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    My passion is connecting with others on their journey for well being.  My clientele base is largely women, often mothers, who strive to hold their health and well being as a priority. Keeping their individual needs balanced helps women to meet and maintain their needs and those of their family. As a mother myself, I know the value of taking care of my physical, mental and emotional needs in order to meet the demands of both my personal and family life.

    As a Jikiden Reiki Teacher I offer an ongoing class schedule and support for students to ensure their confidence in their practise of Reiki. Please contact me for upcoming classes. All students are registered with the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto, Japan.

    As a Reflexology Facilitator I offer workshops which are designed to help you begin to use Reflexology for your personal use only - not a certification level.  Please contact me for upcoming workshops.

    As a Practitioner of Jikiden Reiki & Reflexology sessions are offered in my residential studio from Tues. - Fri.  10am - 4pm. Please use the orange BOOK A SESSION tab above to request an appointment or call (778)808-9830. If you require an evening appointment this can be arranged.

    I offer a free monthly practise group for all level Jikiden Reiki students - 3rd Wednesday monthly.

    I offer a free monthly Hatsurei-ho meditation (radiating reiki technique) - 1st Wednesday monthly.

    Please visit my face book page where you will find valuable information regarding Jikiden Reiki and Reflexology.

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    What style of Reiki do you practice?

    I teach and practise Jikiden Reiki.

    Chiyoko Yamaguchi, who had learned Reiki from one of the teachers trained by Usui Sensei, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, and her son Tadao decided to pass on what they had learned from Dr. Hayashi after they had met with many Western Reiki practitioners and realised how much the practice had changed, with so many new elements having come in that orginally had nothing to do with Reiki practice, and with notions that they considered fundamental to Reiki practice either not known at all or marginalised. Chiyoko & Tadao Yamaguchi - Founded Jikiden Reiki Institute.

    Why do you practice Reiki?

    Firstly, to take personal repsonsibility for my own health and well being by being able to treat myself daily with Reiki.

    Secondly, to help my family with their health and well being by being a Reiki provider for them.

    Thirdly, as a professional to share the benefits of a Reiki treatment with those in need of support to aid their body in its healing.

    I teach Jikiden Reiki to show others, first hand, how Reiki is as an effective home remedy.  When there is one person in the home who is a Reiki provider there is less need to rely on an outside source (tylenol, digestive aids, sleeping aids, etc.) for health.  Treating a headache can be as simple as placing the hands upon the head for 20 mins., which is the same amount of time that it takes for tylenol to have an affect. Using Reiki supports our bodies natural healing system and flushes toxins out of the body.

    What is your Reiki Lineage?










    Why do people come to see you rather than another practitioner of Reiki?

    It has been my clients feedback that I provide a safe atmosphere enabling a sense of peace and calm. I genuinely care about the individual who has come to receive or learn Reiki.

    I am dedicated to my passion for my lifetime continuing to learn and share.

    Professional Training

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    I am a certified Shihan kaku (teacher) with the Jikiden Reiki Association, Kyoto Japan

    I have trained at the Pacific Institute of Reflexology, Vancouver, BC


    Member Since: Aug 24, 2013 Last Activity: Mar 25, 2015

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    Phone: (778)808-9830

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    Review:     Therapeutic Calming Experience

    Aug 27, 2013 By: Anonymous    
    Conditions: shoulder / back pain / severe stress

    I was very skeptical in the beginning if I will feel anything from Reiki session.

    However, the session with Maureen took a dramatic turn with my body responding to her Reiki hands.  ( not sure if that is the right terminology)

    It's highly therapeautic.  Maureen not only physically but mentally relaxes you and re-direct your physical and mental states for a healthy and positive direction.

    Plus Maureen's personality helps you to be at ease.  She's a very compassionate practitioner.

    I highly recommend to try Reiki with Maureen

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    Maureen Cardoso says:

    Thank you for sharing your review!

