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Tens of millions of North Americans are overwhelmed by the pain and stress of acute or chronic illness. Conventional medicine is failing to relieve their physical and emotional suffering. They are at wits’ end and in search of new hope.

VitalityLink transforms how people find healing. It's a fast, direct path to holistic treatments that conquer physical and emotional pain. We make it easy to quickly discover holistic treatment options, assess what’s right for you and find practitioners right in your neighborhood. We make it possible to take control of your health and find freedom from suffering.There is a world of holistic healing available to those who need it. We are the gateway.

If you are a person who enjoys going to wellness/healing practitioners to have a better life or are learning to become one yourself, you probably found it very frustrating to find anything at all online. There are millions of practitioners' websites out there that all look different and are disconnected and it's so hard to find anything or make any sense of it.

If you are a wellness/healing practitioner you probably spend numerous hours and a lot of money trying to tell the world that you exist and that you can help people. You may have tried hiring someone to build you a website, which cost you an arm and a leg, but which quickly fell into disrepair, because you didn't know how to maintain it and paying someone to support the site on a recurrent basis was way too expensive. You probably spent a lot of money on advertising your services and you may have even taken a marketing course. But who wants to do all that when you could do what are you are really good at - healing and helping people who need you.

A group of individuals who are both wellness practitioners and consumers of wellness decided to make sense of it all, and that's how was born. Some of us actively work with clients doing healing work (modalities like Reiki, Reflexology, Massage), and also happen to have a lot of experience with software engineering and website usability. Certainly not the usual left-brain/right-brain separation, but you know sometimes nature does unusual things. is here to solve the problems for wellness consumers and practitioners, allowing the former to concentrate on what they do best and helping consumers easily find what they are looking for - be it a session with practitioner, a class, a retreat, a course, a workshop or information that will help them live a healthier and happier life.

And the best part - this service is free.

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