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    Mary Simpson

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    We encourage people to learn Therapeutic Touch™, rather than occasionally 'receive a session'.  It is used not only within the medical model, but also within the family, enhancing a loving, compassionate environment.  Therapeutic Touch™ is learned through three 8 hr. workshops which I teach on a regular basis.  

    I also do presentations to groups and professional organizations.

    Private sessions in Therapeutic Touch™ are arranged on request.

    Please contact me at:

    Modalities: Therapeutic Touch™


    Registered Nurse - Retired


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    Therapeutic Touch™ has a background of 30 years of research and clinical practice. I have been teaching it in hospitals, hospices, colleges and privately for over 25 years and cofounded The Therapeutic Touch Network Ontario (TTNO):

    Professional Training

    I studied extensively with the Dolores Krieger, PhD,RN, and her colleague the late Dora Kunz, co-developers of Therapeutic Touch™.  For over 20 years I co-facilitated the Ontario Therapeutic Touch™ Retreat.  I am a retired Registered Nurse. My work is enhanced through many years as a yoga instructor, and in my own business "Positive Alternatives Wellness Centre" for 20 years in Brampton, where I saw clients for addiction counselling, stress management and Therapeutic Touch™.  Now I'm retired in beautiful downtown Bronte, but continue teaching of this exquisite modality.


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