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    Magdalena Winkler

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    Hi and Welcome to my information site. My vocation as a Earthling is helping others to transform they life's much easier and faster, to live life in more awaken state of consciousness and a open heart .Share what I learned being in the wellness field for 20 years.To save time and be able to reach more audience from comfort of they home, my wok is mostly done online thankfully because of the technology. One on one or group coaching, personal development, classes or any other information can be over the phone ,skype or conference calls. Looking forward to meet you , share my knowledge and help you create your era and a new pradigm !

    Online coaching reg:

    Conscious living!



    Transformational Life Coach

    Magdalena Winkler is in health and wellness field for 20 years . Dedicated to personal growth and development, global transformation and information highway to new paradigm community. Encouraging other to get involved consciously to birth they own new reality !Using her own capacity for international platform since speaking English,German, Hungarian, Serbia-Croatian. Life coaching and energetic signature of birth chart are just  tools to support the uniqueness of the individual. Blending east and west philosophy helps to integrate aspects of our self more as a whole. Holistic approach is working with all aspects of our self creating balanced relationships. By ignoring or not willing to integrate some painful parts they end up playing out in the world as unconscious fragment. The whole process is happening here and now not somewhere out there. The more we work and heal those aspects the more we free our own body and open for new possibilities. Breaking the feedback loop and  stop recreating over and over the lesson until we integrate then so we can move to new experiences. The enlightenment is happening here and for everybody. Removing the demystification that in order to be spiritual and enlightened you have to work. We as people are amazing beings we just forgot about. Through lifetimes and many experiences  that traumatized human emotions we shut down. To allow to feel  again it would open those envelops and we would have to feel again what happen to us. Fear is blocking and not allowing us to be hort again. At the same time our heart is shut down . Now we have a choices : we can open , feel the wounds and heal and be able to move into new height's or we will unconsciously repeat over and over those traumas. The choice is our. Bring awareness and awake our hearts to compassionate harmonious living. Steps worth to take...Dare to Dream again !    

    What style of Holistic Health do you practice?

    There is no right or wrong way of doing it . I am a individual who wants to know and I do huge amount of research. My own personal evolution is going on already for over 20 years and every day I am learning something new. What I found that my body is a reflection what is going on in my heart and my mind . Awakening of  human consciousness is a huge part of my own journey but I can't say to somebody you have to do the same trip. That is my journey, what I can do is to share so the information can help to ignite the spark in somebody ells. I always say I have to meet the person on they level of conscious awareness and from there move forward in a way that is in best interest for that individual.

    Describe your office or treatment room:

    I am doing online sessions so the preparation is trough questionnaire. When I meet the client they get a sheet with questions so we can establish where they are now ,what they want to work with and where they want to go.The process will depend how fast they can move trough they own obstacles and old beliefs. For hat reason I like to add energetic signature ,which is the blue print of the birth chart. Life happens in cycles and recognizing the pattern we can see the repetition. I found our hearts are so full of traumas and our emotions do not trust our intellect .Establishing the relationship between the two will allow miracles.

    How long is a typical Holistic Health session?

    The online Life Coaching has different options : one on one session, group session or online classes . Can be 60 minute , monthly or as long the client prefer they want to continue .Since it is a personal journey this is a process not a destination

    Who is an ideal client for you?

    Ideal clients for me are individuals who try ed many different avenues and hit the road blocks . This is not a intellectual trip where you write the goal and run for it .When we understand that the heart is the architect and the mind is the builder the game changes I may not be a practitioner for everybody but I like to work with individuals who are not afraid to ask the right question to cut trough the stagnation or blockage. Why so many are failing is of fear to ask the right question . So the first question from me will be are you ready to face yourself ? the way the individual is willing or capable (according where they are) to participate will impact the outcome. That is what I mean when I say save yourself time and money!   


    What are your most cherished experiences working with Holistic Health

     The most rewarding experience working in holistic health is seeing the progress my clients are making . I had many of them in 20 years, but the most amazing experience was in the beginning of my professional life when my client packed her stuff, sold the house and moved all in 8 weeks. We started with a massage ,then reflexology, then increased to double session with feet, hands and ear reflexology and aligning her heart desire .She was so in the alignment we could hardly watch the speed everything was moving...she just had to show up and be carried by that wave ....  


    Professional Training

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    My first step into transformation started with my own breakdown and was introduced to Reflexology in Germany. Later as I moved to USA I graduated in massage, Reiki, energy work , personal development and leadership, life coaching , developed my own  intuitive astrology to understand  vibrations and what, are they teaching us. Facilitating online teleclasess.


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