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EFT - Self Confession

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Modalities: Emotional Freedom Technique® (EFT®)

EFT – Self Confession

by Violetta Borowski EFT Cert.-1

I have been working with clients using EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique to help them alleviate physical & emotional pain, resolve conflicts, let go of resentment, anger and many other emotional issues that are so prevalent in keeping us back from experiencing life both joyfully and effortlessly. I have had great success with my clients, and it has truly been a wondrous experience to provide them with tools that can dramatically transform their lives.

However rewarding working with clients may be, nothing comes close to the experience of big shifts within your own self. Even the most advanced practitioners of EFT, or of any healing modality, will experience emotional disturbances, physical aches & pains, and a series of unresolved personal issues that mysteriously come up for healing during the most inconvenient times. Yes, practitioners are people too, and believe it or not we also have our life lessons and challenges to deal with.

Recently I was dealing with troubling behaviour by my daughter. She was disrespectful, demanding, and used vulgar language as soon as I said “no” to anything she wanted. This went on for few weeks, and my patience was diminishing. I felt frustration, resentment and anger towards her. I perceived her behaviour as a personal attack on me, and that really hurt. One day I was on my way to a church when my emotions took over and I could no longer hold back my tears. I felt hopeless, defeated, and began to express my thoughts out loud (I was alone in the car). I began rounds of EFT tapping, but then my words turned into a prayer. At first I expressed my resentful, hurtful feelings, but then I began to feel great remorse for not handling this situation better; I am a “Spiritual Counsellor”, afterall. I acknowledged my weakness, the perceived failure, and lack of understanding on my part toward my own beloved daughter, not seeing what she was going through. For 20 minutes I spoke to God and EFT tapped away all my sorrows. Soon I began to feel great relief, a sense of deep peace and love for myself, as well as my daughter. There was a big shift within me. I could feel that I have been forgiven, as I chose to forgive my daughter. Then it began to dawn on me that this experience was very similar to a Holy Confession that many Catholics practice, except this confession was without the Priest. The outcome, however, was the same, or in some ways even better. I regained my personal strength, used inner wisdom and Divine guidance to help heal both her and myself. It worked miraculously.

I never before made the connection of using EFT tapping as a self confession. But that's precisely what it was for me. Sometimes the greatest healing we need is to face our personal guilts, that perhaps we pretended isn’t our fault somehow, and to forgive ourselves. When you are ready to do healing work on yourself, and you find yourself dealing with all the emotions on your own, you become very open, more honest, and you sincerely seek healing. Through this process, along with your intentions, you receive back what you ask for. You release what no longer serves truly you and you create a space within yourself that can be filled with peace. EFT can really bring emotional freedom from whatever issue you are facing.

Learning the EFT tapping points, and understanding energy psychology has great benefits for people from all walks of life. It is easy to learn, easy to use, and it can be applied virtually anywhere & at anytime you may feel the need for it. So next time your unresolved issues come up to the surface, and of course sooner or later they will, simply allow yourself to speak your mind while tapping away your blues. Be gentle with yourself while affirming, “I deeply and completely love and accept myself”, then watch as the miracles unfold.

If you would like to experience an EFT session and learn to use this technique on your own, please contact Violetta at 613-808-4822. Visit

Last Updated Thursday, 07 March 2013 14:15
This article was written by Violetta Borowski
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