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Stress, Trauma, and Healing, FIT is the NEW Paradigm

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Modalities: Focused Intention Technique (FIT)
Conditions: Stress, Trauma, and Healing

  Have you ever wondered  or ask yourself these questions:

What happens to unresolved stress and trauma?

Why do I harbor feeling of fear, insecurity, lack of control, and extreme worry?

Why do I feel  good one moment and the next so out of control?

Why in certain situations do I feel helpless, not good enough, not capable of protecting myself or handling certain life events?

Why do I not feel like I FIT into my own skin?

If healing actually works why is it when I tried to change I was left feeling worse?

This is a list of a few questions that many people are asking   them selves and I'm sure you have more? There is no need to wonder any more,   all of these questions are answered and addressed in the Focused Intention Training.

Question: Have you ever wondered what happens to unsolved stress in the body?
Answer: Unresolved stress and trauma is cumulative and it is stored in   our brain, body, and energy system until we intentional make a decision to   resolve and release the conditioning patterns and unresolved issues. In the   FIT 11 step process you are easy and safely guided to the root cause of   patterns and unresolved issues, followed by a resolution. Once resolved the   body naturally discharges the cumulative store energy and balance is restored   to the bodies system.
Did you know that   unresolved stress and trauma keeps you constantly stressed. In fact, when we are constantly   stressed you get stuck in the "On switch" because your hormones and   adrenaline keep getting sent through your body. If you have repeated stress   without resolution and release, it is cumulative in the body and eventually   leads to sickness, immune problems, depression, panic attacks, anxiety, all   kinds of health issues.
  When left unresolved the stress stays frozen in the body and leaves   underlying feels of fear, inadequacy, disempowerment, insecurity, and lack of   control. Research has proven that stress and trauma does effect the growth   and pathways of the brain, but now with the help of neuroscience we also know   that no matter what our age we can reverse effects in the brain and body. And   through a healing process no matter what type of stress and trauma we   experienced we can see and feel differently about our past events. We can   change uncontrollable worry and stress to feeling of relaxation, inner   strength, safety, and a creative passion.
  Often in the past, people would try and heal but were only left feeling   worse. Now with process's like Focused Intention Technique 11 step people can   resolve issue at the source with ease and safety. The FIT process can   intervene and resolve unresolved negative stress programming and traumas, so   you are actually left feeling relief, hope, and higher vibrant .energy.   Energy that you can use to do all the things you dream about.
  Here is a wonderful article by Mary Desaulniers, which helps to bring   understanding and hope to healing the effects of stress and trauma.   Scientific principles help us understand how this all occurs.
  The Effect of Trauma and Stress on Early   Brain Development
  Given the neuroplastic nature of our brain, we can no longer see ourselves as   victims of the programming we received during our early brain development.
  Early brain development sets the stage for the child's physical, emotional   and mental health in later life. In the past 15 years, we have discovered   much about the brain's plastic and malleable nature, specifically its ability   to develop new circuitry in response to experience.
  Contrary to the well-used adage that you can't teach an old dog new tricks,   neuroscientists are discovering that the immense formative power of the brain   is infinite; it can change, even in old age, if it is given proper   encouragement and stimulation.
  A child's brain is even more malleable, which means that every experience in   early life has a significant impact on brain development. Growth in the brain   is predicated on neural connections that create neural pathways within the   nervous system. Connections evolve into wiring or circuitry that define the   experiences and potential of a child.
  When the brain is given stimulus, connections proliferate and learning   increases. When the child is traumatized or neglected, the neural pathways   die resulting in a brain that is shrunken and compromised.
  What are the effects of trauma and stress on early brain development?
  Stress Creates a Maladaptive Response
  Animal studies show that rat pups subjected to stress and neglect developed   an over compensating stress response that usually lasted into adulthood.
  Laboratory rats raised in shoebox cages with little or no stimulation have   been compared with rats raised in an enriched environment of grooming and   play. The privileged rats consistently developed a thicker cerebral cortex   and denser neural networks than the deprived rats.
  The same situation is found in children. Persistent stress in early brain   development have resulted in children with smaller corpus callosum than their   normal counterparts. Persistent stress and abuse not only increases the   release of cortisol and dopamine, promoting the body's fight or flight   response, it rewires the brain for a chronic state of fear, depression and   anxiety.
  This maladaptive response creates a brain on hyper alert for danger. The   result is the child's inability to function normally in the world, even when   he is placed in a nurturing and empathetic setting. With his brain stuck in   the danger zone, this child will have difficulty developing higher thinking   skills or wiring for experiences of trust and love. The child remains trapped   in hostility and aggression.
  Subconscious Programming and Early Brain   Development
  This entrapment, says Bruce Lipton Ph.D. is often caused by well-meaning but   unconscious parents who are not aware of the impact their words, criticisms,   outbursts can have on their children. In his book, The Biology of Belief:   Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles ( Santa Rosa,   CA:Mountain of Lovce/Elite Books, 2005), Lipton claims that the parents'   response to their offspring can program the child's brain for success or   failure.
  The reason is that between birth and 6 years of age, the human brain operates   mainly at the EEG brain frequencies of delta and theta waves. These are slow,   low frequency brain waves associated with a highly suggestible and   programmable state.
  What this means is that all information and experiences encountered by a   child between birth and 6 become instantly "downloaded" into the   child's subconscious mind. There is no buffer between these experiences or   beliefs and the internal reception of the child.
  Once programmed into the subconscious mind, these beliefs control the child's   biology for the rest of his life unless he works consciously to free himself   from their influence. " A child who is told he "will never amount   to anything" will become that which he has heard and internalized; by   the same token, a child who is told he can do whatever he sets his mind to will   experience a stronger sense of benevolent destiny.
  Intervention Can Reverse Negative Programming
  Does that mean we are forever doomed by a traumatic or not so magical   childhood?
  Not so, says J.F. Mustard who refers to research that shows even children   stunted at birth can "approach the performance of control children after   24 months" of intervention provided they are given proper nutrition and   stimulation at birth.
  Studies of Romanian orphans also indicate that the earlier these orphans are   adopted, the more normal their cognitive functioning will be when they get   older. Orphans adopted at four months fared much better than those adopted at   8 months or older. When these children were tested at 11 years of age, those   adopted at 8 months or older showed a greater incidence of abnormal brain   development and abnormal behavior ( ADHD, aggression) than the younger group.
  The earlier the intervention, the stronger the likelihood that the negative   programming these children internalized during their early brain development   can be rewired and reversed.
  No one is trapped by his early programming. Adults, even seniors, have the   ability to reverse brain circuitry. In his book, The Brain that Changes   Itself(Toronto:Viking Penguin, 2007), Norman Doidge relates the case of a   young woman diagnosed from childhood as learning disabled. Yet this young   woman was able to retrain her brain with specific exercises designed to   compensate for her mental deficits. She is now an educator and Principal of   the world renowned Arrowsmith School in Toronto.
  In the same vein, Psychiatrist Jeffrey Schwartz was able to help his adult   OCD patients change their obsessive compulsive behavior by teaching them how   to actively rewire their brains through mental power, the power of   neuroplasticity.
  Given the neuroplastic nature of our brain, we can no longer see ourselves as   victims of the programming we received during our early brain development.   Lipton urges us to use our conscious mind that offers us free will. Our   conscious mind can stop the undesired behavior and create a new response.
  • Gunnar M.R., A. Herrera and C.E. Hostinar. "Stress and Early Brain   Development." Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development. Centre of   Excellence for Early childhood Development. Published online June 10 2009.   Accessed October 26 2010.
  • Mustard, J. Fraser. "Early Brain Development and Human   Development." Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development. Centre of   Excellence for Early childhood Development. Published online February 17,   2010. Accessed October 26 2010.
  • Schwartz, Jeffrey M. and Sharon Begley. The Mind and the   Brain:Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force. New York: HarperCollins,   2003.

