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    Rachelle Delorey

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    My name is Rachelle Delorey and for the last 10 years is when I awoke to spirituality and found out there is so much out there and so much we need to release in our lives, move on from the past that is holding us back.  I have taken many modalities and this has came in really handy as we see so many clients, we are able at a glance and from speaking to them and a deep knowing what they need in an instant.   I have learnt from an amazing teacher Dr, Sharon Forrest for a 2 week intensive, Results Guaranteed.  What a life changing and being able to share that with my clients worldwide.  It is very humbling and so rewarding to see people's lives change right before your eyes. 

    All the modalities I have learned have changed my life and many others, that is what matters.  To enjoy our lives at a very deep level.

    Professional Training

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    Reiki Grand Master Teacher/Practitioner

    Certified IIN Health Coach

    Body Code Practitioner

    Emotion Code Practitioner

    CCMBA Complete Cellular Memory Body Alignment Teacher/Practitioner

    The Black Pearl Teacher/Practitioner

    PNSS Pre Natal Suffocation Syndrome Teacher/Practitioner

    Healing Touch Practitioner

    Healing Parthways Practitioner

    Brazalian Toe Technique

    Hip & Leg Realignment

    Talus Technique to release the effects of Trauma

    C-7 Vibrational Alignment Therapy - Mini CCMBA

    Clearing & Releasing Blocked Electrical Energies in the Body

    Bach Flower, Flower Essences and their Emotional Connections

    Emotional Liposuction

    Free Yourself from Past Challenges Through Forgiveness

    Inner Child Rescue

    Anger Management

    It Works


    It Works Express

    M.M.G.G.R.H. Morphogenetic Multi-Genealogical Release and Healing

    E.P.C. Etheric Plane Communication

    Psychocellular Communication

    Past LifeRegression Therapy

    Soul Retrieval 

    Soul Path Clearing


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    Testimonial: Huge Change in

    Mar 25, 2017
    Client: Theresa D New Brunswick    Conditions: Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Spinal Stenosis

    "I had been suffering for 25 years with Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, and a few years ago with Spinal Stenosis, and emotional issues.  I was introduced to Rachelle's practice by a loved one.  She worked on me (I call it her magic), via long distance (proxy) as we live 9 provinces apart.  The pain I had was very debilitating and on going each and every day.

     Since Rachelle has been working on me, I can  honestly say the pain level has been reduced by 75%.  I am no longer in need of many pain meds.  I can walk further than before, and enjoy activities which were impossible before.

    When asked I have to think whether I have pain or not.  The muscle spasms have almost completely stopped.  She uncovered emotional issues that were put on the back burner for years.  It seems like a thousand pounds have been lifted from my shoulders.  

    Sometimes we are not even aware of our own issues, until they are uncovered.  I would highly recommend Rachelle and this is what this Angel has done for me."

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    Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

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    Prince George, BC, Canada
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