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    Phone: 204-489-0897

    Wellness Expert Lorraine Mignault is thrilled to be part of Get your FREE DOWNLOAD on Improve Health - Look Young at Enjoy benefits/results from our natural health solutions! Join our Positive Living: The Gift of Health this Holiday Season event posted on this site. Need inspiration? Read Lorraine on Today's Brilliance by Inspire Me Today at


    Wellness Expert

    Wellness Expert Lorraine Mignault is an award-winning Canadian inventor, scientist, author, speaker, singer and founder of Positive Living Inc. - and


    •  Do you want to know how to be healthy and live longer?
    •  Do you want to know how to look younger naturally?
    •  Do you feel tired too often and want to know how to feel less tired?

    Lorraine has products and services that help with each of these:

    Ø How to Be Healthy and Live Longer

    Ø How to Look Younger Naturally and have Young Looking Skin

    Ø Why You feel so Tired and what you can do about it ** See Check-In Program


    Lorraine's journey of innovation began when she launched Positive Living Inc., an environmentally green company. Based on the principle that better nutrition equals to a higher quality life and lower health care costs, Lorraine developed life-improving naturally produced products and services. With recent patents for a revolutionary lotion technology, this changes the perspective on nutrition, dermatology, pain control and fitness. Her European Bel Canto vocal training is also bridging breathing and health issues from a new approach. Incorporating vocal techniques for maximum oxygen supports a client's fitness and wellness ritual. 

    She is an inventor with several natural discoveries (example- in food and skin care - Fabulous Forever®)  and "SUSTAINABLE" author of Die Healthy: Pursuing the Dream of Wellness and Longevity. Her breakthrough health book is being reviewed for Foreign Rights worldwide - and for distribution in alternative medicine. Currently showcased in 2 other books, Lorraine is featured in 6 upcoming releases by American authors on Health and more - including an award-winning publishing house.

    In the world of beauty and health, Positive Living Inc. assists clients of all ages with effective, natural lifestyle options to be used at home, in the office, spas, health conferences or in complementary medicine.


    Always feeling tired?

    You have found a beauty and health expert who finally understands your concerns and works primarily with women struggling with lack of energy, aches and pains, sleepless nights, stress and depression, tired all the time feeling, skin conditions, weight fluctuations and who would like to achieve vibrant health. Learn holistic healing, great vitality, emotional balance, easy weight management and truly transform your life.

    Most clients, including the client examples below, have been ill for 10, 20 or more years. They have multiple health concerns that amount to 12 or more indications. The main reason for this is that they have jumped on every bandwagon; not even realizing that they have made their situation worse.

    Being ill for a long time adds to the complexity of the case file - and to the countless hours required to assess, research, develop and design a program.

    At Positive Living Inc., the lifestyle programs include scientific evaluation and improvement of several factors for your beauty and health. Being an inventor, this approach is driven by Intellectual Property rights and offers a fresh perspective on developing programs. Our 3 comprehensive, unique programs are designed for sustainable healthy living and looking younger. The following questions will serve as a guide.

    Check-In Program

    Are you just seeking a second opinion on a wellness concern? Need clarification, direction and evaluation?

    Spa Lifestyle Program

    Are you overwhelmed by your health issues and need the comfort of one-on-one private sessions?

    Lifestyle Conference Call Program

    Do you need the support of other women to improve your lifestyle? Learn in a group format?

    READ more... GET FREE Download at

    **All programs are available via telephone call in the privacy of your home or office. The 3rd program is also offered to family or office groups. Clients find that the book Die Healthy: Pursuing the Dream of Wellness and Longevity and the Check-In Program serve as a great introduction to our "Wealth of Wellness" concept - and its long lasting results. My goal is to help clients find renewed wellness. I have seen amazing results, and it is so rewarding.


    Improve Health - Look Young

    Get set up with a good health routine! Clients and professionals comment on Lorraine's personalized lifestyle programs - whether for their aches and pains, benign tumors, breast fibroids, cancer, digestive complaints, diabetes, emotional imbalance, excess weight gain, headaches, heart disease, lack of energy, menopausal concerns, nail, skin and hair conditions, respiratory ailments, sleepless nights, smoke-free, stress and depression - and tired all the time feeling.

    " The world is a better place because of your contribution. "

    " Thank you for your help, your kindness, your wisdom and concern."

    " You are truly an Angel on Earth! Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

    " Women tell me... you look better than even before you were sick. What's your Secret?"

    " Thank you for alerting us of my husband's diabetes."

