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Ozone - History, Biochemistry and Therapeutic Effects

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Modalities: Ozone Therapy

Ozone - it’s Origins

What is ozone? Ozone is a gas closely related to oxygen. It is a natural element of the atmosphere.

Martin Friedrich Schonbin, a Dutch, while liquefying gases, noticed a peculiar smell near the electrical appliances. He paid no further attention to it. This was as early as 1785. However Christian Fernandez, a German, is credited with the discovery of Ozone. It was he, who called the strong smelling gas emanating from near electrical appliances, Ozone. The Chemical nature of this new gas was studied in Oxford in 1872. At that time the scientists were working on the Chemical properties of oxygen and was so amazed that they called Oxygen the “Hero of Chemistry”. When they got into studying Ozone they were not willing to give it a separate identity, so they called it ozonated Oxygen.

Interest in the use of ozone increased after Seimens developed an induction tube for the production of ozone. Ozone thus generated was mainly used to deodorize the area around slaughterhouses and sewage disposal areas.

Dr. E A Fisch, a dental surgeon in Germany started using ozonated water in his dental practices. He found that bleeding was minimal after extraction and the infections after surgery were fewer. About this time a noted orthopedic and thyroid surgeon, Dr. Peyr needing dental work done went to Dr, Fisch and was intrigued with the ozonated water used by Dr. Fisch during surgery and recognized the possibility of ozone becoming a part of medical armamentarium. Thus ozone therapy was born.

It took almost a hundred years after this historic step for ozone generators to be developed. Dr. Hans Wolf dedicated his life to study the use of ozone in medicine. During the First World War ozone was used for sterilizing wounds and treating chronic ulcers. At present physicians use ozone in treating numerous ailments including cancer.

Industrial use of ozone is worldwide. Many countries use ozone to purify water and air. Medical use of ozone is accepted all over Europe, and some parts of the USA. Cuban physicians use ozone in many medical conditions, both in young and old and report dramatic results. At the Second international symposium on ozone application in medicine, in Havana, Cuba, the Cubans reported positive results on treating major eye diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s syndrome, hearing loss in children and many other conditions. Reports from Russia are also impressive.

It took almost a century to recognize and accept ozone as a viable therapeutic tool.

A Healer not a Killer

The air is fresh and refreshing immediately after a thunderstorm. The same freshness is felt walking along the seashore and one feels invigorated and gets a feeling of wellness. The air that is breathed in feels fresh and bracing. All this is due to the ozone present in the atmosphere.

The electricity produced during a thunderstorm acts on the oxygen in the air converting it to ozone. Similarly the waves pounding on the seashore create electricity, which acts on the air immediately above, generating ozone.

Ozone is a natural element present in the atmosphere. Several organizations and many scientific pundits claim ozone to be a toxic gas and that it is harmful to health and life. Every morning in the USA the radio announcer broadcasts the ozone count. When this count reaches a certain level, the public who have allergies and asthma are advised to stay indoors to prevent aggravation of their condition. The good people trying to help the public fail to explain or are ignorant of the fact that it is not the actual concentration of ozone in the air that they are talking about. The ozone count is really the count of the oxides resulting from the oxidation of the pollutants in the atmosphere such as hydrocarbons and other toxic substances. Ozone is actually destroying these very harmful substances. The oxides are an irritant to the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. The more dense the pollution, the longer it takes for the resulting oxides to be dissipated. Naturally these asthmatics and the people with allergies find their symptoms aggravated.

It has been proven with more than forty years of using ozone in medicine that ozone is not a killer but a healer. The German ozone society conducted a study on the side effects of ozone administered into the body. Five billion and odd infusions of ozone in several million patients were studied. They found .007% side effects. None of them fatal. This compared to 42000 deaths in the hospitals in the USA every year due to drug reactions is not at all bad. Would not one say that Ozone is a much safer therapeutic agent?

Like any other medical procedure ozone should be administered carefully by a well-trained technician under close medical supervision.

About 40 kilometers above the earth’s surface, there is a layer of ozone blanketing the earth and protecting the life on earth from the harmful effects of ultra violet rays emanating from the sun. Environmentalists are concerned about the holes in the ozone layer due to dense pollution. These holes allow harmful ultra-violet rays to reach the earth’s surface. Ironically, this ozone layer is produced by the action of ultra violet rays on oxygen in the air. In addition to protecting life from the harmful effects of U V rays, ozone also acts on the hydrocarbons and other chemical pollutants destroying them. The resulting oxides are not toxic but they could be an irritant to the respiratory mucous membrane lining the windpipe and bronchi. These oxides resulting from ozone’s oxidative power in defusing the toxins will certainly not cause cancer and other degenerative disorders, but the unoxidized chemicals and hydrocarbons certainly will.

