PROFILE: TRILBY JOHNSON, Vibrational Integration Mentor


Born in South Africa during the apartheid era, Trilby was very aware of the suffering in the world at a young age and believed there must be more to the world than that.  She began to ask profound questions from the beginning, encouraged by her mother to be curious and open to spiritual ideas, Trilby attended healing meetings with laying of hands although at the time didn’t make the connection to her spiritual journey until much later in life.  She recalls when she was young and touched people they mentioned they felt better and she could feel her hands tingling. Through her mother se had access to books on reincarnation, cosmic consciousness, and Buddhism. Each adding to her awareness.

When Trilby moved to Switzerland as a young woman, she experienced huge cultural change from South Africa where she grew up.  She heard about Reiki which ended up being her first official step toward healing. An art class teacher became her new Reiki teacher and helped her realize she had been doing healing all along.  She went on to do her Master of Reiki, eventually agreeing to teach it gaining confidence which lead her down the cognitive path to get her Bachelor of Science in Psychology but even then she ended up with more life questions.  Next was becoming a Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming, which brought her closer to Reiki in a roundabout way because Neurolinguistic Programming had a magical element that pure psychology didn’t.

Moving to New Zealand Trilby asked herself “what do I really like to do?”  Having enjoyed massage very much herself as a tool of self-discovery and self-connection making her aware of her body, she wanted to give that to other people. She learned massage therapy and began working in spa and took a Meta coaching neuro semantics coaching course where the massage and Reiki fell into place enforcing the connection she had.

Learning Access Consciousness body processes really helped her to break free and uncover her own body’s blueprints and since then doors have just opened for her. Trilby always wanted something of her own knowing there was something inside her wanting to get out.  While she enjoyed teaching Reiki and courses for others she knew there was something more to unfold.  One day while working with a client she received information based on new energy.  The energy upload she received is Connective Embodiment quantum energy which she now facilitates for others.

After writing a self-published book, Trilby realized last year that she is a ‘connector’, she connects people through their body to their soul signatures.  Many people have become disintegrated and all over the place and she aligns those connections again, and so was born her company “Trilby Johnson the Connective.”

Trilby works a lot with people in chronic pain whether emotional or physical.  The body remembers everything and physical pain is prolonged emotional pain. Using breath and questions to bring up energy which is then transmuted; connecting body, mind and spirit. She focus’ is on life/body integration, helping people release energy and direct energy consciously.  She says.

We need to wake up! When we switch off auto pilot and use conscious breathing to help us connect to our body, the body will always adjust.

Trilby identifies as a vibrational integration mentor.  She believes in honouring people’s authenticity reminding each that they are amazing and great.

We have an overwhelming feeling that we have to live with our unhappiness, our dis-ease but you don’t!

Working with chronic pain sufferers Trilby is helping rewire their brains and releasing their negative patterns using energy body work and cognitive embodiment.  People who feel they have reached the ceiling spiritually, emotionally and getting stuck repeatedly finding themselves in the same situation over and over again and not knowing how to get out work with Trilby and the tools she empowers them with.

The universe supports us and we have to be diligent.  It’s about choosing to be responsible – which Trilby calls the ‘ability to respond’.

Vitalitylink profile:

To find out more about Trilby and Connective Embodiment you can visit her website Her inspiring and often humorous blog  and her first book “a-Ha insight inspiration question” is now available via Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, Amazon/Kindle, or from your local bookstore. This is a thought provoking collection of inspirational quotations of thinking and being designed to repeatedly bring you to ‘a-Ha’ moments.

Where Are They Now? Elise Robine Yohm, Medical Intuitive


Two years ago we introduced our readers to Elise Robine Yohm a Medical Intuitive from Vancouver, BC.  We decided to speak with her again and see what she’s been up to since then.

Elise has been busy teaching Medical Intuitive Training to an ever expanding student base.   The course she created herself, is six months long and is structured very carefully.  There is a class every week as a recorded tela-seminar so that whether the student is in New York or London, England they can attend either live during the class or at a later time that suits their schedules.

Elise shares “The fun in teaching for me, is the students.  I’m in awe and humbled by them.  They may start out a little uncertain, with strong abilities but just not able to see it in themselves, but when I start working with them, case studies and their own clients they work with, they are in an intuitive Disney Land!  When I mark homework assignments I can get so excited sometimes that I cannot sleep!”

