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    Melody Larson

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    Grab your FREE report! Instant PDF download. 100 Holistic Tips for Living Well. Get started on road to wellness today. 10 tips for 10 life areas, 4 weeks of follow-up email support, and a free subcription to Well & Awake's monthy newsletter.

    Or, stop by Well & Awake to check out my free blog, free recipes, free media, and ebooks. Let your body be well; let your true being awaken! 


    Natural Weight Loss & Spiritual Wellness Coach


    Well & Awake offers a blog, free vegan and raw food recipes, ebooks for under $3 each, and other free materials to help you eat healthy effortlessly, lose weight naturally, live in your body joyfully, and awaken your true self fully. At the core of Well & Awake’s mission is my belief that your wellness journey is really your pathway to a life of joy, empowerment, fulfillment and freedom.

    Well & Awake takes a holistic, natural and spiritual approach to wellness, combining intention work & law of attraction, energy healing, and plant-based nutrition.   


    I founded Well & Awake as a result of my own 20 year struggle to lose weight, eat healthy & love my body. Long before I became a wellness educator, spiritual teacher, and best-selling author, I was just a messed up girl from a messed up working class family. 

    I personally know what it's like to be stuck in negative beliefs and habits that hold you back from being healthy, happy & whole. I also know what it's like to overcome those beliefs and habits and live a life of true wellness, freedom, worthiness & joy.

    For the first half of my adult life, I suffered from a compulsive eating disorder, low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression; all the result of a pretty traumatic childhood in a violent, alcoholic household. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

    I’ve learned that our story shapes our greatest desires and even our higher purpose. For this reason, I share my weight loss story as well as my professional & personal background on my website.


    • FREE Report, 100 Holistic Tips for Living Well  + monthly newsletter subscription
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    Professional Training

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    Certified Holistic Life Coach

    Certified Awakening Facilitator

    Certified Level I BodyMind Nutrition

    Graduate Raw Food Nutrition Program

    Master's degree in adult education

    Over 20 years of teaching, training & coaching experience


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