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The 'How to' Secrets on Youth & Vitality

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Modalities: Holistic Nutrition Therapy, Life Coaching

Who wouldn’t like to know how to look years younger without the expense, pain and risks of plastic surgery, or shake those feelings of fatigue, aches or swelling?

TV, newspaper and magazine marketing messages and images constantly promote the image of youth which has a dramatic influence on many people.  

The reality is, as you age, the natural ability of your body to retain and support a youthful appearance and energy level is directly impacted by your lifestyle choices.

Change happens slowly over time, your everyday choices have a cumulative effect on your body influencing appearance; energy; digestive processes, sleep and even the ability to cope with stress.

Fortunately, keeping or restoring your youthful looks, energy and vitality does not have to be complicated, time consuming or expensive. 

But it does involve choice, because it’s really all about listening to your body, noticing any symptoms you may be experiencing like fatigue, pain or constipation and making choices that will deliver exactly what your body is asking for.

The truth is, if you slowly introduce and adopt these seven powerful yet simple strategies into your daily routine, you’ll not only look better, you’ll feel great and as a bonus you’ll enjoy excellent health and well-being!

1) Fill Up On Antioxidant Rich Foods By Eating Foods Without Barcodes

Take control of your body weight and reduce the risks of disease with antioxidants sourced from whole foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables that offer superior protection for your body against the effects of inflammation, fatigue and stress. 

A growing body of scientific evidence confirms chronic inflammation, fatigue and pain in the body is the result of consuming highly refined foods such as white sugar, flour, processed oils and packaged foods which lack usable nutrients and contain many substances your body has considerable difficulty digesting.

Research also points to stress, sleep deprivation and exposure to free radicals which insidiously change your cells little by little.  You are bombarded by free radicals from pollutants, herbicides, microwaves, pesticides, preservatives and chemicals that are on and in our foods. 

As we age, it is much more difficult for our body to process these free radicals resulting in a weakened body and increased signs of aging. 

As you increase whole foods consumption by shopping the perimeter of your local grocery store, you’ll be strengthening your immune system and restoring youthful radiance.

2) Take Charge Of Your Stress Levels

“A recent telomere research study at the University of California showed that “chronic stress can accelerate aging as much as 10 years”. 

Cortisol is a corticosteroid hormone produced by the adrenal cortex that is involved in the response to stress; it increases blood pressure, blood sugar levels, may cause infertility in women, and suppresses the immune system. You can easily control stress by finding a favorite activity and making it a part of your day. 

Moderate exercise, reflexology, yoga, pilates, deep breathing and walking all reduce your stress levels. 

If you find yourself in a very stressful situation, unwind with a brisk 10 minute walk, or brief meditation you’ll return calmed, refreshed and likely have a fresh point of view.

3) Get Sleep, The Great Healer

The demands of today’s lifestyle are never ending but the one part of your day you should covet is your sleep time.  Sleeping, eating, and sex, control aging by counter-acting the effects of stress giving our bodies time to recover.  

Sleep is “the great healer”.  Research at the National Institutes of Health in Washington, D.C., shows that less than an average of 8 hours of sleep at night causes premature aging and the science of circadian rhythmicity (light-and-dark cycles) explains how sleeping controls eating and stress. The hormonal changes caused by sleep deprivation and more free radicals mean faster aging.

Avoid the effects of pre-mature aging by establishing a regular, restful sleep cycle even if it’s only 7 hours.  Adopt a relaxing routine, bath, herbal tea, reading 20-30 minutes before bed time, go to bed at the same time every night, do not eat 2-3 hours before going to bed as it impairs both digestion and sleep plus consider avoiding any caffeine after noon. 

4) Drink Lots of Good Quality Water

Your body relies on water to process foods, detoxify properly, control weight and water is essential for supple, younger looking skin and bright eyes.  Good quality water has been known to be reverse osmosis or distilled.  These prove to be acidic water quality and acidic water should never be used for internal use!  There is only one source of a seven stage system that is pH balanced which we know is the best for human consumption. Consider at least 8 8 oz. glasses of water throughout the day essential, more if you consume coffee, alcohol or other similar drinks and if you do, remember as a diuretic, coffee and the like flushes water from your system so add back at least 2 times in water to these beverages consumed.

5) Switch to Good Fats

Many people are deficient in the essential fat called omega-3.  Youth is often recognized by supple and smooth skin, shiny hair, nails, joints and muscles.  You’ll feel and look well when your daily consumption includes, raw nuts and seeds (not roasted or salted), avocado, good quality olive, flax or  hemp oil (extra virgin/cold pressed), organic or free range poached or soft-boiled eggs.  As a bonus, you’ll also get their anti-inflammatory benefits.

6) Drop The Salt Habit

Your body can’t use the sodium from in-organic table salt or other similar in-organic sources.  Instead get your sodium from foods such as sea salt, celery, cabbage (red), apples, asparagus, beets, greens, carrots, chickpeas, kale, parsley, turnips, dates, and lentils.

7) Laugh Often, Laugh Well

The Time Jan. 17, 2005 issue stated “It’s no joke: laughing may be one of nature’s cleverest tricks for keeping us healthy and safe”.

Laughter, happiness and optimism have been linked to your aging process and have been shown to block pain and reduce stress levels.  In 2001, Lee Berk, Professor of Pathology and Anatomy at Loma Linda Uni. in California tracked two groups of cardiac patients; one group got 30 minutes of comedy a day plus normal medical therapy, the other just normal therapy. 

At the end of the year, the laughing group had lower blood pressure, lower stress-hormone levels, fewer episodes of arrhythmia and fewer repeat heart attacks.  There is certainly a lot of interest in the benefits of the laughter so be sure to make it a significant part of your day.

Now you know how to look and feel great by choosing well; your natural appearance and long term health depends on it.  Don't try everything at once.  Choose one item and begin, then add another when you're comfortable with the small changes. Give yourself 90 days!

Holistic health consulting services can provide you with understanding, guidance and a simple plan focused exclusively on solving your individual health needs.  No calories to count and no hunger pangs, just a solid approach to support your long-term health goals.  

Book your appointment.

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Last Updated Wednesday, 10 December 2014 20:27
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