While busy teaching her Medical Intuitive Training, Elise still finds time to work one on one with her own clients.  Using her intuition and inspired action Elise recalls one client she worked with:

“While reading one client’s energy I remember thinking why am I saying this to her? But as an intuitive you learn not to shut down that little voice and you keep talking.  The client had not told me anything about herself, yet I was telling her about her painting and how it was really important that she stay in that and went on about her art.  She told me she had been painting since a very young age and it was very important to her but that she had pushed that aside over the years to focus on career and relationships.  Her painting was a huge part of her that balanced her and her energy and was an outlet for her.  Hearing an outside voice saying it kind of validated what her own energy was pushing her into doing.  You plant seeds with a client and hope they take it up.”

Elise meditates because she feels it’s important, especially for an intuitive.  She also sees another Medical Intuitive practitioner from time to time.  The last time she did, the intuitive kept saying she should play some music on the piano, for balance.  The practitioner did not know that Elise was forced to play the piano as a child but didn’t enjoy it until she was an adult and no longer forced.  In fact playing the piano is another form of meditation for Elise.  She chuckles, “Even I am in the hot seat myself sometimes.”

People come to Elise as a client or a student through Meet Ups, her Facebook page, website, word of mouth, and through her profile on  After her first interview two years ago, she gained a couple new students for her Medical Intuitive Training.

Elise says, “People connect through Vitalitylink.  The articles, blogs, etc. really go beyond information and actually gives people a glimpse of your energy as they intuitively pick up aspects of you as a practitioner and whether they would connect well with you.  Vitalitylink is really great as a resource, like a little Wikipedia of spiritual practitioners.”

You can contact Elise Robine Yohm at 604-317-6676 or

Here is her VitalityLink profile.

How To Leave Your Calling Card

There is one simple thing you can do to spread the word about you and your practice to potentially thousands of clients; leave your calling card on all that you do.

A calling card, is simply a signature containing a link(s) which you place at the end of every blog you write, every article you post, and ever forum or group you belong participate in.  It need only be short and sweet (think business card writing with limited space) but it is very effective.  Back in the day before the Internet, business and personal letters would always contain your contact information and we’d hand out business cards to everyone we met.  Today, there are many more ways to network beyond correspondence and business cards and to be adaptive it’s important to remember to add your contact information on all that you do.

The reason that leaving your calling card everywhere is so important is that it gives people a way of getting back to you, no matter how far your email, article, blog, or forum post is from when you originally created it.  Years later, if someone comes across something you’ve written, they can still reach out to you if you give them a way.

Here are some examples of how a calling card can benefit you in marketing:

Email: Say you found a great recipe and you emailed it to your friends, some of those friends forwarded it to their friends, etc. If there was a link at the end of the recipe (which is the signature), this info will get seen by others who aren’t in the close circle of the person who sent the recipe in first place (you). If the link in the signature wasn’t there, new people reading that recipe will probably never discover much about the original poster of the information (you). It’s not uncommon for a single email to reach thousands of readers. The best thing of all, there is nothing to be done other than creating your email signature once and you will never need to think about it again (except if and when you change your links)/

Forums: Forums perhaps are the best example of link(s) in signature marketing – it’s used extensively for fun and profit these days. If you see helpful posts you’re likely to want to know more about the poster and the link should be right there at the end of each post. Not only this is beneficial for real humans reading the forums, but it also benefits the website the link is linking too, since search engines give more credits to the site and will list it higher in search engine results. Also unlike email which has more of a burst effect (i.e. short lived) helpful writing in the forums or in Q&A is going to pay off for years and years, to come.

Facebook: Of course more and more people these days just post this stuff on Facebook. And it works the same way as others will re-share the viral content and new people will see it. Therefore the same should apply there – there should be a signature there as well. You can see it very well with people doing marketing this way. Except here it takes more work, since you don’t get an automatic “signature” on FB, you have to type it yourself. Similar to email, Facebook postings tend to be short-lived as the older information gets pushed out by newer information at an ever increasing speed. However, once information is ‘somewhere’ on FaceBook it remains and can be accessed with diligence or happen stance.

By linking your VitalityLink information as well as your other contact information and a brief description of what you do to your content (where ever you post or email it) you are increasing your practice marketing, increasing traffic to VitalityLink (which boosts it in searches for people looking for pain relief) and providing a direct, clear path to you.

