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Awaken Heart

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Modalities: Life Coaching
Conditions: who am I ? why me,what can I do, new paradigm,transformation

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I am using my fevered topic and that is our Hearts. In my own transformational work and following others,became clear to me that there is so much pain still in the world and it is not addressed. For some add reason it is not cool if you are not out there and standing out, and you have to do this or that and what ever. This is scaring many people to even open up to others because of the fear of being judged or not good enough or cool enough. So everybody is hiding that feeling somewhere in the deep corner and hope nobody will find out. I was just reading a great article from another well know coach and she was shocked to find out that how many women are dealing with underlining chronic stress. That could be about anything ,loss of job, loss of partner,divorce, fear of uncertain future ...and the list could go on. I have bin aware for many years working as massage therapist and wellness practitioner that there is a big gap, hidden emotional pain in peoples hearts and most people are just shutting they hearts down . So they don't have to feel and hope that it will one day just magically dis-appear ! We know from the physics that we cant destroy energy so now what to do with ? My life coaching helps people to get in touch with they own heart-truth and shift paradigm . It is simple ,easy and playful...... Most people think that if it is not hard and complicated will not work. That's the Old paradigm...... 

Find out: you are not broken

             you don't need to be fixed

             you are fine as who you are.......

Want to know more ....

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Dare to Dream.......Magdalena

Last Updated Monday, 30 June 2014 19:33
This article was written by Magdalena Winkler
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