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    phone:  604-849-1351

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    My passion is to assit others on their path to wholeness and health, which I find much happiness and fulfillment being of service.

    I am certified Bodytalk Practioner, Certified Bodytalk Access Trainer,Reiki Master/Teacher, bio-energy healer

    In 1994  I took my Reiki Level 1, then in 1999 became a Reiki Master/Teacher. My journey continued and I came across Bodytalk in 2002 ,became a Certtifed Bodytalk practitoner in 2004.

    In 2008 I became a Bodytalk Access Trainer

    Everyone is welcome...


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    What style of Reiki do you practice?

    I practice and teach the Usui style of reiki.

    Why do you practice Reiki?

    I took my reiki level 1 in 1994 and i loved the feel of reiki.I use it on myself everday before I fall asleep.I feel it really helps me to keep my body in balance. I love sharing and being of service to others...

    Describe a typical Reiki session:

    The client comes in for an hour session, we chat for a while and fill out a heallth and well being form.I invite them to lay down on the massage bed and I invoke the reiki healing energy. I scan their energy to see where  any imbalance are in the body or enrgy bodies, then dpending on the client I place my hands on their body or just above.The reiki energy does it healing work through moving energy imbalances in the body and aura.Itis very safe, supportive non- invasive and gentle the reiki energy.

    What are the benefits/results people see from Reiki?

    The benefits are so vast from receiving reiki.The reiki energy assists in reducing stress in the body, mind and spirit.It is beneficial and complementary to traditional means of western medicine, especially poeplele going through health challenges such a cancer,m.s, seizures, allergies, stress issues,anxiety, heart issues,sport injuries. Clients feel relaxed more centred and balnaced and feel a peace and calmness and well as a improvements in their health.

    What is Bodytalk?

    The body has a natural ability to heal, Bodytalk optimises the bodys own ability to heal..

    Bodytalk is a combination of chiropractic, osteopathic, vedic ,chinese medicine and western medicine principles, it is a state of the art form of alternative health care

    It is simple, safe and non-invasive and results are often seen quickly. Bodytalk addresses the root causes behind imbalances in the body and assists the body in  aiding its own healing ability to optimal health and well-being.

    The philosophy behind Bodytalk is the body has the ability to heal itself and by connecting to the body’s own innate healing ability . It is a truly holistic approach to healing. Bodytalk addresses a variety of symptoms and imbalances in the body.

    Describe a typical Bodytalk session

    When you arrive for your first session you will be asked to fill out confidential health and well-being forms whereby you can list any health concerns such as stress, injuries, anxiety and  your medical history. This allows the Bodytalk Practitioner to see what are the main areas of concern and to discuss the goals of the Bodytalk treatments.

    During the Bodytalk session the client will remain fully clothed on a comfortable massage table,the Bodytalk practitioner then connects to the client’s innate healing wisdom through muscle testing and discovers where the imbalances are in your body, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. The Bodytalk is able to resynchronize your body so that you are able to experience optimal health and well-being.

    The bodytalk session is an hour long.

    What are the benefits and results from Bodytalk?

    Bodytalk is a very safe, effective non-invasive form of energy medicine , that allows your body to regain balance and optimal health.

    Bodytalk is very effective for stress, exhaustion, burnout.  Some of the techniques used, help balance the bodies reaction to stress and normalize stress thresholds.This assists the body’s ability to regain and restore health.           

    Sports injuries respond very well to Bodytalk. I worked with a client, who was playing for a national sports team, he had a back injury. He was concerned that he would not be able to play, but after 3 sessions, he was able to fully participate in the game.

    Bodytalk is wonderful for working with emotional issues, breaking patterns and belief systems, self-esteem issues. There are certain techniques that assist in releasing traumatic memories stored within the body and releasing old patterns and beliefs.

    Children love having Bodytalk sessions, they seem to respond very quickly.It can have a profound effect on A.D.D., learning disorders, emotional, physical and mental issues.

