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    If you are interested in consciously supporting yourself in your ascension, please visit my website, for a description of my many services, tools, case studies, testimonials and articles. I offer healing both in-person and over the phone/skype. If you resonate with my offering, please contact me through my website or call 613-253-2888. Feel free to sign up for my free monthly e-zine, Being the Peace; inspiration, timely insights, and practical tips and tools.


    Energy Psychotherapy, Multi-dimensional Healing

    Together, we can unravel the confusion in your concerns,

    and release the root cause of your limiting paradigms to create deep, lasting change.

    Creating order out of chaos is my natural gift & the mastery

    that I bring to our collaborations.

    Are you feeling challenged at this point in your journey on Earth? Is there a pattern you just can’t seem to let go? Are you ready to get to the root of it? It doesn’t matter whether you know what you would like to change for yourself or are unclear about the reason for the disharmony in your life, we can clarify and address any issue - especially long-standing, stubborn patterns.

    "I've never worked with anyone who can lead me right to the core of things like you can."

    Your conscious choice to deepen your relationship with your Spirit is a choice to be responsible for your part in this remarkable ascension of Earth. As you clear away old paradigms, unnecessary emotional constructs, and limiting thoughts and beliefs that occupy your energy, you liberate yourself and shout “Yes!” to claiming your birthright to be love and peace for yourself and all sentient beings.

    Reclaim your authentic power, freedom and sovereignty.

    Learn self-empowerment by developing a loving relationship with your inner wisdom.  

    What do you want to change in your life right now?

    Even if there is one thing in your life that stops you from enjoying life fully, acknowledge it. We're all human. Now and then we all need support to find our way to our truth. Be willing to honour your ability to choose and take the step toward change now.

    Change is Possible

    No matter what the issue, how complex or permanent you think things are, or where you are in your life, you can change. Always, together, our intention is to get to the core of your issues and deeply shift the causal emotions and beliefs that continue to create your undesired experiences and keep you from joy. Bringing the unconscious to your conscious, the dark to the light, we empower you with choice. The change is lasting.

    You can benefit from Transformational Counselling if:

    • You are a healing facilitator and seeking support to move forward in your ascension.
    • You are struggling to cope with a change or challenge in your life: loss, relationship, low self-esteem, career, emotional pain, troublesome thoughts, spiritual crisis, or physical illness or dis-ease, or any other issue.
    • You are searching for more meaning in your life. Despite a seemingly "good life" you feel something's missing and tell yourself you should be happier.
    • You are excited about reaching a new goal and uncovering your potential.
    • You are committed to supporting yourself in the expansion of your soul on your conscious journey.

    Offering intuitive, compassionate and confidential healing facilitation.

    Appointments is person or by phone.

    I’ve served as an intuitive energy psychotherapist for over 12 years, integrating energy psychotherapy, the very powerful theta healing, and vocal healing. When we combine my experience with your openness, in a sacred container of Divine grace, we create profound change for you.

    Unresolved issues can take control of your life.

    Are you not tired of tolerating the discomfort?

    Your soul wants to blossom.

    Will you take the next step this moment?

    Professional Training

    Email Amâeil ...     Book a Session

    I am grateful that my work has been developed on a solid foundation of Spiritual Psychotherapy, which I studied at the Transformational Arts College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, along with Spiritual Direction. Spiritual psychotherapy, otherwise known as energy psychotherapy, is more than "talk". It is a means to effect change in your energy, by relying on your inner wisdom to guide you to healing through the layers of your physical, mental, and emotional bodies so that you may live from your authentic Spirit. Often, energy work/hands on healing is used in combination with verbal exploration, and engages your non-ordinary states of consciousness, utilizing a broad range of tools and techniques: journaling, creative visualization, ritual, experiential processes, inner child work, dreams, psychosomatic focusing, meditation, divination tools and past life regression to name a few.

    I often use Theta Healing as a foundation for our exploration because it is so tangible for you to see your ego's limiting story and tnagible shifts in your consciousness, through muscle checking.  

    I've also been studying ascension and the mechanics of creation for quite a few years, and when the AoA Hieros Gamos System, became available to humanity in August of 2012, I was ready to offer it to clients. It's much more than a tool. It's a healing intelligence field that clears any energy that is affecting your spiritual-energetic blueprint from which all things manifest. This means that you have the opportunity to restore your DNA and your Lightbody/Merkaba to its original Divine design, without all the distortions.

    Over the years I have customized the way I integrate these modalities so that, within a session, we can create gentle emotional cleansing, address a vast number of beliefs, clear any type of blockage, and be very thorough in releasing the issue we are exploring, at a very core level. Any past/parallel life energies that show up as relevant to the issue will also be cleared.

    I also feel very blessed to use my voice to bring healing; this came to me as an unexpected gift in dedication to my authentic Spirit. Often, I am spontaneously guided to include vocal healing during a session. However, we can also use vocal healing as the primary modality.

    It is my years of continued inner work and my Spirit-directed life that allows for the strong intuitive guidance which leads my work with others.


