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How to Use Moxa

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Modalities: Acupuncture, Jin-Shin Do, Massage, Reiki, Su Jok
Moxa is a special “cigar” used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for heating acupuncture points.
Where to Buy Moxa
You can buy one in your local TCM shop (if you have a Chinatown, you will have such a shop for sure). And if you can’t find one locally it shouldn’t be too hard to buy one online. Often it’s referred to as “Acupuncture Moxa“. Some are better than others. And the “Smokeless Moxa” version is probably the best.
If you can’t get any, you can use a normal cigar.
How to Use Moxa

Light up moxa and bring it close to the points described earlier in this article. Keep it at distance of about 1cm (½”) from the surface of the skin. See how it’s done on the following figure:

Make little circular movements above each point slowly coming close to the skin until you feel a burning sensation, at which point you should move moxa away.
Typically you should repeat this procedure 3-5 times on each point/area that needs to be treated.
Last Updated Friday, 09 October 2009 19:38
This article was written by Felix Bekman
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Amarjeet 2017-07-20 05:13
Felix -all your articles are amazing. I would like to learn more do you teach? I live in the Uk and sujok is not practised here. I would love to learn seed therapy. I already do other alternative therapies but an keen to learn sujok as well as seed therapy and also acupressure.

Any advice?


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