Profile: Jody Mountain, Lomi Lomi Nui Practitioner & Teacher

Jody Mountain

Meet Jody Mountain, a practitioner and teacher of Lomi Lomi Nui, a Hawaiian form of massage therapy and spiritual healing.

Jody says her life has been entirely transformed by the practice and since 1989 she’s been helping others discover it and make major life changes.

She first discovered Lomi Lomi Nui when she was working in Toronto as a successful dancer and choreographer and by happenstance, she attended a workshop.

She was thunderstruck. Something about the practice spoke to her so profoundly that she literally dropped everything, leaving her career, family and friends behind, and moved to Maui to study it.

Her teacher, Kahu Abraham Kawa’i, was a spiritual ‘kahuna’, meaning he possessed ancient healing secrets. Most ‘kahunas’ have access to a stream of healing information from a particular family lineage. But Kahu was unusual – nine different families gave him their ancient knowledge, making him a powerhouse of spiritual insight.

Jody says, “This practice is about discovering that there is a soul in the body. The Hawaiians believe there is an intelligence in the body that is far greater than the mind.”

She hosts retreats to teach people to access this intelligence, allowing them to experience their natural selves, or as she says, “…bringing them back to their indigenous minds.”

She compares this natural state to how you might have felt in kindergarten – free of worry; not caring what others think of you; with no limitations on how you see your possibilities in life.

Jody says early in her training she was shocked to see how limited her own thinking was about life. “I had the earth-shattering revelation that I did not have to live in Toronto my entire life. That seemed obvious to other people – but I really couldn’t see that.”

She also had limitations on how she viewed her income and career. “Now I live in Maui and own a home here. I’m about to create a centre for this work.  People seek me out for bodywork and I’m teaching all over the world. I attribute all of it to this practice.”

Her clients have also experienced dramatic life changes. A client in Maui came to her with infertility. Jody explained that Lomi Lomi Nui doesn’t address specific health issues, but instead it lets the body do the healing that it wants to.

A month after the treatment the client emailed Jody to say how peaceful she was feeling…and that she was pregnant.

Another woman who has attended a few retreats with Jody is now seeing her life from a broader perspective. As an emergency nurse, she was accustomed to stress but was blind to the fact that every aspect of her life felt like an emergency. This realization is now leading her to explore a different approach to her life, as well as a new career path.

Jody says, “My retreats are for anyone who wants profound and lasting spiritual growth. But if you don’t want to change your life, they’re not for you.”

Special Offer: Jody is hosting a retreat April 19 to 24, 2013 in Brighton, Ontario at the Lotus Heart Centre. Book before March 7 to get the early bird rate of $1,475 (including accommodation, food and training sessions). After March 7, you can book for $1,800.

Contact Jody at: (808) 575-2294. Here’s her web site.

For more info, here’s Jody’s VitalityLink Profile

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