Ozone is neither a killer nor a toxic gas. It is an effective therapeutic agent, in addition to being a deodorizer and sterilizer. No therapy can be in use all these years if it was dangerous or harmful.

The air that is breathed in during respiration is a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and a few other gases. When humans evolved into oxygen dependant species the air had about 30% concentration of oxygen. This gradually dropped down to 21% and then to 17%. Man learnt in his evolution, to adapt to these lowered concentrations of oxygen in the air, however in dense industrial cities, the oxygen concentration could be as low as 14 %. Pessimists claim that oxygen concentration in some areas may be as low as 11 %. At these concentrations the human physiology cannot adapt adequately. It is not an exaggeration to say we are all oxygen starved. This drastic reduction of oxygen in the air is due to increased industrial pollution released into the atmosphere.

Ozone is the only agent which can deal with this sad state of dense pollution, and also super oxygenate the body. One cannot ask for more, can we?

Knowing Ozone

Ozone is a gas with half-life of about 20 – 30 minutes depending on the temperature and the PH of the media. It is a natural trace element of the atmosphere. Because of its short half-life it cannot be bottled and stored; neither can it be made into pills.

Ozone is generated from oxygen, the gas that sustains our life. Oxygen is a diatomic molecule i.e. each molecule of oxygen contains 2 atoms of O. Each atom O has a nucleus containing 8 neutrons and 8 protons. 2 orbits surround the atoms. Each one of the orbits has 4 electrons i.e. the two orbits have 8 electrons. This makes the oxygen molecule made up of two atoms with 16 electrons orbiting around the nuclei. The two atoms are strongly bonded and the gas oxygen is stable and can be bottled and stored.

Ozone generated from oxygen is a triatomic molecule. Three molecules of oxygen will form two molecules of ozone.

Of the three atoms, two of the atoms are bonded strongly like in oxygen and the third atom is loosely bonded. This makes gas ozone ten times more soluble in water than oxygen. Compared to oxygen, ozone has 24 protons, 24 neutrons and 24 electrons. The atomic weight of Ozone is 48. The oxygen molecule is straight where as the ozone molecule is curved. In other words, the three atoms are not in a straight line. This configuration makes the ozone molecule electrically more active.

To repeat what has already been said, ozone is produced when the ultra violet rays of the sun acts on the diatomic molecules of oxygen. For therapeutic use ozone is generated by passing oxygen through two electrodes. During generation of ozone multiple molecular combinations up to 60 are observed. These last only for nano seconds breaking down rapidly during collision of the molecules.

Several vital factors are important for successful ozone treatment in addition to the quality and concentration of ozone used for the treatment. The contact time is important. The longer the ozone is in contact with the tissues to be treated, the more effective the treatment is. As mentioned before, ozone is relatively unstable with a half life of 20 – 30 minutes. Contact time is the time when the diatomic molecule which is ozone is in contact with organic or chemical matter in the atmosphere, water or body fluids. When contact happens one oxygen atom breaks away. This is called the singlet O. Singlet O is a very aggressive oxidizer, it oxidizes the chemicals or metals into oxides. It will also oxidize all bacteria, moulds and fungi, viruses and parasites. Unhealthy cells such as cancer cells are also oxidized. Ozone thus is a non-chemical disinfectant. It is the second most powerful oxidizer in nature, second to Fluorine. Fluorine is also a very toxic gas and cannot be used therapeutically.

Coming back to contact time, it is the length of time the tissues are exposed to ozone before ozone disintegrates. The longer the contact time, the better the cure rate. The stability of ozone also depends on the alkalinity or acidity of the tissue and body fluid. In an alkaline milieu ozone is more stable and the contact time is increased with better results.

Since ozone when disintegrated reverts back to oxygen, it is environmentally friendly.


Life process depends on the balanced functioning of the Redox system. Redox system is the acronym for the process of Reduction and Oxidation going on to sustain the life process. In lay language oxidation means frying or burning, and reduction means putting out the fire. For oxidation to occur, oxygen needs to be supplied. Oxidation is necessary for energy production. Oxidation cannot continuously occur without control. It is like fire used to cook food. When the cooking is done, the fire is put out. In the body oxidation is stopped by reduction i.e. the oxygen is removed.

No fire can be lit without the oxygen contained in the air. Oxygen oxidizes substances, but the oxidation is controlled by the formation of carbon dioxide. The redox system is stable when oxidation and reduction are balanced. Life then is sustained. This process of oxidation and reduction involves a more complex reaction such as electron transfer and quantum mechanism in addition to exchange of oxygen.

