Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is the deep transformation on a core level that you experience after an ‘energy treatment’ from a spiritual healer. Your healer places their hands on or near your body and soft energy begins to flow from the palms of the healer's hands. Your healer may touch your body or simply allow the energy to flow into your aura. Usually a healer will treat your entire body and aura with this energy. Spiritual healing can be very helpful for: * Emotional trauma * Psychological and emotional intensity and overload * When meditation and medication do not produce the desired outcome or immediate relief * Speeding up recovery from disease, broken bones or surgery * Relieving painful effects of other treatments * Healing early life and childhood trauma * Assisting in any time of change, growth and transformation Ultimately everything is energy and a person's will, life force, thoughts, memories and feelings, past lives, lessons and karma, dreams, soul path, relationships, optional futures, cosmic/galactic history and origin and life purpose are all registered within this energy field. A trained and specialised spiritual healer and energy worker can detect and change the energy patterns of another person to bring about the desired changes and effects. The experience of life around us is an exact reflection of who we are, of our inner, a perfect image of our own energy vibration. As this energy vibration changes so does the experience of life around us and within us. Spiritual healing is also called energy work and in energy work the healer may, with more intent, direct energies in or around the person's body for release and the desired effect and outcome. Spiritual healing may also be performed long distance and the effects and results are similar to the touch therapy session. Spiritualism and Spiritual Healing sets us on a path of discovery towards greater understanding of life, ourselves, and our relationship with our souls and life beyond death. Spiritual healing is total healing integrating the mind, body and soul. It is both a total and an inner experience. Spiritual healing is completely non-denominational, it works equally well for patients holding strong religious beliefs and those who are agnostic. The most important requirement is for the patient to have an open mind and the will to recover.

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marklewis121 2015-02-26 02:29
Humanity, reaches this Divine Source through prayer and meditation, listening to the inner awareness.!
Mahendra Trivedi
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saiheal 2015-12-11 03:47
I like your information which is very useful for me. ThanksSpiritual Healing Centres in Bangalore|Pranic Healing in Bangalore

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