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    Visit my website - there you'll see who I am, and how I help you.

    Then, send me an email at  and I'll respond quickly, or call me at 705-415-2689 and leave a message. (I'll return your call between sessions.)

    I'm looking forward to meeting you!

    I also INVITE YOU to discover:

    Human Design 

    Feng Shui & Space Clearing 

    Ancient Amulets

    Make Healing Your Business

    Red Tent Ontario


    Reiki Master

    If you have a physical, mental or emotional challenge, I can help you overcome it by showing you a new perspective - opening a doorway to new possibilities.

    I'll help you find the solution to your issues within yourself by taking various approaches designed to lead you to the answers.

    Clients have expressed immense gratitude for the feeling of being 'unburdened', a feeling that 'the door has finally opened', of 'becoming optimistic again' because life is again on track.

    If you're ready to look within and tap into your own inner strength to find the answers you seek, then let's work together to create the life you want.


    You'll feel better, just give me a call or send an email...

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    What are the top three conditions you treat most commonly?

    Stress, Anxiety and Depression

    What should I know about choosing a Reiki practitioner?

    Your instincts will help you select the practitioner that's right for you when you need one.  If you feel a connection and get a sense of trust then proceed.  Healing can only occur when you trust the practitioner and the process.  Even a Reiki Master certification does not guarantee a good fit.  Word-of-mouth recommendations are a very good place to start.

    I'm known as 'THE HEALER'S HEALER' as many of my clients are healers themselves.  They know how to follow their gut instinct.

    I share my wisdom in a Canadian Documentary called THE WELLNESS STORY as their featured Reiki Master and you can watch videos posted on my YouTube channel from my local TV appearances.

    Why do people come to see you rather than another practitioner of Reiki?

    In my many years experience as an energy healer, I bring wisdom and knowing of what people need in a healing session. My 'higher self' communicates with your 'higher self' so it's always exactly what you need.

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    What style of Reiki do you practice?

    Trained in Usui Shiki Ryoho, however, each session is unique to whatever is required and spirit guides us to incorporate whatever methods are appropriate to each session.  An Energy Healing Session can incorporate chakra balancing, crystal healing, axiatonal re-alignment, readings and/or shamanic practices.  It's always perfect. More info

    Do you integrate Reiki with other healing modalities?

    All the time.  Reiki energy works beautifully alongside other modalities that are designed to get you where you need to go.

    Describe your office or treatment room:

    Here is my healing room

    What are your most cherished experiences working with Reiki

    Assisting a young man in his transition to the other side.  

    Challenged with leukemia, he came for regular reiki sessions in his last months, weeks and days.  The sessions empowered him, allowed him to reconcile 'unfinished business', and gave him smooth, peaceful transition.  

    His last session was beautiful (he & I knew it would be the last) and he crossed over that night.  His family asked that I speak about our work together at his funeral - such a great honour!  I shall always treasure the experience.

    Who were your best teachers?

    My clients and students are my best teachers.  

    Every healing session is an opportunity to learn.  

    Every question asked in class either challenges or confirms what I know

    Do you practice or teach Reiki?

    Both.  I'm a Reiki Master and I teach an introduction to Reiki - Level One - so you can start using reiki on yourself and others ... Level Two strengthens the reiki energy and teaches how to practice distance healing ... and Reiki Level Three Master/Teacher is taught when you are ready to pass on Reiki attunements to others.  More info

    What is the most important thing you have learned from practicing Reiki?

    That I'm not healing you....YOU are healing yourself.

    I provide the safe, supportive, loving environment in which you are empowered to do your own healing.  I'm the bridge to your healed self.

    How often do clients come for a Reiki session?

    Until we start working together, we cannot know how many sessions may be needed to heal an issue.  Issues often have 'layers' and I've found that regular sessions - a week or two apart - can help you in two main ways

    1.  You'll notice your shift into wellness more clearly

    2.  We can build on where we left off so that the healing process is expedited

    Often times we don't notice that we are actually healing unless we make the time to share a review of life after receiving healing.  Given the opportunity to share your experiences, you'll hear for yourself how far you've come along your healing path.

    Professional Training

    Reiki Master/Teacher

    Axiatonal Re-Alignment Practitioner & Teacher

    Chakra Healing Pratitioner & Teacher

    Human Design Counsellor

    Munay-Ki Instructor

    Hot stone Therapist

    Past Life Regressionist

    'Safe Talk' suicide counsel


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    Phone: 705 415 2689

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    Review:     Life Affirming and Changing at the Same Time

    Feb 05, 2013 By: Audrey Frawley    

    By reading and feeling my Human Design that Debra created for me, I realize that the new path I'm on in my life appears to be in beautiful alignment with my authentic self.  It has been such a strange and wondrous path, yet unfamiliar and unknown, but it is evident that it is the correct path, and so many of my fears have abated in reading, with my own eyes and heart, things I had suspected for so long.

    The impact that Debra's Human Design has had on me is already profound and I cannot wait to see how more profound and delightful my journey will be as I use my Human Design to continue and grow more into my authentic self.

    Thank you so much Debra!

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    Debra Jones says:

    Thank YOU for sharing your story so that others may benefit.  

    Human Design is truly a GIFT to humanity, and I am honoured to share it.


    Debra Jones

    Testimonials are written by a practitioner on behalf of their client, whereas 'client reviews' are written by the clients themselves.


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    Testimonial: A Healer's Healer: Testimonials from Other Healers...

    Jan 22, 2013
    Client: BW   

    'I have met many professional healers in my life with wonderful results and I revere the relationship between healer and client. I have practiced and I have experienced the joy of these connections some more than others.

    My highest accolade has been "I recommend Debra not just as a healer but as a mentor and a "Healer's Healer". That really says it all. Thank you Debra.' BW - Orangeville

    'There are many who inspire us to hope for magic...

    But only a special person like you can make me believe in it.

    Thank you for sharing your gifts with me!  You are a "Great" Teacher and I love learning from you.

    Also, thank you for your warm smile & encouraging words.  I am very grateful to have you be a part of my journey! AS - Caledon

    Testimonial: Helping People Find Clarity & Purpose...

    Jan 22, 2013
    Client: SB   

    'Debra Jones is a Teacher and Healer. Through axiatonal re-alignment, Debra was able to put me back on track and open my eyes to my truths.

    Her ability to connect with me through my spiritual journey was nothing short of miraculous. I can attest to her good works and the trust she offered me in order to believe that I could "run" down my life path toward love, faith and hope. 

    Thank you Debra ! I pray you continue to nurse injured and hurting souls from the blessings and gifts you have been given, for many, many years to come.' SB - Shelburne 

    'I feel really sure-footed about my goals.... What you gave me was another awareness and understanding as to why I feel I must also be ready and to stay on the path I've chosen and not through the destructive ego, but through something much, much bigger; the truth, the true knowledge.... The awareness that you gave me has given me affirmation about what & why I am now making the choices I'm making, and to stay on the path.  That tiny little positive voice is softly and firmly whispering in my ear..."hang on to your values, don't give up, don't sell out to other pain bodies." Thanks again.' CR - Toronto

    Testimonial: Assisting End of Life Transition...

    Jan 22, 2013
    Client: GG    Conditions: Leukemia

    'He felt very supported by the positive energy that you generated together.  You are a special and talented woman and we are happy our paths have connected.  Blessings!' GG - Shelburne

    Home City

    Horning's Mills, Ontario, Canada

    Practice Locations

    Debra Jones Natural Healing

    605151 River Rd, Horning's Mills, ON L0N 1J0, Canada
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