    "I am now sleeping. You're my Angel of the Night."

    " Lorraine, at a business meeting, I asked about how someone who was not present was doing. I was told very well, that he has lost a lot of weight and that I would have trouble recognizing him. I asked how he did it and was told about your book."

    " I admire your integrity and authenticity of your work. And you're so good with food!"

    " You told me how to make a lifestyle change. It was after this that my fibroids disappeared and I have never had them since. Lorraine, thank you so much!"

    " Facially, I have enjoyed the lotion (Fabulous Forever®) twice daily. It has provided deep moisturization, improved skin texture, facial radiance - and even toning to the lips prior to applying lip color."  

    " Thank you for all your help. I really do appreciate your patience in working with me in my condition. You are a blessing in my life."

    " You have accomplished so much and I know you bring comfort and practicality to scores of people across the land."

    READ more... GET FREE Download at

    Thinking "out-of-the-box" and doing things differently has always been a part of Lorraine's personal and professional life. Through innovation and invention, she brings a renewed sense of care - and can truly transform YOUR life!



    Why do you practice Anti-aging and Beauty?

    As an award-winning inventor in beauty and health, I have a very special interest in the Anti-aging and Beauty modality...which is driven by my research/product development.

    With an aging population worldwide, I find that people seek natural solutions in lifestyle programming, disease intervention and prevention and skin care. I have Intellectual Property in these areas, including the published book Die Healthy:Pursuing the Dream of Wellness and Longevity available at 

    Describe a typical Anti-aging and Beauty session:

    Depending on the skin health concern, the session can be a targeted or comprehensive lifestyle program - and/or a topical skin lotion product as seen at and Services are offered via conference call.

    What questions do new clients frequently ask you about Anti-aging and Beauty?

    Questions pertaining to skin dryness/oiliness, large pores, blemishes, skin discoloration, wrinkles, skin conditions, including reducing signs of aging and natural beauty options are frequent client concerns.

    What would you tell anyone wondering if Anti-aging and Beauty will help them?

    Consider that your outer self can be a direct barometer of how you feel. It is an extension of your inner self - and is key to how healthy you are long BEFORE laboratory tests are done.

    What are the benefits/results people see from Anti-aging and Beauty?

    You will experience positive changes within a week. Natural, multi-functional techniques for both inner/outer self offer amazing benefits for beauty and health. When you stay in touch with your body, give it time to rest and rejuvenate, and feed it properly, you are are rewarded with your most beautiful face.

    What conditions do you recommend Anti-aging and Beauty for?

    As previously mentioned above, the Anti-aging and Beauty modality is reflective of your internal health. Therefore, conditions such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, insomnia...and more will express your skin issues very early on - whether in terms of aging or beauty.

    Who is an ideal client for you?

    The Anti-aging and Beauty modality is suitable for clients seeking topical natural skin solutions as well as anyone with health conditions such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, insomnia...and more.

    Do you integrate Anti-aging and Beauty with other healing modalities?

    The Anti-aging and Beauty modality is part of several healing modalities encompassing the comprehensive lifestyle programs.

    Professional Training

    Email Lorraine     Book a Session

    A graduate of the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Human Ecology, Lorraine has an extensive background as a Wellness Expert/Coach in - foods/nutrition, lifestyle programming, disease intervention and prevention, research/product development in skin care. She has Intellectual Property in these areas - being the ONLY woman worldwide with a suite of IP that validates her expertise and drives her clients' restored health successes. Also a gifted soprano, her European Bel Canto vocal training is bridging fitness and health from a new perspective.

    A recent appointment as a Founding Member of the USA based Ecological Food Manufacturers Association attests to Lorraine's long term commitment to excellence in innovative research and development for sustainable living. She is an industry member of Food Product Design Inc. and Skin Inc.

    An honoured author, inventor and speaker at the World Intellectual Property Day in Ottawa, Canada … Lorraine was part of an event celebrating women’s contribution to innovation, their ingenuity and creativity. She is also a nominee in the Canadian Manning Innovation Award for her trailblazing research and development in food and skin care. As an innovator within a male-dominated field of nutricosmetics, Lorraine always makes the wellbeing of her clients a top priority.


    Want to Live Longer?

    "Die Healthy: Pursuing the Dream of Wellness and Longevity" is Lorraine Mignault's debut health book. "If you want to live well - and die healthy, then the material presented in this book should be at the top of your reading list," exclaimed Peter N. Jones, Ph.D., publisher of New Great Books. 

