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    Thanks for visiting my profile. If you are interesting in contacting me to discuss individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, or to book a session, please see my website for more information: Downtown Therapy, or feel free to email me at . Alternately, you can call me at 416.873.7828.

    Best regards,

    - Matt

    Modalities: Psychotherapy, Counselling


    Registered Psychotherapist


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    I'm a Registered Psychotherapist (CPRO #002121) with a private practice in downtown Toronto.

    There are a host of things which can create problems for us. Some of these things have names: depression, anxiety, grief, stress. Sometimes they are events: job loss, interpersonal conflict.

    So what do you do if you are not feeling well?

    You can work with a therapist, like me, and begin to understand what lies behind these feelings. In a safe, comfortable, and private environment we can focus on the aspects of your life which conspire to disconnect you from yourself and the outside world.

    I am currently taking appointments for individuals and couples. I am LGBTQ-friendly, and I'm happy to work with people of all backgrounds.

    What style of Psychotherapy do you practice?

    I am trained in what is called Relational Psychotherapy. This is a client-centered approach which emphasizes and explores our relationships with others:

    • as a key to discovering what's happening inside of us.

    • as a template we often use to define ourselves.

    This is a progressive, and evolving, approach which incorporates intersubjectivist and self-psychological perspectives. It is pro-feminist, pro-LGBTQ, pro-everyone.

    Therapy, regardless of modality, is an important way to work through your thoughts, patterns of behaviour; to dig as deep as you want in a two-person environment where free communication is always encouraged.

    This is real therapy.

    How long is a typical Psychotherapy session?

    The standard length of a session is 50 minutes. Included in the session fee (though perhaps not visible to the client) are the notes I take after each session.

    For couples, sessions are 60 minues in length.

    I can offer longer, customized sessions by request (priced accordingly).

    Is Psychotherapy covered by any insurance or extended medical coverage in your area? If so, which?

    This really depends on your company's health benefits coverage. Please consult your documentation before booking a session under the assumption that it will be covered.

    Where did you study Psychotherapy

    The Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy.

    Do you see individuals, couples? Both?

    I am happy to book appointments with individuals as well as couples seeking a therapist.

    Have you yourself been in therapy?

    Yes, I have, and I'm happy to admit this. As a condition of my training program, it was mandatory for me to be in weekly therapy for over two years.

    I believe strongly that anyone who practices psychotherapy should understand what it's like to be on the other side of the therapist's chair.

    Professional Training

    I am a graduate of the Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy (DipTIRP) and have recently been accepted as a member of the newly-formed College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO).

    I don't believe that any therapist's training is ever complete. To this end, I continue to attend seminars and research new ideas so that I can ultimately share them with my clients (when and where applicable).


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    Phone: 416-873-7828

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    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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    Matt Cahill, Registered Psychotherapist

    260 Spadina Ave #210, Toronto, ON M5T, Canada
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