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Are You Having Difficulties Conceiving a Child?

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Conditions: conception

Your body is like a garden not a motor vehical so it should be cared for in the same way you would look after a garden. I can see you looking over at your biological garden and all you see are weeds and dead plants, right? Well, this analogy is perfect then. You are going to have to develop a green thumb and start looking after your body as if your babys life depended on it, because it does!

How would something grow in an environment that was under-nourished, dry, toxic and left to look after itself? It would not grow under those conditions! So let me ask you, how fertile is your body? What is the condition of the environment where your baby will be living? Is it well nourished, warm and not too hot, is the blood clean or full of toxins due to stress? How is your digestion?  Did you know that what you eat and the condition of your digestive system can mean the difference between having a healthy strong baby and a possible miscarriage?

You have to understand in your heart and mind that your body is going to grow another body, and that’s no easy feat. You are a creator of life and this means you have to be in a pure state to even come close to creating another human being. Your body has to have so many different hormones in balance not to mention other fluids, blood, oxygen, nutrients and at the same time fight off toxins caused by stress and outside negative influences to create a baby that will grow and develop beautifully not struggle to live or maintain life.

When you visit your GP or Gynaecologist, they look at your body through the eyes of science and what science has proven to be true and when you visit a Chinese Medicine Practitioner they look through the eyes of wisdom that has been gained by studying the fundamentals of a system that has been around for NO LESS THAN THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED YEARS (3,500) and that’s a very long time, actually 3,100 years longer than western medicine.  Chinese medicine takes the body as it is in its unique form and treats it as an individual blade of grass that comes from a lawn that covers the entire earth. You are different to the person standing near you or other people you meet and so your body is designed to be treated differently than the body of someone else.  There are so many reasons why you have not been able to conceive or hold the baby you had and you must be treated as an individual to get to the root cause of that reason.

The way Chinese Medicine looks at the body is like nature itself. It may all sound a bit airy fairy but if you think about it for a minute, what is different between what is outside in the park to what is in your body? Without sun, water and nutrients your body will die just as the trees in the park would die and if you did not sleep when the moon was out you would burn up from exhaustion just as the trees would. So what is different? Yes you have a mind and you can talk but other than that there is not much difference between what makes up the tree and what makes up your body. If you haven’t watched it yet hire the movie Inconvenient Truth and you will see that the earth actually breathes just as you do. Thousands of years ago these simple truths were discovered and Chinese medicine was based on these truths.

It is said that the body is made up of 5 elements just as in nature. These five elements are as follows; wood, fire, earth, metal, water and each of these elements are of the same nature and characteristics that are specific to our internal organs.


Liver & Gallbladder


Heart & Small Intestine


Spleen & Stomach


Lungs & Large Intestine


Kidneys & Urinary Bladder

Each of these elements support each other in the cycle of life for example water grows the wood, wood is needed to make fire, the ashes of the fire creates the earth, earth creates metal, and metal broken down will create water. And it’s through this supporting cycle our internal organs work together and give us life.

To understand this better you will first have to understand the term Qi (CHI) pronounced “chee”. Qi is energy just like the stuff that makes your hair dryer work but it’s in your body. This is one subject that quatum physists agree on but certain scientists are still having troubles with. Our body is made of energy vibrating at a speed that gives us the elusion that we are solid but it’s only an elusion. If you were to stand in front of a powerful microscope you would be seen as just particles of energy. Now all your bones, organs and other bits and pieces are vibrating each at different speeds to create the solid matter they are. Your body is nothing but a mass of energy, yes it maybe hard to come to grips with, but its true. While this may be difficult to believe or even to comprehend, please stick with me, you have nothing to lose and a baby to gain.

Our body is made up of 5 elements that pertain to the internal organs that support the function of our body. These organs support each other by transferring energy (Qi) to each other. By the Qi circulating smoothly throughout the body we will have good health but if its not circulating properly we will experience problems from anything like headaches, bad digestion to period pain and infertility.

Let me explain how the Qi circulates. The 5 element cycle travels clockwise and the organ that supporting the next is known as the mother and the supported organ is named the child. The Liver is the mother of the Heart, the liver stores the blood and the blood houses the mind/spirit, so if the liver blood is weak the heart (the child) will suffer. The Heart is the mother of the Spleen and the energy of the heart (the heart’s Qi) pushes the blood helping the spleen’s function of transporting nutrients and body fluids. The Spleen is the mother of the Lungs and the spleen Qi provides food Qi to the lungs to create a special type of Qi called zhong Qi that supports the body’s respiratory function and helps in blood circulation among other things. The Lungs are the mother of the Kidneys. The lungs send Qi and fluid down to the kidneys. The Kidneys are the mother of the Liver and help to nourish the liver blood that surrounds the uterus and feeds your baby.

When the body is running smoothly all the organs support each other, but when we are not in harmony, the organs attack each other. A good example of this is when you are at the dinner table and you have an argument and you then lose your appetite or develop indigestion. What has just happened is that the liver becomes hot due to stress and the liver then attacks the stomach and spleen. It not only occurs with these organs it happens with all the organs and regularly within the body. As soon as you are unhappy or you eat something bad or breathe in a chemical or don’t have enough sleep your organs will start abusing each other and fighting each other as if each were a contestant in a championship boxing match.

This is why you cannot look at your body through the eyes of mechanic but instead look through the eyes of a gardener. We need to care for our body and make sure the blood is nourished, food nutrient is ample and our Qi is strong because if it’s not, you will be unable to grow anything, including something as precious as a baby. Chinese Medicine has a lot to offer and can treat most illnesses so please consider it if you are having troubles conceiving. You may think that is a big claim but do keep in mind, the body is an organic object that is in a constant flux of change and when it’s unwell it’s because its out of balance. If we look, smell, hear and touch to see what is out of balance we can treat the root cause make adjustments to bring it back into balance and once in balance health is assured and this includes the ablity to bare a child.  To learn more about what goes on in the body and why you may be having troubles conceiving please drop in or drop me an email.

Until next time,

Take care.

Kind regards,

Scott Cansdell   

With many failed attempts at trying to conceive we were at a low point. Finding Scott was by pure chance, or perhaps fate, and we have never looked back. Through his care, positive attitude and expertise we were able to conceive naturally and maintain the pregnancy. The acupuncture sessions lifted my spirits and cleared my mind and body of extreme stress and anxiety. We also learnt the importance of inner health, balance and positive energy - prerequisites for a successful pregnancy. I highly recommend treatment from Scott to other men and women who are experiencing fertility issues or day to day stresses of trying to conceive.

S. Chu

Last Updated Wednesday, 01 February 2012 11:08
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