    In a session with you, I draw intuitively from a variety of services and techniques, most often seamlessly integrating a combination that is most effective for your needs. Some of these services are also provided individually. Please visit for more complete descriptions of all my offerings, testimonials, and case studies.


    Intuitively guiding you on any issue, as you learn to let go of the limitations of your mind, hear your inner wisdom, find your power, and live more authentically with more choice, love and joy.


    Healing in a tremendously fast, easy, gentle and powerful manner. Clear deep-seated beliefs, heavy feelings, and stubborn patterns. Shift energies from your childhood, past generations, past lives, and soul – all at once – for lasting change. You'll feel the shift almost immediately. You'll be amazed at how simply you can let go of the past and what limits you.

    Healing with this system is profound as it works directly with your 12th-dimensional spiritual-energetic blueprint, the foundation of who you truly are as an energetic being. The AoA Hieros Gamos System is a living consciousness intelligence field that helps you deeply reclaim your sovereignty and freedom.Through resonance with the AoA Hieros Gamos System, we clear ANY energy blockages of any nature (trauma, astral body debris, limiting programs, implants and inorganic structures, miasmas, addictions, distorted stargate connections, ancestral/genetic, etc.) that are currently interfering with the ability of your physical body, subtle energy bodies and Lightbody to connect fully with Source, as originally intended and as is naturally your birthright. This tool serves anyone who is sincere in their healing, and it's especially helpful for Indigos and Starseeds who are here on Earth at this time to assist all of humanity and Earth through its spiritual evolution.

    Using intent and sounds created with my voice, including tones and harmonics, as a carrier wave of consciousness to effect vibrational change in the energy field. Free healing chants can be found on my website.

    Healing your relationship challenges whether you're moving toward a healthy, conscious relationship or a peaceful parting.

    Moving you from where you are to where you want to be.


    Shifting the emotional, mental and spiritual causes to physical pain and illness through hands-on energy healing and inquiry.

    Creating inner stillness and wellness through personalized or group instruction and practice.

    Creating a deeper communion with the desires and joys of your unique soul for a more purposeful and richer life.

    Supporting you in the exploration of your faith, and your relationship with the Divine. Often we clear old paradigms of God and religious wounds.

    Creating balance, harmony and healing on all levels through ancient Japanese hands-on healing.

    Giving you personal guidance and direction for clarity and onfirmation.

    Gaining insights to your current life contract through past life information.

    Bringing meaning and sacredness to your milestones, celebrations and everyday living

    Creating a written declaration to attract what you value and want in your life.

    Helping wholistic business owners find clarity so you can express your gifts with brilliance.

    Customized talks for non-profit, corporate or private gatherings.


    Expanding your knowledge and raising your vibration through the joy of learning.


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    Contact Information

    Email Amâeil ...     Book a Session
    Phone: 613-253-2888

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    Testimonial: Clearing with the AoA Hieros Gamos Healing Intelligence

    Feb 26, 2013
    Client: Toronto, Ontario long distance client    Conditions: sacral chakra concerns

    "I feel more relaxed and open.  I noticed a change for the better in my relationship with my boyfriend especially - there is some sort of fear that has subsided." (Toronto, via phone)

    Testimonial: Energy Psychotherapy Integrated with Theta Healing

    Feb 26, 2013
    Client: Toronto client: healing long distance by phone.    Conditions: Anxiety, physical pain

    "I've never worked with anyone who can lead me right to the core of things like you can."

    Testimonial: Clearing Emotional Eating and Relationship Issues with Theta Healing and Energy Psychotherapy

    Feb 26, 2013
    Client: Very happy long distance healing client    Conditions: emotional eating, relationship issues, low self-esteem, anger

    "I can’t fully express how grateful I am to Melinda for her professional guidance, support and emotional healing.  I am still amazed at what great strides we met in such a short period of time and how much my life has changed since our first session.  I was stuck in an unhappy relationship and dealing with issues of emotional eating and low self-worth when a friend recommended I see Melinda.  After each session I felt more confident, and happy, and was amazed at how immediate her guidance and theta healing helped alleviate my anger and create positive changes in my diet and attachment to food.

    I just have to share some experiences. Although we didn’t get too deep into my relationship issues in the very first session, Melinda knew I had a lot of hurt and anger and did some theta work on me to help release that. I didn’t really think much of it at the time.  Like most of my sessions with Melinda I ended the session feeling at peace and happy. The next morning while getting ready for work I started thinking of all the hurtful events that happened with my partner—usually this would put me in a deep depressive spiral or I would feel so angry I would want to physically hurt him.  Instead I noticed that I felt a “hot flash” in my heart chakra and then those negative thoughts were gone!  I was quite surprised at the time and stood there wondering what just happened. I felt at peace and a strange mellow calm which lasted the rest of the week.  Let’s just say after working with Melinda, I’m now a total believer in theta healing—I’m not sure what is going on but it works!