For example a signature would look like:

Audrey Frawley
Reiki and Reflexology Treatments in Vancouver

Profile: Hasina Ireland, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Hasina Pic

Working in Brampton, ON Canada, for the last ten years, Hasina incorporates the Meridian Stress Assessment System, Reiki & Chakra sessions into her practice.  She is able to assess food sensitivities and perform organ assessments, hormonal/vitamin and mineral deficiencies or excesses while also recognizing the importance of how energy (using Reiki and Chakra Assessments) plays an important role in the health of her clients.

Hasina has been using alternative health care to varying degrees since she was a child.  Her parents and grandparents (from Jamaica) have been using herbal remedies themselves for years.  She was able to go deeper in learning the uses and nutritional benefits of healing plants and foods ultimately becoming a Holistic Nutritionist herself.

Hasina lives with a debilitating condition called Sickle Cell Anemia.  It is through her own experiences benefiting tremendously from the proper guidance of a Holistic Nutritionist that she knew she wanted to share and educate others who are suffering from complex conditions and pain management.  Her desire to help others, herself and family comes from a deep appreciation for life.  Hasina says,

 “If you are blessed with life, you must protect your health.  This belief is manifested through my deep gratification when others improve with their health concern.”

Hasina is her own healing success story.  During the past few years she has facilitated her own healing greatly.  Sickle Cell Anemia is a condition where those who are affected by it have varying degrees of severity.  She moved away from treatment through medical doctors (although she believes they are absolutely necessary when needed) and moved towards a holistic approach entirely.  She not had any major complications that are common with this condition, nor is she on any medication.  From living in and out of hospitals each year to not having to go in anymore is a huge accomplishment.  She gives credit to the Universal powers, education, experience, as well as trial and error with her lifestyle and nutritional choices.

Everyone eats (most of the time), and so everyone needs proper nutrition for the well-being of the body.  Hasina uses the Meridian Stress Assessment System Reiki which is a form of energy healing where energy is directed toward or away from the body for well-being.

The Meridian Stress Assessment System (MSAS) is an advanced tool to help screen for meridian imbalances, nutritional support and sensitivity evaluations.  Medical doctors, Naturopathic doctors, and other health care practitioners use this modality in their practice and confirm that it is extremely accurate and non-invasive.  The MSAS is used in clinics and offices worldwide.  Hasina’s thoughts,

“Meridian Stress Assessment System just helps people get well, and takes me to another level as a holistic nutritionist which is where I want to go.”

We asked Hasina what she saw as the biggest hurdle to helping more people through her practice:

“The act of free will.  If the client is not ready, then it’s up to them to be ready to start their own health journey.  If you are ready and willing, then improved health is just around the corner.”

Hasina is a member of the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals, who are required to complete a set amount of educational or practical upgrading a year.  You can learn more about Hasina and her practice here.

Profile: Barbara Prud’homme, Holistic Health Coach

barb profile picBarbara practices in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada having earned her BScH in Life Sciences and Certification in Holistic Nutrition.

Barbara’s own journey towards health and wellness led her to develop a passion for eating real foods and regular physical activity – a love that she wanted to share with others through Healthy Peas, Happy Pod.  Her own issues with eating and food revolved around emotional eating during difficult, stressful and often tragic times in her life.  In 2008 she joined a friend for a yoga class and was hooked.  That was the catalyst towards taking yoga classes in as many different styles as often as she could, joining a gym, reading anything and everything she could about health, wellness and nutrition, and discovering a very deep love for healthy cooking.

Three years later she found the Health Coach program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition;

“I had a fabulous experience, and am thrilled that I can take what I have learned to help others – especially other moms who are struggling to keep themselves and their families healthy. I love seeing friends, family members, and clients who are happy with their results and feel that they are empowered by their new life choices.”

During her Holistic Nutrition certification training, she studied with a body of well-known teachers such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, leader in the field of mind-body medicine and Dr. David Katz, Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center.  She is also a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the Ontario Public Health Association.

When asked why Barbara chose Holistic Health Coaching as her modality she shared;

“I love being able to work directly with people who have personal wellness goals that they want to work towards.  I like that that I can help people become healthier and happier in all areas of their lives by addressing all of the facets of their health in addition to eating – relationships, exercise, career, and even spirituality. Being a Health Coach allows me to educate and support people as they build healthy new habits and create sustainable lifestyle changes.”