FIT is powerful

Every once in a while we stumble upon an experience so rare and   so out of the ordinary that we know there has to be something we are supposed   to learn from it. For me that lesson came from the death of my husband. I   believed we would be together forever. But Rick’s life was haunted by a past   of abuse and separation. To beat his pain he battled with alcohol and   depression. At times it seemed like he was winning.

In 1998 and after only five years of marriage, Rick decided to   confront his past and journeyed back to the place where he endured his abuse.   Terrible memories resurfaced. Over the next weeks I watched helplessly as he   withdrew from family and friends and tried to deal with his inner turmoil,   but he was failing. After a desperate 12 weeks he asked for outside support.

Rick agreed to go to a healing centre which was a six hour drive   away. Half way there he started to pray for a miracle to release him from his   lifelong pain. He was lying on the back seat. Two hours later when he arrived   at the centre he was dead. The doctors said there was nothing physiologically   wrong with him. The autopsy revealed no cause of death.

Later, the pathologist told me that in all his 40 years of doing   autopsies he had never been so baffled. Rick’s heart had simply stopped   beating and there was no apparent reason. The truth is my husband could not   find a way to stop the intense pain he felt in his heart and the miracle he   prayed for was death.
  My husband’s death taught me the power of intention. He intended to die; he   willed himself to die. If I knew then, what I know now, Rick would have   willed himself to live. It’s entirely up to you which thought you align with.   We have the power to choose our thoughts when we choose to live with present   moment awareness.
  My message boils down to a simple formula. Intention is the very basic spiritual   force that drives the universe. It is the energy encoded into our DNA. We   have the power to first visualize something in our minds and then manifest it   in the physical realm. The fuel that drives manifestation is intention. The   magic of intention is that just by acknowledging it and focusing on it, you   can create miracles in your life. It really is that simple.
  While the path of my inspiration was determined by my husband’s death, my   determination to heal showed up early in my life. It was an unstoppable   force. At age 16, I was a nurse’s aide; at age 19, I was studying to be a   psychiatric nurse.

