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The Omnipresent Human Being

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The Omnipresent Human Being

Being made after the image of God has it benefits and seemingly some downfalls unless one learns how to master their inherited abilities. With the coming power of new energies into the planet, which is entering in through intervals of light, humanity is experiencing several shifts and influxes. This is due to the preparation for the fulfillment of prophecy of the new heaven and earth. For a while, I had forgotten about this until Archangel Gabriel showed me this in a vision one day. All I could do was stare with amazement and I remember saying to myself – wow, it’s real!

Before the fall (yes we fell down into material form) we were aware of all things at once and the presence and existence of all things at once. We were able to manifest our abilities to shift our consciousness to where we needed to be. As a child, I remember being taught in Sunday school that God was in everything. I remember asking how this was so, but never receiving an explanation. I was also told that God knows the thoughts of humans. I remember thinking, but how is this so?

It is for this reason that I am allowed to and have been instructed to share this information with you – the reader. The physical body can only maintain a certain amount of high frequencies. Holding high frequencies is of no easy matter – trust me on this one. It is an unexplainable experience and feeling. If you are open to receive the energy that will pour into your body, especially if a large amount comes in at once, and you happen to be unable to process it as quickly as you receive it – your body will produce involuntary movements. For some, the frequencies become monotone in sound and produce various speeds of light that circulate throughout the body and take form on the vocal chords by using the sound frequency. This is more commonly referred to as “speaking in tongues”. It is a star language and any “tongue” or language will come forth depending on your place of origin going all the way back to your ancestral bloodline, human and celestial. As you elevate and shift consciousness into your higher selves, it becomes more galactical and calls upon the power from your Soul energy. It opens up the portals of heaven around you and allows the Angels of Light to come and assist you or to work through you if you happen to be a healer.

Not digressing to far from the subject at hand, as the earth takes in more and more of this new frequency, the light bodies in and around humans takes on form and begins to wake up. Many people have reported having a vision of themselves somewhere else that may come as a flash either before sleep or while engaging in waking activity.   The restoration of the light bodies is the awakening of them and this is your boarding pass into universal travel. The Light Bodies are alive and conscious. It houses Galactic or Light Intelligence which is beyond the realm of human thinking. It also attunes you to Christ Consciousness which is also the source for the Universal Mind. The Universal Mind is where all thoughts are harvested and this is the place where they descend until they reach the realm of Collective Consciousness around planet Earth.

The more you are open to receive more and more light energy, positive energy, or love energy, the more you become aware of those things that have been hindering you in your life.  [If you say to yourself “well I am just fine and I have no issues” then you must be an active Guru or Avatar walking on the planet! Everyone has many things to work on as the process of evolution depends upon one’s self development. It will end on this earth when you die on this earth and even still it will continue in spirit form.] The body will constantly put in your conscious mind those things that have been weighted within the subconscious mind which have been preventing you from recalling who you are. Releasing negative and limiting beliefs allows you to access higher forms of consciousness that exists within your Higher Selves. The Higher Selves are the reason that you are Omnipresent. It is through the subconscious mind that we are allowed to travel as this is also one with our soul and spirit. The subconscious mind is attuned to the Higher Mind of Christ as Christ Consciousness returns you to that state at which you see no separation between mind and matter and spirit and energy. All is one with the One. As you connect with your Higher Selves and the consciousness that it possesses, you become more aware of your omnipresence. You can re-call your dreams as this is simply a figment of your imagination. Yet this “figment” is not imaginary. It is a host of alternate realities that you have created to play out the unresolved issues of the subconscious mind. You interact with other sentient beings that help you play out your role in the universe. They help you to come to a greater understanding of the power you have and had. The realization of these dreams is to help you return to that power. It takes place in the 4th Dimension of Time. Several dimensions of time exists. This one in particular is in between our world of reality and the 5th plane of Existence. 

The purpose of the dream re-call is to help you gain power over the subconscious mind and what it is you are playing out. As you attune to the higher frequencies of light, you begin to ascend and elevate your consciousness and your dream state becomes much more spiritual in nature, meaning you work with different light beings and your soul family begins to assist you with playing out the human consciousness and returning it back to a state with divine intention. (You will see more Angelic beings and even interact with Stars.) It must be attuned to the Christ Mind frequency in order for you to enter the gates of heaven.   The more you can hold this frequency through your light bodies, the more and more dreams you will be able to recall, the more information you will get about yourself, and the more you can transcend this illusionary reality. You begin to see what is real and you must relearn how to operate with the awareness of your omnipresent self within the One. A prime example: when I first activated my lower light body, I was able to recall 12 dreams. At that time as I was early on with my studies on Light Energy and working with my Angels, I didn’t understand that I needed to do this every day. A few years later, as I am doing the work now, I am able to recall 6 to 7 dreams.

Talking about spirituality is one thing, but what is your purpose for pursuing it? You have to want more than just having a spiritual experience otherwise you will become satisfied with feeling odd sensations of floating, feeling light, and feeling good. This merely cannot be the end of your travels. You must take it yet further. Go outside the realm of your comfort and seek how to manifest the god in you. Do not get this confused with being a tyrant on any realm but come to a greater understanding as to what God is in your life and how you co-create with It. Understand the laws of co-creation and there you will find understanding to the universal law that is prevalent in all that we do.

Denika “Kelarius” Laurie

As received from Archangel Gabriel

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