Last year, Barbara had the pleasure of taking on a good friend as a client. Her client had a very busy schedule and many family demands and felt that she wasn’t eating well and wasn’t exercising consistently. She also faced the challenge of preparing meals for a picky-eating teenaged son and husband. Her personal goals were to increase energy and to shed some extra stubborn pounds.

Barbara able to show her that small changes in her own daily routine could have a significant impact on her and her family’s health. She provided easy to follow tips and new recipes to try, and even took her family on a grocery store tour to introduce them to lots of new healthy foods to try.

Upon completing the program, her client reported that she had lost several inches and it was clear to her, and everyone around her, that she had a ton more energy.

Just some of the areas a Holistic Health Coach can help are:

  • Excess weight
  • Lack of energy
  • Lack of knowledge about eating well
  • Negative emotional and health impacts due to chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes

A health coach can also help to bridge the gap between physician and patients assisting those with chronic illnesses in making informed decisions regarding their medical care, and may even serve as a liaison helping to insure that patients are making well-informed decisions

Like so many others, Barbara turned to alternative therapies when she felt that traditional conventional/medical approaches didn’t resolve some of the symptoms or issues – like fatigue, weight gain, and lack of energy she was experiencing. She explains;

“I value the connection of body, mind and spirit and the importance of treating the whole person rather than separate body parts.”

Barbara’s business is growing steadily as she continues to help her clients to create happy, healthy lives in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial.

You can learn more and contact Barbara on her Vitalitylink profile located here.

Profile: Jili Hamilton, Reflexology, Reiki, Candling, Spiritual Healing


Jili Hamilton lives in Geneva, Switzerland where she practices Ear and Body Candling and hands on healing with Reflexology, Reiki and Spiritual Healing.

Seeing how badly her parents were served by, well-meaning but ineffective, doctors began her healing journey by studying Reflexology in 1987.  Jili explains, “I am very keen to help people to find gentler and less dangerous methods of healing.  I meet so many people suffering from over-medication, the wrong medication or surgical procedures that have gone wrong or have been unnecessary.  There are many people who tell me; “there is no cure, I have to live with it”.  This is not true, there is a solution for everyone, it just needs finding and it may not be the one you think of first.”

After receiving her Reflexology diploma, Jili was looking through a magazine and found an article on candling.  She discussed it with a couple of therapists, one of whom swore by the candles and so she started treating her colleagues.  Back living in London a year or so later she decided to launch them on the UK market and was present at all the major exhibitions in the UK for several years

Her dentist in London suggested she write a book about the candles back in 1999 and the first edition was published in 2003, first in French and then in English.  The ups have been fantastic; seeing the candles work for something she would never have envisioned, seeing people getting well naturally;  this summed up by a patient who said that whoever would have thought a simple little candle could do so much.  The down side came from people who assumed that anyone can candle which resulted in unintentionally caused problems. This lead to candles being heavily criticized by members of the medical profession and being banned in certain places.  When asked if she would change anything Jili answers “No, probably not because the ‘down’ moments tended to be learning experiences and often spurred me on to greater efforts to have my therapy understood and appreciated.”

In Jili’s book Candling for Optimal Health there are anecdotes about several conditions and healing: Age-Related Deafness; Cancer; Candida; Constipation and Hemorrhoids; Ear Infections; Excessive Ear Wax; Flying; Glaucoma; Glue Ear; Hay Fever and Other Allergies; Hearing Problems; Mastoid Discomfort; Migraines and Headaches; Painful Periods; Relaxation; Sinus Problems; Skin Disorders; Sleep Apnea; Stress Relief; Swimming and Diving (Water Lodging in the Ear); Tinnitus.

One example is a patient who was suffering from sleep apnea who consulted Jili two years ago and after three sessions was able to dump the oxygen mask she had needed to use at night.  She still sees Jili every 4 to 6 weeks and has found not only the improvement has been maintained but her diarrhea has lessened dramatically using Candling and Reiki.

“Sometimes I wonder if my role is to be the way-shower – after all, candling is not new – and to take the arrows, getting publicity where I can and thereby smoothing the way in time for the therapy to be totally accepted.  Perhaps it’ll be when I am no longer on this planet, but I feel I’m laying the foundation stone.”

