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10 Tips for Getting Healthy Naturally

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Modalities: Holistic Health
Conditions: weight, weight gain, weight management, weight loss, unhealthy eating

Here are 10 simple tips for creating health & wellness in your life, taking a natural & holistic approach.

1. Know your worth – do you believe you’re worthy of health and wellbeing?

2. Have a personal wellness vision – what does being healthy mean to you personally, versus what society tells you it should mean?

3. Give yourself permission – it’s amazing how often we let friends, family, culture or other pressures prevent us from becoming healthy.

4. Drink purified water – most people are permanently dehydrated due to a) not drinking enough water and/or b) drinking sodas, coffee and other beverages that leech water from our cells

5. Go organic – get all the chemicals and toxins out of your system by eating a natural, whole foods diet.

6. Drop meat and dairy – there is huge evidence to show that a plant-based diet is far healthier for you than consuming animal products. If you aren’t allergic, replace animal products with nuts, seeds, and healthy fats.

7. Make your own meals - learning to connect with your food through cooking, as well as having control over the ingredients, is one of the strongest ways to get healthy and stay healthy.

8. Substitute rather than deprive – introduce healthier versions of your favorite meals rather than depriving yourself of them.

9. Work with a naturopath – get free of toxic medications and try natural remedies for what ails you. A naturopath will look at your health holistically rather than treating specific symptoms.

10. Get a move on – no amount of healthy eating is enough without some form of regular exercise. Find some things you love to do that offer your body stretching, strengthening and exertion.


Well & Awake is a natural health and spiritual wellness site for holistically-minded women. We’re dedicated to helping you eat healthy effortlessly, lose weight naturally and awaken your True Self fully. Well & Awake offers ebooks, an online self-study course, free media, a blog, recipes and more to support you in achieving all of your wellness goals. To help you get started on your journey right away, download my free gift: the 100 Holistic Tips for Living Well report. Yep, it’s FREE!


Last Updated Sunday, 20 January 2013 17:41
This article was written by Melody Larson
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