    With gratitude,


    Review:     Ongoing Opportunities

    Aug 27, 2013 By: Joanne    

    As a Jikiden Reiki practitioner myself, I have been very grateful to be part of Maureen's circle of friends.  Maureen has taken the time and care to offer ongoing occasions to her students and Jikiden Reiki friends to practice Reiki and meditation.  Her wellness room is very peaceful and suitable for group work as well as for individual sessions. As a happy recipient of Maureen's reflexology treatments, I truly appreciated the pampering, relaxing experience that I received. I highly recommend Maureen's wellness sessions either for oneself or as a gift certificate for someone else.  

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    Maureen Cardoso says:

    Thank you, Joanne!

    It's my pleasure to facilitate our practise/meditation groups and support all students no matter the Jikiden Reiki teacher they originally learned with. 


    Review:     Highly Recommended Practitioner

    Aug 27, 2013 By: Anonymous    
    Conditions: n/a

    I was fortunate enough to find myself in some of the same seminars as Maureen while training as a Jikiden Reiki practitioner and teacher myself.  You could not ask for a more dedicated professional.  Maureen cares deeply about her clients and her students, and has created a perfect sanctuary for Reiki and Reflexology sessions, as well as a great space for teaching classes.  Maureen is also a generous colleague, and has no hesitation in sharing anything she feels may benefit us in our own practices.  As someone who has attended some of her practice groups I have personally benefited from her abilities and would recommend her to anyone wishing to try Reiki or to learn it.  You will not only leave with a smile on your face (she has a great sense of humor!) you will have found a new friend!

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    Maureen Cardoso says:

    Thank you for the very kind feedback, it is greatly appreciated!


    Review:     Intuitive Healer

    Aug 28, 2013 By: Patrick Galasso    
    Conditions: Back discomfort

    I highly recommend Maureen Cardoso. Maureen takes a grounded, down to earth approach to her interaction with her clients that I particularly appreciate. I am not looking for too esoteric of a practitioner; my interest is in someone who has practical knowledge first and foremost.  I was impressed with Maureen's blend of intuition when it comes to healing and her knowledge of physiology and anatomy.  I've turned to Maureen for back discomfort and other issues, always with excellent results. Add to her natural care-giving ability a warm, sensitive and caring individual and you get a truly gifted healer. 

    Review:     Excellent Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, and Reflexologist ! You Must Meet Her !

    Aug 28, 2013 By: Mari Okazaki    

    I highly recommend everyone to experience Maureen's gifts of reflexology, Jikiden Reiki sessions and classes !  I know her personally from different point of view as a client of her Reflexology and Reiki session, as a co-worker of a Jikiden Reiki practitioner/teacher, as a person who taught her Jikiden Reiki, and also as a friend. From all these different point of view, I would like many people to meet Maureen and experience any of her gifts!  Once you experience her joyful energy and her healing session, you will be forever grateful to have her in your life ! 

    Mari Okazaki, Jikiden Reiki teacher / practitioner

    Review:     Caring, Knowledgeable Practitioner

    Sep 14, 2013 By: Sherry    
    Conditions: Chronic Migraine

    In February 2011, I began receiving reflexology treatments from Maureen Cardoso of Sole to Soul Holistics. I have suffered from chronic migraines for many years and wanted to try a more holistic all-over body treatment. During my sessions, Maureen always makes me feel comfortable and has a very professional and calming nature. Her treatment area is relaxing and her use of music and aromatherapy is very soothing and peaceful.

    While receiving reflexology treatments, Maureen and I began discussing the benefits of Jikiden Reiki as another holistic avenue for me to pursue. Maureen is passionate about her practice and this comes through in the way she shares her knowledge and experience of Reiki. I subsequently received reflexology and/or reiki treatments during my regular visits.

    In July 2011, my husband received a serious concussion and I asked Maureen to provide a few treatments for him. He found considerable relief for his headache and ear ringing symptoms so Maureen suggested that I should learn Reiki so that I could provide daily treatments for him as well as continue to help myself.

    I have since received my Jikiden Reiki training and have continued to attend reiki share and meditation sessions with Maureen who subsequently became a Shihankaku (teacher). Maureen continues to be a mentor and practitioner for me and I would highly recommend her.

    Review:     Excellent at Her Job!!

