I offer an ongoing class schedule and support for students to ensure their confidence in their practise of Reiki. ...

Diane McLaren

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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Modalities: Iridology / Eyology / Scierology, Herbal Medicine, Holistic Nutrition Therapy, Holistic Health, more...
The Nutritionists & Iridologist at our Wellness Centres in Mississauga serving Oakville, Brampton & greater Toronto areas offer comprehensive natural health care services in nutritional healing, natural weight loss plus health, lifestyle and nutrition programs for women, men and their children through personalized assessment & counselling services. Expect remarkable results when you address your health naturally with one of Canada's leading Holistic Health Practitioners, Registered Nutritionists and Iridologist. We've been offering the Ideal Protein weight loss protocol with ...

John Theobald

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Modalities: German New Medicine
John teaches the work of Dr R G Hamer - German New Medicine - explaining the relationship between emotional trauma and disease … After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from York University in Toronto, he spent the following 10 years selling scientific and medical equipment in Western Canada. This exposure to the workings of modern medicine provided insights that convinced him of the importance of staying healthy, learning as much as possible about natural, and alternative approaches to health and wellness. By the time John discovered the work of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer MD, he ...

Anita Hafner

2 Client Reviews
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Modalities: Matrix Energetics™, Channelling, Reconnective Healing, Theta Healing
Modalities Light Source Activation With Matrix Energetics and Reconnective Healing. I love assisting others in reconnecting with their greatness - their full potential! To encourage growth and evolution and to facilitate the remembrance of the healer within you is a great honour. I facilitate custom designed sessions to assist you in activating the healer within to permanently release blocks and barriers that have hindered a joy filled life. Through the expansion of source energy, I assist you in aligning with your true potential and reconnection with the creator within thereby assisting you ...

Nelia DeAmaral

1 Client Review
Milton, Ontario, Canada
Modalities: Yoga, Breathwork, Creative Visualization and Relaxation, Hatha Yoga, more...
As a professional doula, perinatal counsellor and yoga teacher, I provide families with caring, non-judgmental support during this important life transition. I help families navigate the many choices and unpredictable feelings that can come up at this time. I specialize in support for women with depression and anxiety and I have been in the field of maternal health for over 14 years. I have published various articles on topics ranging from perinatal anxiety to yoga. I'm also a mom to 2 amazing girls who have taught me way more than I ever taught them! Specific services include: Prenatal ...

Fran Welter

1 Client Review
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
Modalities: Focused Intention Technique (FIT), Theta Healing, Herbal Medicine, Holistic Health, more...
I have owned health food stores since 2001 which I love as I am able to help people feel better and become healthy naturally with the proper vitamins, supplements and whole foods. Now, with the amazing healing modality of Focus Intention Technique (FIT), I can help you heal your spirit and soul as well. I am a certified FIT coach and FIT workshop facilitator. The healing process is so amazing; You will learn to listen to your body’s wisdom and eliminate painful feelings and limited beliefs that hold you back from being your true amazing self. I will also help you to LOVE yourself, ...