Spirit Babies

Spirit Baby intuitive practitioners are able to connect with the spirit of a child who was lost in a previous pregnancy or not yet conceived.  By communicating with the spirit baby parents who have lost one or more pregnancies, or who have had difficulty conceiving are able to heal and often make the changes necessary for the child to return to incarnnation.

Recent Spirit Babies Articles

By Christine Nightingale
Spirit Babies Talking to Spirit Babies is little different than what other mediums do in transmitting the messages of older crossed-over loved ones to a client. The big difference is that the Spirit ...

By Christine Nightingale
Spiritual Relationships and Spirit Babies All relationships are spiritual! You may have heard the expression that someone can enter our life for a reason, or a season, or a lifetime. True on all ...

By Christine Nightingale
How I Communicate with Spirit Babies Years before I had my children I knew I would have two boys, then a girl. I did not understand than I must have been aware of my Spirit babies lined up in my own ...

By Christine Nightingale
A Spirit Baby Comforts His Teenaged Mother Hi Christine, My name is Audrey. I'm 17 years old and a few months ago I had an abortion. My parents made my decision for me I woke up from dreams of a baby  ...

By Christine Nightingale
... normal ovulation also. Many parents also feel that meditation helps. Walter McKuchen in his book Spirit Babies says that dong particular chants helps . Talking to your child (in your mind is fine)  ...

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Arnette 2014-11-01 23:45
Thanks for finally writing about >Spirit Babies Modality at VitalityLink.com
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Christine 2015-06-19 10:30
Hi Arnette,
You are very welcome.
Please check it out...quite a few of my articles are on this subject.
It's been my specialty for three and a half years.
Are you personally interested?

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