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Tai Chi can Help with Arthritis

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Modalities: Tai Chi
Conditions: arthritis

Talk about mystical movements to soothe your senses and the first thing that comes to your mind is Tai chi.  Long used for the relief of pain and gaining strength, this technique is rooted in the ancient Chinese medicine. Though not involved with any kind of oral medication, this is thought to be a natural treatment for many disorders including arthritis. While, strength, flexibility and balance are important ingredients, where joints are concerned, the Tai chi is a very safe and yet improved way to help people out of trouble.

As arthritis is usually connected with the old and is rarely heard of, in the youngsters, the Tai chi makes sure it does not become too hectic for the aged. Not only is it practiced in China now, but also is well known and equally practiced in many American institutes, parks and even hospitals. Thus helping people to restore energy and health, this natural way therefore, happens to be of great significance for a majority. So intense and rapid is the effect of Tai chi that the people practicing it report of pain relief after less the 5 minutes or 10 minutes at the most. Moreover, the technique involves no rocket science. As a number of people prefer practicing Tai chi in the mornings, they are able to get familiarized with this modality with the help of an instructor. The instructor generally briefs all the potential learners or the ones in need, to copy what he teaches. Consequently, the patients learn a wide range of exercises which help in pumping the motion of joints and maximize flexibility.

Many also relate to Tai chi as a provider of balance and pain relief. Also, because it is relaxing and helps find peace of mind, it is known to be “Moving Meditation.” People try to repeat the breathing exercises which the Tai chi is actually comprised of, and find a refuge from all the worldly worries. Another reason for why patients suffering from arthritis think of Tai chi to be helpful in their case is that it motivates them to indulge in simple activities. They accordingly, might even enjoy gardening for instance, which can be a pain otherwise. All of this eventually is credited to the true boy alignment and balance of the body, which is sought through Tai chi.

Furthermore, the patients suffering from arthritis can benefit from Tai chi, through attending standard classes. A common example of that can be individuals complaining of knee pain, Tai chi in this particular case increases the flexibility of knee joint and enables patients to enjoy a noticeable amount of improvement. It is even claimed that regular sessions of Tai chi can result in driving the entire body motion is a definite direction. As an individual switches sides and balances the body weight accordingly, Tai chi helps people to coordinate properly. In other exercises related to Tai chi, aside from those assisting arthritis in particular, it aids in flexibility of muscles and helps to build up a stronger movement performance.

Last Updated Thursday, 07 March 2013 17:54
This article was written by Christie Haskell
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