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Craniosacral Therapy is Useful for Migraines

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Modalities: Craniosacral Therapy
Conditions: Migraine

Every once in a while, we happen to come across someone who complains about suffering from migraine or severe headache. Well, while it tends to be one of the most common of ailments, it equally is puzzling and hard to understand in medical terms. In fact, putting it straight, migraine is much more than just intense pain, therefore the doctors simplify it by treating the pain and suffering one goes through. This obviously involves the diagnosis and a series of other test implementation in the course of finding out the cause linked to this pain.

So far, the studies carried out have revealed that a few structures of human body impact the nervous system directly or indirectly, which means that they have the capacity to impact the brain and the spinal cord functioning. Consequently, any disturbance in this functioning happens to influence the brain and spinal cord along with the membranes which surround them; collectively known as the Craniosacral system, in one way or the other. Whilst the doctors have been thriving to provide a relief from migraine caused by disturbances in the latter mentioned body structures, various alternate medications too, have been developed to assist. However, the aim remains to be the same, finding a refuge from the excruciating pain, commonly known as migraine.

Where alternative medicine is concerned, Craniosacral Therapy stands out for the treatment of migraine and related disorders. This process which involves a gentle technique to set free the nervous system, does actually have the capacity to reduce pain caused by migraine to a great extent. The Craniosacral Therapy, at the very first point, demonstrates the malfunctions connecting to the spinal cord and brain. This is followed by light palpation over the body in order to monitor the rhythm of fluid, running through Craniosacral System. The therapist uses the Craniosacral Therapy in accordance to the degree of pain and its frequency respectively. As a number of patients get rid of migraine after a single session, a few might need more sessions after the first ends due to extreme conditions. Nonetheless, the procedure remains the same and reveals the same results every time; that is, relieving the under pressure problem areas of the brain and spinal cord. Thus revitalizing the body and alleviating the energy levels affirming an overall better performance.

Craniosacral Therapy, in addition to this has been found to be significantly helpful to relieve a number of motor and sensor neurological dysfunctions. These usually involve headache, back pain, depression, fatigue, muscle coo-attention disorders, hyperactivity, etc. It might even be surprising to note that many of these above mentioned disorders are a cause of migraine itself. In fact, just anything which interferes with the autonomic nervous system, which controls the blood vessels can be a cause of migraine. Thanks to the Craniosacral Therapy, which functions to resolve a number of issues in one go, rather than dealing with one disorder at a time. This saves many from the fatigue of visiting hospitals and doctor clinics frequently, plus reducing pain symptoms.

Last Updated Tuesday, 05 March 2013 17:44
This article was written by Christie Haskell
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