Jili is an avid user of holistic therapies herself.  She has had regular colonic irrigation for over 20 years, regular massages and Cranial Sacral therapy.  If anything happens to her, she connects it to what’s going on in her life and tries to work from there.

Jili keeps herself very busy with her practice as well as having just completed a diploma course as a baby massage instructor.  She is also a writer and has had articles published in several magazines.  She has a regular spot in an on-line magazine and her book A Seeker’s Guide to a Life Worth Living includes around 70 articles, although she is still writing; every time she gets inspired.  You can read some of her articles linked to her Vitalitylink profile as well.

Jili concludes, “I am sure people have read my posts and if that has helped them to get good information, then that is my goal and I plan to continue.  I think the only way to do something is to be passionate about it and I am passionate about what I do.  I will always go the extra mile whatever the job anyway, but it just so happens that candling and writing fire me with such enthusiasm I don’t notice the time passing.  And probably being passionate about something is necessary for success.”

Click here to contact Jili on her profile.

Profile: Coach Rita, Law of Attraction Life Coach and Chakra Therapy

rita picRita Hurry, IPHM, is a Law of Attraction Life Coach who also practices Myers Briggs and Chakra and Aura therapy in Hornchurch Essex, United Kingdom.  She is a member of the British Association of Psychological Type (BAPT) & International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

She has always been the person that friends and family members went to, to discuss their problems. Her calming nature and guidance made them feel good, sometimes just be being there to listen, and when she learned about Life Coaching it seemed to be the perfect fit for her.

Rita shares, “One of the fulfilling things that I love about the work that I do, is seeing that ‘light bulb moment’ in individual’s eyes, when they discover the clarity within them and realize that the answer lies within them and yes, they can do it. I love it when individuals discover themselves and let go of the fear that often holds them back.”

When she first read about Chakra Therapy, she wasn’t convinced, but something within her was intrigued, so eventually she bought a program and gave it a try; after the first session, she was hooked. Law of Attraction and vibration work, along with the Chakra work she implemented helped her turn things around in a big way. She is a great believer in ‘walking your talk’ and felt that she could only be successful in the work she does with her clients, from having gone through the experience herself.

Rita had always been searching for something outside herself, to find that true meaning to life. She pursued three of the major religions completely giving them her all, but still felt something was missing. Her faith in God was something that would never leave her, but she felt religion wasn’t the way for her to nurture this relationship with God or herself. Taking some time to rediscover who she really was she took a break from her business and during that time Coach Rita, her business was reborn. “It had been called various names over the years, but once I found myself, Coach Rita just seemed right. Why? I was my brand and my business, my baby (as I like to call it) was what I wanted to share with the world, to help them too find their essence.”

“I specialize in Law of Attraction (LOA), as it is me. It allows me to follow me and connect with the universe and God that feels right, without any judgment. It still has the elements as religion does – ask and you shall receive, but with Law of Attraction, you ask and you enjoy life. It’s in the enjoyment of who you are and life, that brings the manifestations to you. I love the fact that my thoughts and how I feel, control my world. It’s not dependent on others. No more seeking from others, just a complete trust and love in myself. This is what I coach others to gain.” explains Rita.

Energy Therapy and energy work in general are proving to be very popular all over the globe. Many people are now gaining knowledge that they are more than their physical bodies and the way to heal themselves, is to be in touch with their energy fields.

The main symptom Rita sees in many of her clients and those that come to LOA, is that they feel there is more to life and feel this niggling feeling that they want more, but not sure if they can have it. “LOA gives them the power to realize that their thoughts create their life. Therefore, it gives them a focus and energy that they can really have what they want from life. By doing some LOA work, they too will realize that only they can achieve a positive result through focus on the result of what they want and trusting in themselves that they create their own reality.”

Rita continues, “Chakra has many benefits and I often use it when it becomes obvious that someone I struggling from moving forward and taking action due to fear. Fear is deep rooted and stems from the subconscious, therefore by doing some inner healing work on the 7 Chakra’s, this unblocks the energy and releases the negative energy, to replace it with positive energy. The benefits give clarity and help the individual to start over.”

The internet has been a great resource for getting Rita’s work out into the world. She loves the fact that she is able to reach audiences all over the globe, so everyone can reap the benefits of Alternative Therapy. She thinks sites like Vitality Link play a great role, in educating the masses, on Alternative Health Care, and enjoys being able to write articles that give information freely to many, as a positive resource to helping people live better and healthier lifestyles in body, mind and spirit.

