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Hypnosis - Frequently Asked Questions

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Modalities: Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis - What is it?

To many of us, the word hypnosis conjures up fears and apprehensions. We think we are unconscious and under the control of the hypnotist. Nothing could be further from the truth! When we are under hypnosis, we are deeply relaxed physically, while mentally many times more alert that in our normal state of awareness. We hear and respond to everything and are active participants in the therapy. We have great control over what we will or will not do, and will instantly reject any suggestions uncomfortable to us. 

If we like and want the suggestions given, we are allowed to enter the subconscious mind. 
This part of us is like a computer and must respond to what is allowed to go into it.  We are all what the programming in the subconscious mind perceives us to be. If this part of the mind views us as fat, we become fat. If it perceives that we smoke, we smoke -- and so on through smoking, weight loss and other problems. Using hypnosis, we are able to access this subconscious computer and reprogram ourselves to be whatever we wish to be!

I Don't think I can be hypnotized.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. You can enter some form of hypnosis several times every day. ANYONE can enter hypnosis very easily, providing you have the following two things: 

  1. You must want to be hypnotized (no one can be hypnotized against his or her will).
  2. You must not have any fears or misconceptions about hypnosis and how it works.

Hyposis is a 100% consent state

If at any time you want to emerge from the state of hynosis, for any reason, you will instantly, naturally open your eyes and become fully alert. No one can keep you in hypnosis against your will.

Can Hypnosis hurt you?

In over two hundred years of recorded hypnosis history, there is no documented case of anyone being hurt with hypnosis. Hypnosis can only be used in a positive way. If anyone tries to give you suggestions against your morals, religious beliefs or anything you feel strongly about, you could instantly emerge from the state of relaxation on your own.

Last Updated Thursday, 09 February 2012 20:22
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