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The Body Code is an energy modality developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson who spent 17 years practicing as a holistic physician, specialized in helping those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and/or Fibromyalgia.  

He first developed the Emotion Code, and then expanded his experiences into the Body Code.  According to Dr. Nelson, the Body Code "deals with balancing the body in all aspects of health- including emotional, energetic, nutritional, structural, toxicity and more. "  The Body Code "is not meant to replace any medical treatment, but by correcting any underlying imbalances, we help the body's innate self-healing ability to take over. As a result, pain and malfunction in the body often disappear, the organs and glands are often better able to function as they should, energy levels often increase, and emotional issues often become manageable or nonexistent." (quoted from

The Body Code deals with 6 different types of imbalances that cause disease and malfunction in the body.

1. Energies - emotional, post-traumatic, allergy or intolerance, mental
2. Toxicity - heavy metals, free radicals, EM spectrum, chemicals, microbial
3. Circuitry - organs, glands, chakras, disconnections, meridians
4. Pathogens - parasites, fungal, bacterial, viral, mold
5. Structural - bones, nerves, muscles, connective tissue, organs and glands
6. Nutritional - Ph imbalance, foods, herbs, nutrients, dehydration, magnetic fields

Practitioners are certified by the Healer's Library (established by Dr. Nelson), and there is also an optional self study course that people can take.

The Body Code does not replace medical treatment, but there are testimonials and case studies from people who have used it to help them with conditions including:

  • PTSD
  • Cancer
  • Emotional distress/stress/unhappiness
  • Chronic pains
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Thyroid problems
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Energy deficiencies

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