For her own healing, Rita has used acupuncture, attended mindfulness meditation classes and sought holistic approaches to medical conditions a number of times. She doesn’t believe that taking medication and focusing on the illness is the way to get healed and has always believed that our emotions and energies play a huge part in the healing of our bodies and the answer always lies through this.

Rita encourages people to ‘think out of the box’ in relation to health and emotional issues and limiting beliefs. Many individuals believe that things are not possible and follow others, even though they want to break free and be their own person and live life the way they want and still maintain happy relationships with others. Teaching individuals to be aware that their healing starts with inner work first before results are shown in the external world.

Rita recently completed her certificate as a Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Practitioner. This involved studying the Myers Briggs Personality Preference concept, based on Carl Jung’s work on Personality differences. Rita elaborates, “The MBTI module looks at how we all have particular personality preferences, which we use on a day to day basis and how identifying these preferences, can help us to have a better understanding of ourselves and others.”

The MBTI work is kept quite separate to the more holistic work Rita uses with LOA and Chakra Therapy, but there are some times that the client may benefit from understanding themselves a little more externally. Getting to know how and why they deal with things differently for some, can be quite life changing, so it can work together with her other modalities.

Having the opportunity to reach out and help people across the globe through Vitalitylink has been very beneficial to Rita.  As she says “I have so much to share and offer clients to lead a fulfilled life, which is full of vitality!”

Wondering if Rita’s LOC coaching is right for you?  Rita suggests that initially, find out some information about LOA (reading the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is a good start) and then book an initial FREE session with her. Either in person or via Skype, she will go over how things in your life are at the moment and give you feedback on how you could move forward using LOA.

Click here to contact Coach Rita through her VitalityLink profile.

Or visit her website

Profile: Nancy Turcich, Natural Massage Therapy and Polarity Therapy

Nancy Turcich Photo

Nancy Turcich discovered the power of natural healing when she suffered a traumatic spine injury that left her paralyzed from the chest down.

The year was 1982 and Nancy was a computer science student hiking with friends when she tumbled off a cliff. Doctors worked their magic, saving her life and repairing her spine with metal rods. But she left the hospital debilitated, facing an unclear future.

Shocked by her physical state, she thought, “Whose body did they give me in the hospital? This isn’t mine.”

Although Western medicine dealt with the initial trauma, Nancy quickly came to realize the rest of her healing was in her own hands. Desperate to reclaim her mobility, she began to experiment with natural therapies

She began with massage therapy, which in the early 80s, wasn’t yet mainstream. It helped to calm her tight, spastic legs.

Eventually she added chiropractic, naturopathy and osteopathy into the mix. Along the way she was introduced to a form of energy healing called polarity therapy.

Until then the concept of energy healing was entirely foreign to Nancy and she struggled to understand it.

She says, ‘It seemed too mystical to me. Too out there.’

Quickly though, its impact was evident. She noticed that the results of her chiropractic adjustments would last longer when accompanied by polarity therapy. She noticed her body finally relaxing into the healing process, allowing her to slowly rebuild her body’s natural patterns of movement.

The crux of this story is that today Nancy is an active, fully mobile, healthy woman, and she has been for decades. She credits her health to polarity therapy combined with physical therapies like massage and chiropractic. It’s interesting to note she had no further medical treatment for her injuries after 1982.

By 1985, Nancy was studying at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. Today, with nearly three decades of practice behind her, she lives in Prescott, Arizona offering a combination of healing styles including polarity therapy, massage therapy and craniosacral…to name few.

She describes her typical clients as ranchers, cowboys and college students. Most arrive wanting physical intervention for pain or injury but leave understanding the power of energy work and bodywork in tandem.

A construction worker client she describes as a cowboy-rodeo guy came to her after getting bucked from a horse. He was hunched over, unable to stand upright, and shaking uncontrollably from the trauma. Nancy told him to let his body shake, not to fight it.

She said, “This is your body releasing the trauma, just be with it if you can.”

Nancy worked with him as his body shook violently, discharging energy from the injury.

He left her office walking upright and was back at the rodeo before long.

She says every time she treats a client she’s helping them tune into the potential for how healthy their body can feel. She says her treatments are about initiating new patterns in the body and giving people the ability to move beyond their limitations.

Contact Nancy Turcich in Prescott, Arizona at:

Click here for her VitalityLink profile.