    When I was happy, stressed or depressed I would eat—usually junk food or takeout. I felt that  food was the only thing that gave me happiness in life.  I would have to eat the whole bag of chips because I wanted to “hide” the evidence, and tomorrow was going to be a “new day”. I could not believe the immediate results from the theta healing and through Melinda’s guidance!  First I noticed that I could have junk food in the house and I wouldn’t eat it all. I could actually have treats in my cupboard and they lasted all week!  This eventually stretched out into several weeks, and then I just didn’t feel that urge or desire to buy that junk food anymore!  I am now also equipped with the tools to handle my emotions when I’m upset or stressed instead of turning to food.  I’m still amazed that I can do that now!!

    Each week, through her perceptive guidance and focused attention, Melinda just kept peeling away at the layers and uncovering some unhealthy beliefs I had been carrying around for years. Each week I felt my confidence grow and old belief system crumbling.

    Thank you Melinda for all your help. I am so blessed to have met you!"

    Testimonial: Healing with Theta Healing and Energy Psychotherapy

    Feb 26, 2013
    Client: Transformation with in-person sessions    Conditions: Anxiety, limiting programs/beliefs, self-trust

    "I give great thanks to Melinda for the positive changes in my life. The theta healing methods that she used with me are a great part of that.  I feel different and know I am different since releasing old, invalid beliefs. My situations have not changed, but I have. I no longer react in the same old ways to the same degree, or at all!  Life has become easier somehow. Whereas I had been uncomfortable in some situations before, I can now very comfortably allow them to just be. I am able to process them better by witnessing them and feeling my way through them. Then I choose more appropriate ways of dealing with someone or something. In the past year, after taking classes on relaxation and meditation with Melinda, and then healing with various other services she offers, my life has changed only for the better!"

    Testimonial: Healing with Psychosomatic Focusing

    Feb 26, 2013
    Client: Relieved client    Conditions: Physical knee pain

    "Throughout my adult life, my knees often caused me severe pain, and I believed this was due to the many years I had played soccer.  A medical doctor had recommended reconstructive surgery on both knees, which entailed a six-month period of traction and intensive rehabilitation per leg.  Only upon working with Melinda did I discover that the severity of the pain was in large part psychosomatic. She astutely helped me identify the metaphor that accounted for the discomfort, and expertly guided me in uncovering the beliefs that were the root cause of the pain.  Her unparalleled assistance provided me the opportunity to reconstruct the psychology of my beliefs instead of the physicality of my knees.  The discomfort now returns only occasionally because of the accumulated physical toll of playing soccer, but the severity of the pain is gone because of the psychological weight that's been lifted away.  Melinda offered me the gift of her insights, and demonstrated the courage of her convictions in using her natural talents in the service of others.  I highly recommend her to anyone who feels discomforted in any way and who wants to improve the level of wellness in their life."

    Testimonial: Healing with Energy Psychotherapy and ThetaHealing

    Feb 26, 2013
    Client: Client that's now ready to move forward    Conditions: procrastination, lack of clarity, lack of confidence

    "I knew I needed to find a full-time job but was procrastinating and quite didn't know why. Melinda used theta healing with me in a phone session and helped me to uncover some beliefs that were blocking me and making me afraid to step into my power. We were able to get to the root belief in one session. Now I feel more at peace, lighter, calm, safer.  I have more confidence in my self and I know that nothing bad will happen to me.  This was an incredible experience.  I hear my ego that much more, especially the saboteur, but I work with it.  My awareness has heightened and so has my intuition."

    Testimonial: Healing with Soul Work and Energy Psychotherapy

    Feb 26, 2013
    Client: Very satisfied client    Conditions: struggling with decisions, honouring her soul's desires

    "Every time I have met with Melinda in person or for a phone consultation she has been professional, present, focused, and committed to the work. I recommend her with confidence to anyone who wants change in their life, who is struggling with a decision,  or who wants to hear more clearly the voice of their soul."

    Testimonial: Gratitude

    Feb 26, 2013
    Client: Client committed to her growth    Conditions: emotional pain

    "Melinda, thank you for being exactly who you are. You are someone I respect and admire, and I aspire to achieve the calmness and contentment that you project. Thank you for opening your home and your heart to me. Thank you for really listening to me and for knowing when to push and when not to. Thank you for knowing your gifts and abilities and sharing them with me. Thank you for overcoming your own pain and giving back to women that need your strength and wisdom. Thank you for acknowledging me, my story and my pain. Thank you for teaching me to breathe, to connect to myself and to forgive myself. You are a huge part of my new awareness of me and the passion in my heart."

    Testimonial: Healing with the AoA Hieros Gamos System

    Feb 26, 2013
    Client: Long distance session    Conditions: insecurity, lack of vitality and joy

    "I had a dream: all of the people were all telling me how amazing and talented I am...I felt their love and support and with that I could feel my power and confidence build, so much so that I didn't doubt myself at all.  I woke up with such a warm, peaceful feeling. That confidence in myself has been growing and deepening all week. I can feel my sparkle come back."

    Testimonial: Developing Vision and Purpose

    Feb 26, 2013
    Client: Inspired client    Conditions: clarifying vision

    "Melinda is a masterful trail-blazer - she knew all the right questions to ask and areas to explore as she led me through the development of my own vision.  Her intuition and wisdom helped me to clearly define my purpose and her enthusiasm for the work was truly inspiring."

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