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Using Meditation to Reduce the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

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Modalities: Meditation
Conditions: Fibromyalgia, pain, stiffness,

The fact that many might not be aware of regarding Fibromyalgia; which causes frequent mood swings and even memory issues, is that it's strongly related to muscle and joint pain which people often complain about. At the first instance, Fibromyalgia sounds to be a distressing disorder followed by pain and fatigue and it does create a lot of chaos inside too! Escaping from all of this, which causes a lot of turbulence, patients seek medical advice at their earliest. However, when they don’t find a refuge through medicines despite of all the effort, Natural treatment methods seem to be the only way. While a number might think of it as a conservative method of treatment, a few are of the opinion that it is worth trying out ways that are harmless and soothing at the same time. Well, the later ones have a point here, why not go the natural way once in a while. After all, there’s nothing to lose here...

Starting with one of the simplest of Natural treatment methods, Meditation seems to be a complementary one for a quite a while now. Not only does it reduce pain and provide relaxation but also helps the mind focus, consequently leading to positivity. Similarly, Meditation has been significantly popular for the treatment of Fibromyalgia. It eases the stress caused by Fibromyalgia and makes the patients gain strength. Not that Meditation would make the pain disappear completely but yes, it will definitely help diminish the throbbing effect. An essential part of meditation along with, is to learn to create a balance, become persistent and be able to bear a percentage of stress that is otherwise hard to cope with.

An insight into how can meditation simply be a great help in Fibromyalgia reveals that it is a mood booster! In fact, a simple example can be taken from that of the people who run-off from the atmosphere in hospitals and doctor clinics in order to get treatments. Meditation gives them a chance to feel relaxed and get treatment simultaneously, while being at home. As it does not particularly require any equipment or a specified setup, it can be performed just anywhere. People usually choose their gardens, patios or some silent corner of their house to meditate. Also, interestingly, it does not bind the patients of a time limit, they can meditate whenever they desire, where ever they aspire.

Moreover, Meditation helps the people suffering from Fibromyalgia to experience a spiritual connection which leads to finding peace and tranquility. This is what cannot otherwise be achieved, nor can it be felt in the hassle of everyday life. Also, a number even claims that Meditation gives a chance to create a space for one’s own self, free the thoughts and think positively. As a result, the patient suffering from not just Fibromyalgia, but nearly any ailment feels relieved and spiritually strengthened. There is an increase in positive mental activity which helps in the formation of a directive for one’s wandering attention, thus creating more alertness and clarity of thoughts and most of all, Meditations has no side effects at all.

Last Updated Tuesday, 12 February 2013 16:06
This article was written by James Addison
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