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    Henze & Associates: Counselling & Care

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    Visit our website at: Henze & Associates: Counselling & Care

    Email us at:

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    Marriage, Relationship and Individual Therapists

    Marriage or life in knots? Need healing?

    Going far beyond simple Christian counselling! For more then seventeen proven years, Henze & Associates: Counselling & Care has provided sexual healing, relational transformation and intimate freedom for Calgary's seeking faith community.

    Our therapist team offers:

    * Individual & Couple Counselling
    * Marriage and Family Co-counselling (Husband and wife therapist team)
    * Communications Skills Training
    * Sexual Addictions Recovery
    * Trauma/Crisis Intervention
    * Women's Issues Treatment
    * Men's Issues Treatment
    * Spiritual Direction

    We can assist with:

    * Marriage, Love & Intimacy
    * Communication & Conflict
    * Premarital Counselling
    * Separation & Divorce
    * Infidelity & Sexual Addiction
    * Depression, Anxiety & Panic
    * Abuse, Grief & Loss
    * Infertility Issues
    * Rape Recovery
    * Body Image Issues/Self Injury 

    We are skilled in:

    * Christian Counselling
    * Family Systems Counselling
    * Infidelity & Adultery Intervention
    * Cognitive Behavioral Counselling
    * Grief Counselling
    * Traumatic Incident Reduction Counselling
    * Emotionally Focused Counselling
    * Skills Based Marriage Counselling
    * Spiritual Counselling

    The industry standard 55min is simply too short — normally we do 90min sessions (Free of extra charge) — in the uniquely discrete and personal atmosphere provided by a home office environment. 

    We assure an exceptional level of privacy and confidentiality which far exceeds industry standards and the highest level of professional Christian counselling care for individuals, relationships and intimacy. In an atmosphere completely free of shame or judgment, we simply provide the highest standard of professional care for all who seek our help.

    Contact us to know what it means to really live the fully human life of grace and freedom promised to us all.

    Henze & Associates: Counselling & Care - Come and see a new dawn!

    Connect with us!

            Ph:         (403) 819-3545
           Fax:        (403) 277-8346
    Toll Free:        1-877-922-3143

        E-Mail:    <>
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      PGP Sig:   <>

    Who is an ideal client for you?

    A Christian married couple where one or both have had an affair or are trapped in sexual addiction.

    What style of Couples Counseling/Coaching do you practice?

    I practice an eclectic blend of many types of therapy drawing on what provides the best outcomes for my clients.

    How long is a typical Couples Counseling/Coaching session?

    Our sessions are never any shorter then the industry standard 55min but we normally do 90min sessions free of extra charge. We bill by session, not by hour unless a double session is booked.

    How often do clients come for a Couples Counseling/Coaching session?

    Initially weekly, then bi-weekly with spacing gradually extended at the conclusion of therapy for purposes of maintenance.

    Where did you study Couples Counseling/Coaching

    Kings University college and Providence Theological Seminary and Graduate School.

    Why do people come to see you rather than another practitioner of Couples Counseling/Coaching?

    Results! The clients I enjoy working with the most are those where two or three other previous therapists have failed to assist them. I like solving difficult problems.

    Why do you practice Couples Counseling/Coaching?

    To give people back the choices they never thought they had and to see them come fully alive both as people and relationships.

    What are the top three conditions you treat most commonly?

    Marital issues, sexual addiction and affairs/infidelity.

    What is the most important thing you have learned from practicing Couples Counseling/Coaching?

    When two people have stood before their friends, family and God and pledged, "Till death do us part," you can't be neutral about marriage. Marriage therapy is simply not individual therapy where a practitioner can afford to be non-directive. That commitment and the children who depend on such for their emotional stability are all precious and deserve every effort to protect them. 

    Professional Training

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    All therapists are Registered Christian Counsellors, Certified Professional Counsellors, hold Masters degree in Counselling and/or Psychology and carry professional liability coverage under an affiliated insurer.


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    Contact Information

    Email Henze     Book a Session
    Phone: 403-819-3545

    Client Reviews

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    Review:     Excellent Individual and Marriage Counsellor

    Aug 07, 2017 By: Anonymous    
    Conditions: Infideliy and Depression

    This guy really gets it. He was there for us during the darkest moments of our marriage and saw us through til we weren't just back together again, but happy with all aspects of our selves and our relationship. For me personally, Cal helped me through my own dark period as well, including hospitalization for suicidal intent. He was with me every step of the way, and knew just what I needed, at precisely the right times.

    He's quirky, funny, comforting and, most importantly, not interested in bandaids. If you're looking for a quick fix, he'll do it for you if you ask, free of added judgement. But in my experience, his specialty is healing.

    Yes, he's a registered psychologist with the accompanying rates. But as with many things in life, you get what you pay for, and Cal's wide knowledge and interest base, incredibly accurate insight and advice was worth every penny.


    Home City

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Practice Locations

    Braeside, Calgary, AB T2W, Canada

    Driving Instructions