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Healing Plants with Crystals and Gemstones

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Modalities: Crystal and Gemstone Therapy

Crystals are truly universal in their uses, working equally well on plants, humans and animals to balance, heal and restore harmony.


If you have problems in the garden, programme a perfect image of the garden into a crystal, and place or bury the crystal in an appropriate spot in the garden. Your own sensitivity will tell you where the crystal needs to be, and the direction in which it should face.

You can even programme a crystal to supplement the vital energies of plant growth, and plant one with your seeds in the spring.


Method 1

For ill plants either in the garden or in the house, programme a crystal (Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Sodalite) to support the plant's natural healing energy and leave it next to the plant. It will be necessary for the gardener to attune to various attributes of plant growth and healing to see which crystals are in harmony. To give the roots and the rest of the plant a helping hand, stick part of the crystal into the soil about 2 inches (5cm) away from the main stalk. If there is a specific tree limb or branch that needs more healing, wrap the crystal directly to the branch with soft copper wire. Leave the crystal(s) in place until health is restored, maybe two weeks or longer depending on the condition.

Method 2

Point your crystal or crystal rod at a plant and visualize a beam of blue-white energy flowing down through the soil and roots, then up through the stalk, branches, leaves, and flowers. Imagine yourself as the plant and feel it experiencing the energy.

Visualize the beam of energy from your crystal spreading out to form a large sphere of white light surrounding the entire yard or garden for growth and vitality. Experience love, peace, and oneness with the Earth while you're doing the healing.


  • Place crystals inside potted plants sticking them into the soil or place in glass water containers with bamboo sprouts or tulips for a pretty display. Remember when digging up the soil to watch for broken crystal pieces.

  • If you are repotting a plant, place a small crystal in the bottom of the pot. Plants love the crystal energies and you will notice the difference as the plant grows and flourishes. If you don't want to bury the crystal, place it on top of the soil. Its close proximity to the plant will still have some effect.


  • Enhance your special flowering plants, such as Orchids and make them more attractive by placing gem-quality crystals into their containers. For complimentary aesthetics, glue the crystal onto a long bamboo stick to raise the crystal up to a viewing height near the flower.

  • Fresh cut flowers will also last longer if you leave a clear quartz crystal in their vase. Don't forget to cleanse the crystal when you change the water.


  • Use broken pieces of Quartz crystal and dark stones such as Onyx or Obsidian underneath tomato plants. All plants will also benefit if you place a clear quartz crystal in the soil around them. The Quartz energy is very grounding for the plants, and the darker crystals keep garden pests away. Eating crystal-energised fruits and vegetables is especially nice!

  • Agate carried while gardening increases plants’ fertility and health.

  • Moss Agate is often called the Gardener's Stone. Moss Agate was worn when planting to ensure a good crop. It helps plants thrive with vitality.

  • Green Jasper - Place in your garden to encourage more luxuriant growth of your plants.

  • Tourmaline - Great for gardening and healing plants.

  • Modern-day gardeners also wear Jet to make their plants flourish.

By Michelle Minnaar

Last Updated Friday, 16 December 2011 14:47
This article was written by VitalityLink Finder

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Default Picture
Denise 2013-06-19 17:56
Are there any crystals which will repel critters (especially voles, rabbits, moles, and squirrels) from my gardens?
Default Picture
Diane 2013-10-03 11:19
Onyx is a gemstone that is known for repelling pests.

I hope this helps.

Default Picture
Swoop 2015-10-21 14:05
Placed a quartz crystal in flower pot about a month and now there's some white powder on pot?
Default Picture
Sienna 2016-01-04 14:46
Are there any types of crystals that wouldn't be good to put in a potted plant. I assume there's not but I'm still curious.
Default Picture
Rebecca 2017-02-15 17:28
Quoting Sienna:
Are there any types of crystals that wouldn't be good to put in a potted plant. I assume there's not but I'm still curious.

Be careful with stones like selenite that are soft and may dissolve when interacting with water.
Default Picture
Alexis 2017-03-04 20:11
I read malachite is great for gardens in the sense that it promotes fertility, abundance and new plant growth. However, I know malachite can be toxic. Any suggestions on how to incorporate it into my outdoor garden?
Default Picture
Madison 2017-03-26 13:59
I have three cactus plants and one aloe vera plant, all of which will be potted. Is it still okay for me to use crystals with these since they are not typical seasonal plants?

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