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Craniosacral Therapy for Fibromyalgia

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Modalities: Craniosacral Therapy
Conditions: Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, stress, headache, chronic,

What many people don’t know about Fibromyalgia is that it has been reported to be increasing rapidly in the past few years. While many people complain about general weakness, stiffness and chronic pains related to muscles and joints, etc., they have not been very successful in finding out the reason for this continuous torture.

Although there are many reasons why people fail to find a refuge from such ailments, a very common observation reveals that many hesitate to take prolonged medication after their disorder is properly diagnosed. Finally, after taking regular medicine and accomplishing results on a very minor scale, a number of people divert to alternate methods of treatment. And this of course is with the hope that they would get better to consequently survive such disorders. Well truly, the alternate medicines show their talent and thus are not so much of an embarrassment! Though the treatment is slightly prolonged sometimes but does not harm or irritate the patient in any way.

Similarly, Craniosacral Therapy; in context to Fibromyalgia, proves to be very much beneficial. Tracing the diagnosis as that of the modern studies, Fibromyalgia is said to be caused by abnormal sensory activities, directly related to the nervous system; according to the alternate medicine as well. The scientific research too, discloses that Fibromyalgia can show physiological abnormalities in the patient. The patients therefore generally suffer from HPA axis dysfunction, experience a lower level of tryptophan and serotonin, general disorders of cytokine function are reported along with a low blood flow towards the thalamus of the brain, etc. The Craniosacral Therapy whereas remains to be favorable for patients undergoing any such changes causing pain, headache, fatigue, tension and stress, etc.

The Craniosacral Therapy can be clearly understood by the people who are already familiar with osteopathy or what commonly is known as physical therapy. The therapy makes use of gentle palpations over the body mass which results in health restoration, disease resistance and pain reduction accordingly. Basically, it is rooted in the idea that an overall good health concludes a strong mind and thus an active system required to keep one fit. Moreover, the therapists are of believing that Craniosacral Therapy helps maintain the brain functions, the spinal cord and the surrounding cerebral-spinal fluid which causes Fibromyalgia and many other disorders primarily.

Now, coming to what does palpation have to do with all the disorders? It does of course raise many questions for a layman; who never comes across such a term in general. Keeping it simple, the palpation which therapists practice particularly helps in improving the overall nervous system. The cranial rhythm, which happens to be strongly related to creating a balance of the nervous system is restored through Craniosacral Therapy. In other words, any blockages or hurdles that create an imbalance in this rhythm is located and then treated by the practitioners. Though, not much of an extensive research has been organized related to Craniosacral Therapy and Fibromyalgia, the people suffering has reported on it is useful even after the few initial sessions. In fact, it not only is effective but also reduces the symptoms that cause Fibromyalgia.

Last Updated Tuesday, 05 February 2013 19:36
This article was written by James Addison
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