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Benefits of Life Coaching !

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I am new kid on the block here in this community.My work is about sharing my own experience and challenges I bin facing on my journey, what did work ,what didn't and by doing that, others can greatly benefit and find new ways to approach they own life and create reality that is in alignment   whit who they are.So I thought to give you a short cut how life coaching couls benefit you in your life. 

What I say to my clients is that I am not here to tell you what you have to do, be or have.They first  experience a shock, but this is the first step to stop the chatter of the mind !

Then I help them to expand they awareness, that we are here on the journey as a humanity and right now facing a stage where we all have to grow up and act responsible . Did you graduate from any class?? Who was responsible to pass the grade or graduate?? This is the same here. We can complicate everything to make our mind have something to chow on or start simplify and recognize we gave our personality the driver seat and now being the passenger we don't like it .

We can see this behavior in all aspect of our life, you mane it it is all over. The majority of humanity is in victim stage not knowing that we all have to wake up and stop thinking and stop blaming that somebody ells is responsible for what is going on.Yes and no, well this is the paradox that we have to face no mather who we are .This is where the mastering of our self comes in guided by leadership that cares for another human being ,for bigger picture and that we are here to grow and use our resources wisely ,implementing the best alternatives allowing diversity .Life is a garden with many flowers ,there is not just one way.    

When I started my path I had taken many seminars ,read books ,I invested lath in my own growth, what put me in direction that started to feel right for me , but I had to listen much deeper inside of me to connect to something much greater .I had to ask the question is this taking me horizontal or more the same or is this taking me vertical and connecting me to something I have to learn more about. So be willing to learn and invest in your self, it will pay you back many time over.        

I know there is a jungle out there and I call it 12 floor snap shot, meaning lat of stuff is so cut on physical focus ,missing mental-emotional-spiritual integration.We all want to improve our life but do we also want to grow? Do we want or not, we are involving into multi dimensional beings integrating our one dimensionality and now dealing with growing pains. By adjusting our lance we change what we see and we change our story. We can love it or we can put on our brakes , it is up US. As I sad when I recognized that nothing was broken I was the one who needed to align ,everything became less complicated. I was not separated any more and was able to open my heart. This was my greatest gift for myself but it does not happen over night it takes work  

This may not work for everybody,since we are all on different level of our own evolution and playing our role in the creation. For those who vibrate with this info, my 5 best tips would be;  

1. There is nothing broken outside and nothing need to be fixed.

2. Life is a journey not a destination,lets enjoy it .

3. This is a path of human evolution , so let align the personality with the much bigger picture. 

4. Step out the box and consciously create your own reality.

5. Are you ready !! Lets the adventure begin ! 

Years of experience help me to short cut the journey and go to the core issue much quicker saving time and money for my clients using holistic coaching .

For those who would like to have more work done and go to deeper level or interested on online telesminars ,contact me at:

Last Updated Thursday, 08 March 2012 14:18
This article was written by Magdalena Winkler
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