(928) 717-1251(928) 717-1251 or


Profile: Jacquilen Foster Tomas, Naturopath

Jacquilen Foster Tomas 2

Dr. Jacquilen Foster Tomas is a Philadelphia-based naturopath who has helped people cope with problems as wide-ranging as broken bones, weight issues and toxicity.

About her clientele Jacquilen says, “I work with people who have tried several different ways – mainstream treatments and other healing modalities – and they’ve had limited or no results. I’ve come to realize that the patients that come to me are those that are ready to make changes in their lifestyle.”

For some people that might mean adjusting their eating habits. For others it might be about adopting new patterns of thinking.

Jacquilen uses an unusual billing model. “I don’t charge a fee for service because I saw there were clients that wanted help but didn’t have money for the fee. My services are based on donation.”

This approach seems to fit well with the philosophy of her practice. As she says, “I’m not doing this to get rich. I’m doing this to help people heal.”

Jacquilen Foster Tomas

Her inspiration to help others hits close to home. She was motivated to take an intensive 5-year naturopathic program while her husband, mother and father all fought cancer simultaneously.

“When I was studying to be a naturopath, I was also taking care of my parents and my husband. Everyone was sick at the same time.”

She had always had an interest in medicine and already held a certificate in natural healing. But with her family members suffering, she says, “I knew I wanted to do more and I finally said I had to go further and become a full-fledged naturopath.”

And although her career direction was born from adversity, she has no regrets. “I love what I do. I really love it with a passion.”

Jacquilen sees most of her clients in-person in Philidelphia but she’s also started treating long distance clients using Skype.

A first session typically takes at least 2 hours – her approach is to deeply get to know each client and to give them the space to open up.

Based on what she discovers in the first session, Jacquilen may recommend specific herbs and nutritional changes to help manage physical discomfort. All of her clients receive at least one BodyTalk treatment to get to the energetic and emotional root of the ailment.

Bodytalk is a form of energy healing in which the practitioner asks the body to reveal what healing needs to happen.

Jacquilen says, “With BodyTalk, it’s the person’s own healing energy doing the work. It’s not me. I’m helping them but they’re doing it. The speed and process they take is based on the needs of their own body.”

Contact Dr. Jacquilen Foster Tomas at (215) 360-4110 or Or you can find her via her VitalityLink profile.



Profile: Elise Robine Yohm, Medical Intuitive

Elise Robine Yohm

Elise Robine Yohm is a medical intuitive based in Vancouver, BC who serves clients around the world by Skype and phone.

She describes her unique specialty as using intuition to see the emotional cause of a medical problem.

She says, “There’s an emotional root to every problem. The body is waving a white flag, communicating something to you…I work on finding that emotional root and allowing the body to be in a state of healing itself.”

When she’s working with a new client, she says, “I begin to pick up what’s going on with that person. The problem might not be where they think it is.”

She tells the story of an entrepreneur suffering with a perpetually stiff jaw that needed extensive dental work. Elise was able to see that the real issue was rooted in the woman’s gut where she held emotional pain from childhood trauma. The woman had ignored the problem in her gut for so long her body found a new way to convey its emotional pain to her: a still jaw that was hard to ignore.

After two sessions with Elise to heal the original emotional injury, the client’s jaw healed on its own. No dental work required.

Elise says it’s common for people to avoid the messages their bodies send  about emotional pain. She believes allowing this communication is life changing and opens up the path to self-healing.

And it’s certainly changed her own life. Elise’s journey to become a medical intuitive began when she lost her father to pancreatic cancer.

At the time, Elise was in university studying computer science. She says, “He was diagnosed in April, gone by August. I couldn’t believe I was so naïve about cancer.”

She was dismayed traditional medicine offered no hope to her father. “This was the first time in my life there was a problem and no solution offered by the medical system – even though the doctors were great and did everything they could.”

Her grief inspired a new passion to understand the deeper causes of disease. After years of self-study, she decided to take a medical intuitive training program in Vancouver. Now, she practices full-time and trains new practitioners.

She says the first step to developing your own intuition is simply to start listening to your body.

“See how your body is feeling. Take the time to check on it throughout the day…am I tired? Am I hungry? Am I thirsty? Even though this seems very simple, it’s a crucial first step. You need to hear your body’s basic needs – then you’re more able to know when something is really going wrong.”

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