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Bodytalk Fundamentals with Heidi Reid in Kelowna

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Modalities: Body Talk

Cost: $1400 Register and pay 3 weeks in advance and receive the early bird rate of $1295!

The BodyTalk Fundamentals course provides a comprehensive introduction to the BodyTalk System  and presents many powerful consciousness-based healing techniques that address a wide variety of symptoms on all levels of the body and mind. This course presents discussions on both scientific and philosophical aspects of health, as well as a hands-on practical application of the BodyTalk Fundamentals techniques.

  • This course covers:
  •  BodyTalk theory and exploration tools
  • Essential General Balance Techniques including Balancing the Brain, addressing the Stress Threshold, Hydration Levels, Releasing Scars and Adhesions and Interference.
  • Balancing Communication within the Organs, Endocrines and Body Parts• Supporting the Immune System, (Microbes, Allergies, Toxins and Intolerances).
  • Addressing stored active memories, Belief Systems, and Fears/Phobias.
  • Introduction to Energy Anatomy and Balancing of the Chakras and Meridians.
  • Balancing Environmental Factors that affect the Body/Mind Complex
  • Genetic Repair at the cellular level.
  • A simple but powerful technique to stimulate the Lymphatic System.
  • Circulation of Blood, Nerve and Lymph.
  • Structural Balance and Integrity.

The BodyTalk System can be learned easily by individuals with or without a background in health care. These techniques can be easily integrated into an existing health care practice, represent the beginning of a new career, or, simply be used to improve and maintain your own health and that of your family and friends.

To register please email Heidi at  or register online at

Thursday, Sep 14, 2017 09:00 am - Monday, Sep 18, 2017 05:00 pm
To register please email Heidi at or register online at
Phone: 7782121777
Event Location
805 Crozier Ave, Kelowna, BC V1W 5B2, Canada
British Columbia
805 Crozier Avenue
This event was written by Heidi Reid
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