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Conditions: "Cancer", "Diabetes", "Depression", "High Blood Pressure", "Eye Condition", "Kidney Condition"

Struggle with Tiredness?   Improve Health - Look Young

Cancer, Diabetes - with multiple health concerns

As mentioned in the previous case study, many people are well into diabetes before it is diagnosed. Beware of being told you are a borderline case!

Following a stroke, this client requested that I design a lifestyle program for her. She suffered from high blood pressure for many years; and also had undergone surgery and treatment for ovarian cancer. She experienced both of these health conditions BEFORE her diabetes and related depression were ever diagnosed.

The woman had been eating a diet of processed, junk foods for over 30 years. She was obese and suffered a stroke within a year of starting insulin injections. The client also had kidney and visual impairement. Circulation, skin health and nerve function were major concerns. She was forgetful and displayed blood sugar personality traits of irritability and grumpiness.

Within 2 weeks of being on the lifestyle program, her condition improved so much that she was taken off insulin injections - following close monitoring by health professionals. For the first time in decades, this woman achieved vibrant health at a level unknown to her prior to her illness.

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This article was written by Lorraine Mignault
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