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What is Your Soul Craving When You Crave Certain Foods?

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Conditions: emotional eating, food cravings


In my last posting, How to Manage Food Cravings While Getting Healthy, I talked about how to handle certain cravings that come along when we first begin to eat a healthier diet – cravings for sweets, salt, breads, meat, and creamy foods like dairy.

I discussed these cravings from a more physical and practical perspective, but would now like to take a look at some of those same core cravings in a more emotional/spiritual/metaphysical light (pick whatever word you like best).

What does it mean on deeper soul level when we crave certain flavors? I draw on insights from Ciel Grove – writer, holistic health practitioner, and certified wellness coach – in her article, The Physical and Spiritual Meaning Behind Your Cravings.


According to Grove, we often crave sweets because we are unable to process sadness. I have certainly found this to be true in my own life. For years, I suppressed my sadness, turning to sweets as the only comforting and sweet thing in life. The irony is that, while sugar temporarily soothes sadness away, it continues to aid us in never releasing that sadness from our souls so that we may seek the sweetness life always offers us of only we could see it all around us. As Grove aptly states, ”There is a difference between sweetness that heals [a love of life] and sweetness that temporarily bandages [sugar].”

If you (like me) tend to lean towards sweet cravings, perhaps your soul lesson is to learn to face and feel your emotions rather than running away from them. Exploring therapies (whether traditional or non-traditional, like energy healing) that allow you to safely process grief may be the thing you need to free yourself of sweet cravings. I know that it was only when I allowed myself to feel and process my grief that I was likewise able to truly feel joy for the first time in my life. Interestingly enough, this was also when I finally got over a 20-year addiction to sweets.


Unlike those who use sugar to numb away sadness, it seems that those who crave salt use it as a way of emotionally handling long-term stress, particularly that inner sense of being unable to seize control over life. Grove says, "Salt cravings indicate that we are trying to 'solidify' ourselves because we are overwhelmed and afraid; we are using salt as a kind of mineralized fortification, thinking that hardness and strength are what we need in order to deal with whatever experience is presenting itself.”

I have always turned to sweets to handle stress, but I have known friends who are salt addicts instead. To me it seems that sweet-eaters deal with life stress through avoidance strategies, while salt-eaters seems to deal with it by trying to exert control over self, others and circumstances. If you’re one who craves salt, your soul lesson may be to learn to be more fluid and trusting in life rather than rigid and controlling. Mindfulness and meditation may be good avenues for you to explore.


Fat is processed by the liver. In many holistic health traditions, the liver is considered the physical seat of our inner power, as it is situated in the same place as our 3rd chakra. People who crave fatty foods often may do so because they are unwilling or incapable of exerting their own power or self-worth. Grove explains that, “It is as though we are eating these difficult foods because we have yet to accept our own importance, and feel the need to keep the full reality of our power squashed down by physical discomfort. In this instance, our cravings are coming from our wounded ego, looking to perpetuate old hurts and a reduced sense of self worth.”

Do you constantly crave fats? Do you suffer from low self-esteem or low self-worth? Perhaps your soul lesson is to claim your power as a spiritual being in physical form. It may be that you need to claim your own authenticity rather than always trying to fit in with the crowd or cower under authority. Perhaps you need to find what your unique gift is for the world, and begin to express and share it. Consider exploring Law of Attraction or other spiritual pathways to empowerment. My 3 Awakening ebooks are a good starting place. They are short reads and priced between $1.99 and $2.99.


I have always believed that weight loss and wellness, at their root, offer us a special pathway for embarking on our spiritual journeys to greater personal growth and soul evolution. If you have spent a lifetime struggling with food and weight, see it not as a physical challenge, but as an emotional and spiritual one. It is an opportunity to learn much about yourself and find both your inner worth and inner power.

To explore this more holistic approach to healthy eating, I invite you to check out my 2 Wellness ebooks, both just $0.99 each:

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Last Updated Tuesday, 05 March 2013 23:54
This article was written by Melody Larson
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