    Also amazing results have occurred using Bodytalk for: 

    Chronic Fatigue, viruses, p.m.s,digestive complaints, fibromyalgia,mental ailments, depression,

    Radio interview on Managing stress and autism with bodytalk

    Professional Training

    Certified Bodytalk Practitioner

    Certified Bodytalk Access Trainer

    Certified  Reiki Master/Teacher

    I.T.M. Level 3 Bio-Energy Healing

    Nursery Nurse Diploma- N.N.E.B

    E.C.E- Early Childhood Educator


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    Phone: 778-886-3388

    Client Reviews

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    Review:     Body Talk Breakthrough Session

    Jun 14, 2010 By: Anonymous    

    I recieved a Body Talk Breakthrough session from Cress Spicer. It was an extremely powerful experience that helped me to  look at myself and my behavior in an entirely new way. As the session progressed I found myself in a sea of old behaviors and beliefs gentlly brought to the surface so they could be released from my energy field. This is truly deep work that one cannot do alone. Cress is a skillful compassionate guide who can help you wade through and let go of your old unconscious behavior patterns that no longer serve your highest good.

    Review:     Great Healing Professional

    Jun 19, 2010 By: Linda Diano    

    After having seen Cress weekly for a few months, I can say she is a great energy worker.

    She allows my body to direct her healing work. Because she is so intuitive she additionally picks up messages from my body thereby deepening and quickening healing.
    Her manner is both compassionate and professional; she is ever present and accepts you totally where you are, how deep you want to go, without judgment or bias.
    She is in a state of continuous growth herself both through additional training and her own guided healing sessions, so her healing power will only grow over time.

    Because one healing session is not enough to assess her, I suggest allowing for a few. Go in with an open mind and great things can and will happen.

    Review:     Amazing Healing in 2 Treatments

    Jan 20, 2013 By: Mathematician    
    Conditions: Sore Knee

    For 5 months I have had great difficulty climbing stairs.  I was in great pain with each step.  I saw a Medical Doctor, had x-rays, and the Doctor could not help.

    I saw Cress for one treatment, and my knee felt much better after.  The knee kept improving.  A month later I went for another treatment, and within three days I am climbing steps with virtually no pain.

    Review:     Remarkable Healing for My Backpain

    Apr 26, 2013 By: Audrey Frawley    
    Conditions: Back Pain,

    In March of 2013 as I was packing for my vacation to Cuba, my back went out.  Unable to stand straight or find a comfortable position to sit, lay or move I contacted Cress and asked if she could do a Body Talk session for me despite my being 3500 km away in another province.  Cress confirmed that she could indeed do a session remotely and informed me of what time she would do it.

    The next morning I felt some relief and was able to manage two flights of stairs to the car to head to Toronto to catch our flight.  The pain had lessoned somewhat and I was hoping that it would improve even more or my vacation would be spent horizontal.  The drive to Toronto was 4 hours long and I was extremely worried that sitting for that length of time would undo any good Cress had done.

    When we finally arrived at the airport I held my breath as I opened the door to get out.  As I stood up for the first time in hours I could not believe that I simply stood straight up and felt no pain!  My husband and I laughed and hugged and I actually did a little jig right there in the parking lot.  I easily pulled my suitcase along as we walked briskly to the check in.  Absolutely zero pain in my back! 

    Thanks to Cress, our vacation was seven days of absolute bliss, including swimming, running, dancing, wandering around cities, and even playing soccer with some local friends!  My husband the sceptic has been reformed and I have and will continue going to Cress for Body Talk and her amazing energy and support.

    Thank you Cress!!

    Testimonials are written by a practitioner on behalf of their client, whereas 'client reviews' are written by the clients themselves.


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    Testimonial: Professional, Compassionate, Service

    Jun 14, 2010

    march 2009

    I was highly impressed with the service I received from C. She was attentive and compassionate to my needs.The Bodytalk session was amazing. I was a little apprehensive at first and did not know what  to expect. I had a digestive issue and stress related disorders, that through working with Bodytalk have completely gone.I definately recommend you trying it out.Stress and Digestive disorders.


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    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    Practice Locations

    Gaia Apothecary-Herbal dispensary- sundays

    2672 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2G2, Canada
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