Ozone, the polymer of oxygen is a very aggressive oxidant. It is also ten times more soluble in water and the body fluids than oxygen. Ozone has three atoms, two of which are bonded strongly but the third one is loosely bonded and separates from the other two when ozone comes in contact with water, body fluids, chemicals, metals, organic matter such as diseased cells, bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites.. As a result of the reaction of this singlet O on substances, Hydroxyl (OH) radical and super Oxide are formed. The singlet O also reacts with the H2 O2 in the body. H2O2 is produced in the body during normal cellular metabolism. This singlet O reacts with H2O2 forming hydroxyperoxyl radical. This is known popularly as peroxide. Peroxides are destructive free radicals.

Ozone also acts on contact with unsaturated fatty acids producing (H2O2) hydrogen peroxide. This is further acted upon by Ozone resulting in molecular oxygen, hydroxyl radical and hydrogen radical.

A few amino acids react to ozone. The majority of proteins are not susceptible to ozone. Ozone can also inhibit certain enzymatic activity in the body. Ozone also reacts with nucleic acids causing a break in the nuclear strands.

All the above reactions mentioned are due to the Singlet O that separates from the O3 molecules, when ozone comes in contact with the body fluids and organic matter. This Single O is a free radical. A free radical is formed when an atom has no electron to share with another atom. The electrons orbit the nucleus of the atoms in pairs. When one of the pair separates or is lost the single electron, since it cannot survive alone, desperately seeks a partner. In the process of search for another electron to pair with, the single electron or the free radical can cause much damage to the tissues. Many chemical reactions occur through free radicals. Free radicals cause polymerization and precipitation of soluble proteins and cross linking of DNA molecules. All this prevents normal functioning of the cell. When cells cannot function efficiently ill health results.

The singlet oxygen is in a very high energy state and initiates oxidation. Oxidation in turn causes the production of free radicals. When ozone creates all these damaging reactions it seems illogical that it could be a healer. All the healthy cells in the tissues and organs in the body have free radical scavengers and nutrients to prevent oxidation. They are all protected from possible damage by the singlet oxygen and resulting free radicals. Only unhealthy cells which have lost this protective mechanism and organisms which are devoid of antioxidants and scavengers are destroyed.

The antioxidants are Vitamins C & E, Beta Carotene, Selenium, Methionine, Glutathione. Zinc helps activation of antioxidants. Other antioxidants are found in raw tomatoes, grape seed extract, pine bark and red wine. Including these substances in daily diet and taking them as supplements will enhance the antioxidant activity of the tissue.

The cells contain free radicals scavengers such as superoxidase dermatase, catalase, and hydralase. They scavenge the free radicals produced and neutralize them. They inhibit the uncontrolled activity of free radicals and their destruction of tissues by the singlet oxygen. Thus all healthy cells and tissues containing antioxidant and free radicals scavengers are protected from damage. Degenerate cells such as cancer cells, viruses, bacteria and fungi not having the protection of the antioxidants and free radical scavengers get oxidized by free radicals produced by singlet oxygen. Hence ozone is able to destroy them and sterilize the tissue fluids. Moreover ozone acts as a catalyst for the cells to increase the concentration of these protective substances.

As a bonus, when the singlet oxygen is released the remaining part of the molecule, ozone reverts back to health giving life sustaining oxygen, which circulates in the body nourishing the oxygen starved tissues.

Various other beneficial reactions result with ozone therapy. The electrons in the atoms of the ozone molecules jump from inner orbit, the L level, to K level, the outer orbit, and back. In this quantum jumping of the electrons much electrical and magnetic activity is created and is released. These electromagnetic reactions and electro voltaic reactions result in profuse photon and energy transfer stimulating many beneficial reactions leading to cellular health.

The ability of ozone to sterilize and deodorize by powerful oxidation is used in water purification, in many large cities all over the world. The human body is made up of 57 % of its weight in water. This water is distributed all over the body as blood, lymph, extra cellular and intra cellular fluid. It makes sense that ozone can also sterilize the body fluids helping to get rid of noxious and toxic chemicals and organisms.

By its electro magnetic reaction ozone also stimulates and modulates the immune system, particularly the lymphocytes. Stimulating the lymphocytes and other cells, special substance called interleukins are produced. Interleukin may be familiar to many people. It is a very expensive substance that is used to treat certain types of Cancer.

Oxygen has to be metabolized by bio chemical processes such as glycolysis, citric acid, cycle, and mitrochronical respiration. All these reactions are enhanced, when ozone is introduced into the blood. Since most of these bio chemical reactions occur in the cell, it will be a good idea to get acquainted with the cell.

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