    May 26, 2014 By: Brenda Janzen    
    Conditions: I'm on my feet all day so lots of over use!

    Maureen is a very kind spirit. You feel that as soon as you meet her. That definetly comes through when she works on your body. I felt such a positive energy. She made me feel totally relaxed as it the first time I had reflexology on my feet.

    The room is very comfortable, a very nice set up. I felt safe there and she listened to me as I poured out lots of emotions. Apparently that is common when you have your feet worked on.

    She also talked about the area she was working on and explained a lot of different things that I didn't know.

    The time there just flew by and I was sad when she was finished. I definetley will go back for more sessions and am going to buy a package of sessions for myself and my husband to enjoy.

    I felt so relaxed and happy when I was done!

    Thanks for the great service you provide!!

    Testimonials are written by a practitioner on behalf of their client, whereas 'client reviews' are written by the clients themselves.


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    Testimonial: Reiki and Anxiety

    Oct 28, 2014
    Client: Justine    Conditions: Relief of Anxiety with Reiki treatment

    I see Maureen from time to time for reflexology but I have only done reiki a handful of times. During a conversation of some major changes which were taking place Maureen reached out to me. She offered to do reiki for me for 4 weeks once a week to see if it would help my, at times, crippling anxiety. Without hesitation I agreed. This is my experience through the 4 weeks and how reiki has helped me through my anxiety. 

    In week one the circumstances around my anxiety were mainly work related. With my previous boss leaving and a new one being named it was a lot to handle. I was having trouble concentrating and falling asleep at night. I just felt like I couldn't shut my mind off. After my first session I felt emotional, in a good way. Like all my stress and anxiety was being released from my body involuntarily. I was able to fall asleep much better that week and felt like I could let my body relax. I still had overall anxiety and concentrated anxiety towards specific events, but overall my stress level had gone down significantly. 

    In week two I got news of a late friends passing. The circumstances around it were especially hard and I would have break downs out of no where. I felt overwhelmingly sad and it was a very depressing week for me. This week with my reiki treatment I was especially emotional after. Not so much tears, but my whole being felt emotional and exhausted. The release that reiki gave me was phenomenal. It is almost like the hands being on my body were pulling out all of the negative and emotional aspects from my current circumstance. I felt more clarity, I felt more calmness. I felt sad for the passing of a friend but at the same time I felt peace. Again this week my sleep pattern was much better and my mind felt more at ease.

    In week three I had a rough week with a co worker. Someone who treated me badly without an reason and refused to talk to me about it. I am a person who likes to communicate and the lack of communication with this person was eating me up inside. The more stressed out I get the more my body reacts to it negatively. I could feel my back starting to come on and it eventually started to get worse and worse. Of course I couldn't get into physio when I needed it most. It was almost like I could feel my need for reiki growing stronger and stronger. I started to desire the calmness and sense of completeness that I felt after receiving my treatment. Again I felt the lessening of stress. There is something about the calmness of the environment and the hands of the person working on you that is almost indescribable. Maureen is such a whole person, full of passion for life and a true desire to help people. She radiates this right down to her core. I have no doubt in my mind that this is a huge determining factor in the effectiveness of reiki that Maureen provided me with. 

    In week four things were going quite smoothly. I felt my anxiety had lessened tremendously and I was able to have a clearer vision of things. Small things bothered me less and if my anxiety was present it seemed much more manageable. My back pain had gotten way better and I felt like I had more energy to be more active. I felt more personal contentment. My stress level had gone down to almost nothing. 

    After the four weeks the first thing I really felt was gratefulness and gratitude towards Maureen. This four week study helped me in more ways than I knew possible. Reflecting back on this journey I really realize the full benefits of receiving reiki not only for myself but also for Maureen. We have talked before about how it affects her when someone has such an absorbance to the benefits of reiki. I can see it in her face how genuine she is and how other peoples successes with their treatments are truly her successes too. I am very happy in knowing that this is in fact something that works for me when I am struggling with anxiety. Sometimes it feels like there is no escape and this was truly an eye opener for me. I look forward to more sessions and the experience as a whole when I am there. You are truly a blessing Maureen. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. 


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