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Dr. Hans Heinrich Reckeweg, M.D. The Father of Homotoxicology and HEEL

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Modalities: Homeopathy, Homotoxicology

This article is about the history of Dr. Reckeweg (the genius behind Heel’s “PHASE” remedies of Homotoxicology), and a description of three of the most unique old and new treatment modalities that make this form of treatment so rewarding, for both doctor and patient. The results are swift, comfortable and affordable.

Dr. Reckeweg was a German Medical Doctor who understood the tenets of Homeopathy. He broke with the tradition established by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, M.D., who postulated that only one remedy should be used at a time. Dr. Reckeweg postulated that if there were ten remedies that did the same thing, then it would be prudent to add all ten to one formula, and let the patient’s system choose the one that it wanted. He also further developed the concept of the Homaccorde. Considering that potencies need to become more and more dilute, he would add multiple potencies of the same remedies, and let the patient’s system choose not only which remedy it wanted, but which potency of the remedy it wanted.

He developed a whole line of these combination remedies, covering all phases of medical problems, and declared his new field of medicine Homotoxicology. This was seen as a “bridge” between allopathic medicine and homeopathic medicine, as the remedies were used for Allopathic diagnostic indications, but treated them with these homeopathically prepared mixtures. In the close to 40 years that Dr. Reckeweg did his work in Germany, he developed approximately two thousand of these combinations. In the early 1970s, he sold 50% of his worldwide company to the Delton Group, a huge multi-conglomerate that owns many other businesses, including a majority interest in the BMW car company.

Dr. Reckeweg took his money and ostensibly headed to the United States to retire. He landed in new York and bought a Winnebago. He started a nine-month trek around the USA, ultimately arriving in New Mexico at what must have been an enchanting time of the Year. He fell in love with everything about “The Land of Enchantment”, and bought big parcels of land in and around Albuquerque and put down roots as a settler. After about 6 months of idleness, the enchantment turned to introspection and he again started dreaming up new combination formulas. It was during this time period that he founded a new company that he named BHI. It was under BHI that he developed a new line of innovative combination formulas that he actually named for illness itself (ex: Allergy, Ear, Inflammation, Bone, Headache, etc.). He made them in a way that they would be saleable over the counter. After a ten year period of success, The Delton people came to town and were so impressed that they bought the remaining 50% of the company. This transaction took place in 2001. The entire company is now known as Heel Inc.

The most famous Heel remedy is known as TRAUMEEL. It contains 13 different Homeopathic remedies at single potencies, and is either the top selling Homeopathic remedy in the entire world, or one of the top sellers. It is indicated for many of the causes of Traumatic conditions, including major injury and acute inflammatory conditions such as Acute Otitis Media. It comes as a cream, a tablet, an oral liquid, an injectable liquid and eardrops. Many reputable studies have been done and published on Traumeel, including efficacy in injury conditions such as ankle sprains, up to the relief of stomatitis caused by chemotherapy in cancer patients.

Traumeel is actually listed in the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR), and if an ampoule of it were only added to every IV started in an Emergency Room or an Operating room, morbidity and even mortality would be reduced by a significant percentage. The study on stay days and recovery times is a study waiting to occur, and it is your author’s opinion that the only unknown is how high the percentage of improvement that would be shown. There are many success stories using Homotoxicology, and they are all quite frankly related to the great genius of Dr. Hans Heinrich Reckeweg, M.D.

At the annual medical week conference given in late October by Heel in Baden Baden, an approximate $15,000 Reckeweg prize for innovations in Homotoxicology is granted annually to the Physician making the biggest innovative discovery.

Two years ago that prize was given to a German internist or making the discovery that Euphorbium Nasal Spray is actually Viracidal. This was proven by Viral cultures showing that the spray does more than unclog nasal passages; it kills the virus that causes the passages to be clogged. It can also be used on Herpes Simplex lesions as well as Shingles Herpes Zoster Lesions. Spraying the nose spray on the blisters reduces pain almost immediately, and reduces healing times to one-third of that expected.

This past year The Reckeweg was granted to another physician that found that Diabetics with peripheral Neuropathy could be treated successfully wit Oral Lymphomyosot drops, along with Intravenous Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Your author has successfully treated Type Two Diabetics with the combination of Syzigium Compositum, Aesculus Compositum and Galium Compositum, simply added to patients’ drinking water. Blood sugar levels have dropped dramatically as well as marked reduction in needs for regular medication. We have even treated a young Type One Diabetic’s need for Insulin (from 40 units a day to 10) with the addition of Pankreas Suis Injeel (not available commercially in the USA) to the patient’s regimen.

© Copyright 2002 by Bruce H. Shelton, M.D., M.D.(h) DiHom & HEEL USA Medical Director, USA

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