    As author of a life guide in beauty/health/fitness, Lorraine's readers benefit from case studies on how clients took back control of their own wellbeing based on innovation, rather than trends driven by bandwagon promises. At Positive Living, we understand that your body is not a system of separates but a whole. To treat one system while ignoring others is one of the major failings of many books, health products and services.

    Before joining any of our lifestyle programs, we encourage potential clients to read the book. They will often find themselves in it. Die Healthy contains multiple case studies - and people often say "that was me" upon reading the book.

    Die Healthy is an excellent resource on alternative medicine for educators, health professionals, and laypersons aspiring to transform people's total wellbeing. My dream for each person is that they seize the opportunity to nurture their life in a sustainable way. From experience, I am certain that this is not happening with most people.

    READ more... GET FREE Download at


    Look Younger - Naturally

    As an inventor, designer of lifestyle programs and presenter, Lorraine Mignault values imagination. Knowing that it fuels inspiration, she understands the significance of creativity and innovation in people's daily lives. These principles are key factors in designing wellness themes for conferences, lifestyle programs and special events, including programs over the telephone worldwide.

    Most potential clients take this to heart -recognizing the need for change when they contact Lorraine. They are very desperate; having tried everything in conventional and alternative medicine. Nothing has worked for them. The following case studies will assist you in your discovery.


    Struggle with Tiredness?   Improve Health - Look Young

    Smoker, Breast Fibroids - with multiple health concerns

    This client was a smoker for over 30 years, overweight, tired all the time and stressed out. I was asked to design a lifestyle program for her as several diets and smoke-free programs had failed.

    The woman also suffered from breast fibroids for over 10 years. Changes in her breast tissue required extensive check-ups to monitor cellular changes. In fact, the client had so many lumps - you could not even count them. The appearance of her facial skin was also a concern; being sallow, very oily and with enlarged pores.

    The results were so astounding. This client became smoke-free within a week. She lost weight, and her body measurements reduced so much from chest to ankle that her new youthful curves, including her radiant skin, were attracting positive feedback from friends, family and colleagues. Her energy level soared and her stress decreased.

    And her fibroids? These completely disappeared. The health care professionals monitoring this client's condition were totally amazed at her transformation.

    Endometriosis, Fibroids - with multiple health concerns

    I often find many women go through a good part of their life with an undiagnosed thyroid condition; including diabetes. This was the case with the next client.

    Following surgery several years ago, the young woman was left overwhelmed with hormonal concerns. For years, she searched for answers to her new, ongoing health issues that were never addressed by any health professional.

    During this timeframe, a special dietary regimen was prescribed based on her blood type. However, when I assessed her food intake, I discovered that the dietary plan was actually fueling all the initial health concerns - and more.

    The client reported allergies, emotional outbursts, excess weight gain, digestive complaints, acne, hair loss, menopausal symptoms, sleepless nights - and the list went on. Feeling exhausted was a common occurrence on most days.

    A lifestyle program was designed to address the underlying health concerns, which in turn, provided balance to this woman's physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. For the first time in her life, she experienced holistic healing.

    Cancer, Diabetes - with multiple health concerns

    As mentioned in the previous case study, many people are well into diabetes before it is diagnosed. Beware of being told you are a borderline case!

    Following a stroke, this client requested that I design a lifestyle program for her. She suffered from high blood pressure for many years; and also had undergone surgery and treatment for ovarian cancer. She experienced both of these health conditions BEFORE her diabetes and related depression were ever diagnosed.

    The woman had been eating a diet of processed, junk foods for over 30 years. She was obese and suffered a stroke within a year of starting insulin injections. The client also had kidney and visual impairement. Circulation, skin health and nerve function were major concerns. She was forgetful and displayed blood sugar personality traits of irritability and grumpiness.

    Within 2 weeks of being on the lifestyle program, her condition improved so much that she was taken off insulin injections - following close monitoring by health professionals. For the first time in decades, this woman achieved vibrant health at a level unknown to her prior to her illness.

    More case studies to follow...

    In the world of beauty and health, Positive Living Inc. assists clients of all ages with effective, natural lifestyle options to be used at home, in the office, spas, health conferences or in complementary medicine.

    Whether you are seeking a book on lifestyle, a beauty and health product, a wellness program over the phone or an event speaker, all of these Positive Living Essentials will give you the value-added benefits of holistic health with Lorraine's personalized touch, for long lasting results.

    For details, to inquire or to register, please complete the Request Form on our Contact page at


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