Much of my path has been shaped by events in my life. Shortly   after nursing school, I was called home to nurse my dying grandfather and I   saw how his addictions had ravaged his body, his mind, his soul. His life was   driven by addictions. It was devastating to watch. Determined to come to   terms with the cycle of addiction I registered in a program to study   addictions which later then led into studying Neuro Linguistic Programming   (NLP) at the University of Regina. NLP is a model of interpersonal   communication chiefly concerned with the relationship between successful   patterns of behavior and the subjective patterns of thought underlying them.

That was life changing. Until then I did not know I had choices   - everything was black and white. I had to learn to communicate, to share   feelings, to express myself. The thing that truly robs people of their power   is when they think they have no choice. It was at this point in my life I   starting praying to the Creator to guide me to powerful, simple ways that   would heal the root cause and that could be taught to others.

A multi disciplinary healer, my path continued through Reiki.   This was another turning point. I started to integrate energy work into   counseling sessions. From there I trained as a Peruvian Shaman. I have worked   at the forefront of residential school survivor programs and have taught   extensively. I am also a qualified Theta Healing practitioner and teacher,   having taught Theta Healing around the world.

And now, these 30 years of healing work and experiences have   culminated into the development of Focused Intention Technique (FIT). FIT is   about tracking core issues that have us living confined by fear, doubt, worry   and lack, instead of living from a place of being conscious of our inner   magnificence and prosperity. The development of this therapy was the answer   to my life long prayer.

Source Energy, God, Life Force, Creator, Universal Energy,   Divine Presence, (or whatever name you use), it’s everywhere. This is the   energy we all source from, God. The power of conscious intention is what   instantly makes that Source Energy available to us. Importantly, that power   is within us and always within us to access at our will.
  The minute we use intention to acknowledge our connection to Source Energy we   have the opportunity to create and change anything that we desire. When we   connect intently with Creator Consciousness we are going within ourselves to   access the subconscious mind where limiting belief systems and unfinished   events are stored.

Ancient wisdoms come from the time when we were closer to the   earth, when we recognized our essence as a part of a universal consciousness,   when we realized we were intricately bound with the ebb and flow of nature.   While the Greeks believed that the heart was the seat of the spirit, the   Egyptians believed the heart was the center of the emotions and the   intellect. The Chinese believed the heart was the center for happiness.

It is the heart that is the major organ in our body system and   is the center of our Divine Consciousness. It stores our pain and it stores   our love. If we are holding on to pain from the past, the memories of that   pain are being pumped into every cell of our body. And it is from here that   the path to wellness begins. With FIT we use heart centered consciousness to   go within the body to follow the trauma to the root cause.

This is what one client had to say after experiencing a session.   “I met with Loretta to uproot a devastating and totally irrational fear that   was stopping my professional life as a new academic—publishing. I   intellectually knew why I had this issue; it was a painful memory of a   teacher hitting me for writing WRONG (upside down and backwards!) with my   right hand. Because the memory was so traumatic, I couldn’t go there to face   it myself and felt Loretta was the right person to help me.

As Loretta guided me through the experience, I first felt fear   and even the physical pain of being hit by that teacher. But as the session   progressed, something beautiful happened. All the fear and pain subsided and   suddenly I felt something new … hope and peace. I felt held, contained.   Suddenly I felt the presence of the Divine not just around me, but IN me. I   was in awe. “WHAT? I can actually feel the Divine!” and my body said simply,   peacefully: “Yes, this is how it really is.”

FIT helps you feel and see a stunningly simple Truth. We are   connected. We are Divine. We have everything we need and are loved. FIT   directly addresses deep and profound aspects of us. It can be used to change   any aspect of your life.

• Symptoms of a chronic health problem can be improved or   removed.
  • Fear of failure can be changed into a love of success.
  • A discouraged attitude can be changed to a positive attitude.
  • Flu, cold or other infection can be transformed to allow for quick   recovery.
  • Resentments, grudges and hatred can be removed.
  • DNA can be reprogrammed to facilitate health, wealth and happiness.
  • Addictions can be overcome while minimizing or eliminating withdrawal.
  • Negative reactions to people who ‘push our buttons’ can be changed.
  • Anxieties over important life events can be soothed.
  • Learning the Intention Focused Therapy technique to facilitate even more   miracles in your life.

From my heart and soul I bring you Focused Intention Technique.

Written by Loretta Mohl, founder of Focused Intention Technique healing modality.

Note: This information is for educational purposes only. It is   intended to supplement your current health program and not to replace the   care of a doctor. For diagnosis or treatment of any disease please consult a   licensed physician.

This article was published in the August 2009 issue of Mosaic.

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Keron Martin 2012-07-14 14:20
" Contrary to the well-used adage that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, neuroscientists are discovering that the immense formative power of the brain is infinite; it can change, even in old age, if it is given proper encouragement and stimulation."
That is so hopeful and amazing! The brain is so much more capable as we are finding out with time. But I think the heart is what drives healing. Our hearts want healing and as important, the healing of others.
"It is the heart that is the major organ in our body system and is the center of our Divine Consciousness. It stores our pain and it stores our love"
Love is the driving force. With the proper techniques applied and the Love given, this goes a long way.
I would like to find out more about IFT and can use it with the EFT skills I am practicing. Just love the articles on Vitality and hope that you will write more because I keep learning - its GREAT.

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