Psychotherapy is a process in which a trained professional enters a relationship with a patient for the purpose of helping the patient with symptoms of mental illness, behavioural problems and personal growth. The process involves the patient and therapist sitting in a room talking, which is why it is often called ‘talk therapy’. It can be beneficial for: * Coping with trauma * Relationship difficulties * Control of addictions * Behavioural problems * Depression and mental illness * Feelings of anger, guilt, frustration * Emotional problems * Rehabilitation * Abuse victims * Personal development and affecting change There are now a variety of therapeutic approaches in addition to ‘psychoanalysis’ which are available. These include cognitive behavioural therapy, behavioural therapy, interpersonal therapy, rational emotive therapy and family approaches. Individual and group techniques are commonly used, depending upon the severity of your symptoms and the local resources that are available. Psychotherapy is widely used as a sole treatment and as a supportive therapy alongside other therapies.

Recent Psychotherapy Articles

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